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  There’s an interim time of development here. . . . a shadow history of the Pacific Northwest, that not many people are fully aware of.   I happened to work for a young man who informed me about his studies – the … Continue reading

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It’s an indictment of Obama and Bush, . . . . all of D.C.!   Corporate Bankers, and . . . . Watch this video if you dare; it’s not about one particular candidate, party, or official; it’s revealing the ‘show-biz’ and the production of … Continue reading

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  First, read the response I received (it’s below the break) . . . .   I hadn’t expected that, not said right out front . . . maybe implied, but . . . I never “authorized” nor “deleted” this responce.   In case an … Continue reading

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  This expose’ of Barack and Michelle Obama, . . . . why is every Democrat, . . . every Republican, and the rest of the media ignoring it?   This is the stuff scandals are made of – the “stuff” that scuttles … Continue reading

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 Thank you U.S.S. Bainbridge; thank you Navy Seals; thank you, for the 350 Crew members; thank you, F.B.I. and any others involved!   Thank you General Petraeus!   And yes, . . . . Thank you President Obama! As the Maersk is unloading … Continue reading

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Meet the New Boss!   Same as the Old Boss!  . . . we’ve been fooled again! See Update: What would you say if . . . . . There’s just no way you’re gonna believe this! Nominated for Chief of … Continue reading

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