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Rumors are already beginning to fly!  As politicians seek an edge in the next election, some are suggesting that pre-rigged voting machines, purchased abroad or manufactured by a “friendly corporation”, are to be used this coming election; see this story.   Following the many … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy and Self-Righteousness reign, at the building which continues as the center of the Ground Zero firestorm! The building at the eye of the storm, was previously involved in controversy ….. still is!   Was it coincidental that Islam’s symbol,  Islamic crescent moon and star, ….. … Continue reading

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Palestinian / Israeli relations are oft charged with emotion.   The Organization “Honest Reporting” does not leave it to the violent, the liars and others who take every opportunity to exploit it!  Once again, they set the record straight.  There are more heroes here than … Continue reading

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EUGENE, OREGON …… exposed!

See my new blog article – EUGENE, OREGON … EXPOSED – Pt 2 The insufferable, arrogant, politically correct, extreme leftist, moral superiority here in Eugene, makes it just that ….. extreme and insufferable! Eugene: A typical city of rebelliousness – firmly … Continue reading

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There are those who profit off of war; there are those who profit off others’ pain!  I cannot speak to the first group but Bloomberg belongs to at least the 2nd group! There is now, an obvious reason New York … Continue reading

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Obamamaniacs threatening Tea-Party groups

The delusional LEFT and their insufferable moral superiority, is dangerous.   These threats are NOT to be ignored. Voters are seeing their goal to methodically destroy the American economy and bring us down, is becoming more obvious every day.   With the power of … Continue reading

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CONGRESS ….. lost in a maze and no way out!

Other than the caption, ….. no text necessary.

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Obama, our (P)resident in the White House, repeatedly uses the phrase “The holy Qu’ran teaches …..”  He extols Islam for “advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”   He also states that Islam “is a faith known … Continue reading

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Over the last three fiscal years (2007-09), the Department of Homeland Security has caught and released 481 illegal aliens from nations designated as state sponsors of terrorism and “countries of interest’ – including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan! Our government has … Continue reading

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Law to Live By!

Law of the Garbage Truck    (don’t miss the last line!) One day I hopped in a taxi and took off for the airport.   We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking … Continue reading

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