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Congress’ approval is 13% and plummeting, as well it should.   They’ve completely rejected the recent message of fixing the OUT-OF-CONTROL-SPENDING! TWO of the worst abusers of pork and earmarks are the biggest tourist states: 1) NEVADA, 2) HAWAII.   It’s time to … Continue reading

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President Obama, at a town-hall meeting in the thriving metropolis of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, (outside Albuquerque), stated the obvious . . . . . well, the obvious to others anyway! Calling current spending “unsustainable”, . . . and warning of … Continue reading

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  Look Out!   Don’t watch the shiny object!   Watch the other hand! Is Congressman Mertha’s  $.8 Billion  Swine Airport among the cuts?   No?   Then it’s phony; see our post and follow the links:

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  In Egypt, because of religious practices, pigs are only raised by Coptic Christians (depending upon what demographics are used) is between 8 and 15% of the population.   Admitting the confiscation and slaughter, only 1,000 of over 400,000 pigs in Egypt, have … Continue reading

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  This expose’ of Barack and Michelle Obama, . . . . why is every Democrat, . . . every Republican, and the rest of the media ignoring it?   This is the stuff scandals are made of – the “stuff” that scuttles … Continue reading

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  The “WHY” of our not having a Director of Health and Human Services, at a time of critical need, now needs to be asked!   This flu might turn out to be not such a danger; that’s yet to be … Continue reading

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  He had to be Kennedyesque, someone who inspired people . . . . someone people would follow, believe in, . . . they knew that.   They’d been looking for someone to “groom” for this, for a long time. He had … Continue reading

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  Are you aware of George Soros? Of his holdings?   Of who is beholding to him? Of how he made money as the rest of us lost?  Of his web of intrigue – attempts to control nations, governments, the mega-wealthy as well as … Continue reading

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The government doesn’t want the money back . . . . The same people that allowed deregulation (Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac / AIG / etc.) to cause this crisis, the same people that looted our social security, the same … Continue reading

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Department of “JUSTICE”? or Dept. of Conspiracy?

If not for the conviction of Senator Stevens of Alaska, who still was barely defeated, in spite of his convictions on 7 felonies, what would have happened in D.C.?   If not for the prosecutorial malfeasance, . . . . Would … Continue reading

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