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Like it or not, America is still rapidly changing; traitors to the hope of mankind and the soverignty of our nation have the helm! With radicals and thugs, so angry, sowing Alinsky’s seeds of discontent for half a century, this challenge … Continue reading

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This video, is a perfect example of why we need to clean house.   What would make this man, Obviously, an old picture! Representative Peter Stark, . . . . this offensive to his constituents?   Did he not swear an oath to … Continue reading

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Muslim Fascists

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. proffers an explanation as to why liberals wanted the Times Square bomber to be a “tea-bagger”, and NOT one of the Islamic cowards.  It’s because they’re anti-American, Anti-Western.  To that, I’d add, they’re anti- a number of other … Continue reading

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Does anyone out there believe that members of the Tea Party would have gone to, …. or whether they would have authorized the spending almost $2,000 for political party big-whigs drinking and partying at Voyuer West, the West Hollywood live sex / S&M … Continue reading

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  RE: PROGRESSIVES “There are two ways to acquire the niceties of life: to produce them, or to plunder them. When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, … Continue reading

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  Is it . . . or will it be a hate crime to state that pedophiles belong behind bars?   They do!   . . . . belong behind bars, I mean!   Possibly . . . . Probably permanently!   (I hear they’re … Continue reading

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  UPDATE:  Bi-Partisan?   NOT!    But they’re (members of Congress) are already on the TV news promoting their refusing to fund the closing of GITMO, as such … a 90 to 6 vote! Don’t bet on it!     Again, . . . it’s not what it … Continue reading

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  “Both sides need to quit demonizing each other.”   That was the sound-byte I heard on the radio today . . . . .   I believe it came from his speech at Notre Dame.   Those who had a moral objection, … Continue reading

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You cannot continue on as barbarically Pro-Choice, if you consider the facts and log on here, for just 2 minutes, but then . . . . your mind is not that open, is it?

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  For the naive, the politically-ostriched, . . . they proudly sport this bumper sticker . . . These bumper stickers proliferate, here in schizophrenic, bi-polar Eugene; it has to do with the city’s irrational, pie-in-the-sky-idealism, manifesting itself politically, as Anarchy. Although the … Continue reading

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