EUGENE, OREGON …… exposed!

See my new blog article – EUGENE, OREGON … EXPOSED – Pt 2

The insufferable, arrogant, politically correct, extreme leftist, moral superiority here in Eugene, makes it just that ….. extreme and insufferable!

Eugene: A typical city of rebelliousness – firmly entrenched in the 60’s, filled with Anarchists, Communists, the home of Eco-Terrorists, and leftists of every ilk.  Oh … of course, attempting to seem as it’s tolerant by hiding its racism, it’s also a Sanctuary city, as well.

If you want your children educated in a city where the ‘city fathers’ have ‘looked-the-other-way’ for numerous decades — where drug use is concerned, Eugene’s the place for you!

If you like the fascist nature of Political correctness, you’ll love Eugene!

Eugene’s a protest, waiting for a cause … any cause!

This  next description seemed to fit Eugene almost as well as mine — not a city I’d wish anyone into!    Another friend subsequently described Eugene’s demeanor as “A riot, waiting for a spark, … a “powder-keg”!”

Is this where you want your children schooled?   Few youth escape the leftist mindset inherent in this city … which, like it or not, is also promoted at the University of Oregon.   There are very few professors without a radical, leftist bent.

Leftist philosopjy is the bedrock this university’s foundation is built upon!   Few know of Oregon’s long-standing racist nature as well, but it’s there …. it’s just well-hidden now that the Ducks sports programs compete at the higher levels.  Being a Duck fan, it’s hard to expose this … I’m not accusing the university itself of racism — but a fact is a fact.

Every issue, …. any political issue, global or local will turn out numerous  protestors onto the streets of Eugene!   That’s a given; another accurate picture of Eugene!  

Eugene’s economy is volatile, to say the least.  Based on the lumber industry for decades, when the high interest rates for new home building hit in the early ’80’s and slowed the harvesting of lumber, Eugene families found themselves hard pressed to stay together; as families found themselves under financial difficulties and experienced divorce, loss of homes, businesses and toys, and others were forced to leave loved ones behind seeking employment in Colorado, Alaska, etc.,   it all began to come apart at the seams.

Federal money from the lumber industry all but dried up, making things even worse but the city fathers found a way to keep spending – – they just raised taxes …

online leftYou want your children steeped in ANTI-AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY?  

Send them to the U of O!

I attended the U of O and I heard Van Jones speak … I expected mostly youth but the number of “old guard” – – – aged Communists there, was astounding!

Follow the links or view the photos, but before you send your children here, do visit Eugene; especially Sat. Market and ask questions where drugs have been sold openly for decades, among the crowd @ Saturday Market.  Vendors know but look the other way; so do most local business owners . . . .

local Palestinian supporters sign posted on Downtown street

local Palestinian supporters sign posted on Downtown street

The insufferable, arrogant, politically correct, extreme leftist, moral superiority here, makes it just that ….. extreme and insufferable!

Even ESPN’s blog talks of the DRUG SITUATION @ the UofO!   Though the coaches have taken their responsibilities seriously … as they promise their recruit’s parents, to do everything they can to keep their sons and daughters “clean” … the drug culture is firmly entrenched here and too alluring for all but a few strong young students.

The U of O would do well to hire a former NBA or NFL star to personally mentor their young student athletes … one who can spot the signs of drug use because he’s already been down that road, but one who saved his pro career – one that can walk up to a young star and tell them “you’re about to lose it all!  I almost did!  I know me, when I see me, … and you’re just like me … like I was; we need to talk; otherwise, you’re headed for dumpster diving!”

Please note the new article on Eugene’s hospital – River Bend; notice that …. because they built it sitting upon an active fault line, it would have been illegal to build it where they did, …. had it been in California ….. but it is state-of-the-art, and the staff are excellent and caring.

Also, please note that (during this week when the Olympic Track and Field Trials are being held here [ dated ] ), … Cable TV assists in the promotion of the U of O by regularly playing shows about Steve Pre-Fontaine, … who made Eugene famous for Track City – USA!

… and also, another aspect you should know of … as the city coffers contribute to the promotion of the city (with tax money), violent criminals (even a murderer) are being released from our jail, yet the money for promoting the city continues unabated ……

The comments (below) on this article, specifically reveal resident’s anger; please read them all by scrolling to the end of this article.  If you do, you’ll also find two groups: one, the residents of Eugene who agree with me and those who hate this expose’.


Now that we’re (The Ducks) are competing at the highest collegiate level, …. in Football (and soon to be in basketball, baseball and volleyball) – – – always have been for TRACK, ….. the U of O may rank higher on the desired school list, and your children want to attend — please; for their sakes, think again; take the time to read this; save your children from this MESS, and help us to put pressure on them … help change our town; PLEASE.

Even after years of protests, drugs are still sold openly on the steps of the Lane County court house every Saturday — one just has to watch a little closer now as well as throughout the city; as I mentioned people, just wink and look the other way, ….. especially the city “fathers” and yes ….. and that includes even a significant number of the police.

As an example:  The Nation magazine, America’s self-described “flagship of the left,” has named Eugene’s (probably ‘former’) Mayor Kitty Piercy as the nation’s most valuable local official.

In naming Piercy, The Nation cited her sustainable business initiative, (in spite of the truth) her leadership in climate protection actions, and support for human rights and child welfare measures.

What a joke! 

To find the truth, just ask any local businessman and while you’re at it, ask if Eugene is “business friendly.”  If a business can make it in Eugene … it can make it anywhere!

Also, our city carries social programs to excesses, even though (having lost the timber revenue) they don’t have the money to do so (support these programs) – Eugene is another one of America’s cities headed for bankruptcy at the speed of light!

The weekly news magazine also included U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., whose home is in Springfield, in its 2010 Progressive Honor Roll.  Defazio was recently “outted” as a Socialist by the Socialist Caucus in the House of Representatives.  

This is exactly the kind of man Eugene elects!   Look up his record and his distortion of the truth.  Springfield, a bit more conservative than Eugene wouldn’t elect him, …… that’s if they only knew, but they’re proceeding with their heads in the sand.

This handout picture taken by Tim Cole and released by on November 13, 2014 shows Australians burying their heads in the sands of iconic Bondi Beach to send a message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott about the dangers of climate change. As world leaders arrived in the northern city of Brisbane for the G20 summit, more than 100 people dug holes in the famous sand so they could plunge their bodies in halfway, holding their position for three minutes. AFP PHOTO / 350.ORG / TIM COLE ----EDITORS NOTE ---- RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT

This handout picture taken by Tim Cole and released by on November 13, 2014 shows Australians burying their heads in the sands of iconic Bondi Beach to send a message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott about the dangers of climate change. As world leaders arrived in the northern city of Brisbane for the G20 summit, more than 100 people dug holes in the famous sand so they could plunge their bodies in halfway, holding their position for three minutes. AFP PHOTO / 350.ORG / TIM COLE

Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist, formerly one of Obama’s “Czars” … until the public voiced outrage, …. is coming (now) came to lecture at the U of O on Jan 24th, 2012.  Communists and Socialists out-populate any other political spectrum here ….. and about 1200 turned out to hear him – irregardless the violent nature of these international political parties.   He is an entertaining and commanding speaker and was well received.

Hey, Communists never hurt anyone, did they? Stalin, Mao, Che ….

… birds of a feather, in and on a T-Shirt together …

Eugene residents say they resent my exposing Eugene for what it is, but think you’d like to live here?

Or, would it be a good idea to send your children to school here?

Think again!  Before bringing your family here!  Ask yourself: “What’s it really like?”,  and check it out!  Do your homework; I didn’t, but wish I had!

If I had known, I’d have moved my wife and children somewhere else!  If you understand what it takes to raise a family in an unhealthy, drug infested, Socialist, highly taxed  environment like Eugene, you too will look somewhere other than Eugene!

Even if you move here and your children go through school here, after graduation, it’s likely they’ll have to move away.  There are zero to few family wage jobs to speak of.

Before sending your children to the university of Oregon, (where the film “Animal House” was appropriately filmed …) ask the university if (and how) they live up to the concept – “in loco parentis.”  Trust me; they don’t!

(Ask particularly about their tolerance for drugs and alcohol.)   AND DON’T ACCEPT THEIR WORD FOR IT!   Research it for yourself; parents won’t like what they find!

A close friend’s son died in a frat house here, he died of drug use, while the university stone-walled changing the university’s out-of-control substance abuse.

His father, a world-renowned doctor, stated that the son had never tried drugs before and just like Len Bias, first time he did, he dropped onto the floor, dead from cocaine.

Drug use at the U of O is treated with a “wink and a nod.”   Alcohol use, abuse, and binging on alcohol, is no different!

Last Friday night (Sept.24th, 2010) there was a riot in Eugene; that’s what one of the links above, is about.

UPDATE:  I’ve moved “Heroin Hill“, to it’s own blog article.

UPDATE: Today, June 23rd, 2011, as often happens, Eugene is the highest ranked city for polen count. Check it here.

In Eugene, there are more “Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade”, more ANARCHISTS than any city I can name and I’m familiar with the left wing cities of America, like Boulder, Madison, and Taos!

On 13th Street, at the entrance to the University, (called “Candy Street” by the prison guards in Salem and ex-cons) one can find radicals passing out Communist and Socialist newspapers to the students.   Salem’s prison guards talk (in front of the cons) and mention ‘glowingly’ Eugene about where all the pretty girls hang out on “Candy Street” …..   The guards families have to live in Salem ….

Eugene was chosen for the filming of “Animal House.”   That was NO COINCIDENCE!  The movie depicted a university’s, out-of-control partying, the drug and alcohol scene,  exceptionally well.

Though the area is beautiful, the recreational possibilities are unlimited, and some disciplines at the University show it’s a relatively good school, there are things you should know before you seriously consider either sending your children into or moving to, this out-of-control, National-Center-of-Anarchy!

Symbol for “Anarchy”

For a while, after I owned a home in Springfield (sister city) I moved into Eugene; I now rent, in an exclusive, very wealthy neighborhood, still in the metro area.  Note the Swastika, the SS sign, the sign for “Anarchy” …. and the “stoner” references. 

Before I begin to get specific, I’ll be out front with you. I do have an axe to grind, … an agenda.

Drug use happens in the best of homes ….

For a quarter century, my friends and I have worked against the out-of-control drug use here in the Eugene metro area.

Eugene is one of, if not the worst (other than large urban areas) city in the nation regarding drug use!

Is that what you want for your children? Is it where you’d feel comfortable bringing a family to live?  Drugs are so accepted here, …. the peer pressure is so heavy, it’s a rare child that doesn’t get caught up in it!

Let’s say that it began, (not the drugs, but rather the “progressive” and permissive lifestyle) with the hippies …. that definitely contributed, but it didn’t start there; it goes back much farther than that, but let’s assume it did …. (I plan an article on the historical reasons for the current political atmosphere – still trying to find a former customer’s Ph.D. thesis on it which I read a couple decades ago.)   He’d written his thesis on the Communist influence in Eugene …..

Fanatical fans of the Grateful Dead band ….. their Concerts, helped bring this University to be known as “Party School-USA”.   It was (former) U of O President Dave Frohnmeyer (previously Oregon’s Attorney General / and candidate for governor) that had the wisdom to stop the on-campus-camping, for Grateful Dead concerts.   (The next and last concert was @ Portland Meadows ….   Jerry died after that one …. snorting heroin …..)

The entire city (especially parents) owes Dave Frohnmeyer a huge thank you!

The G/D concerts were held at Autzen Stadium – for decades, it was the only consistent On-Site-Camping-Venue in the entire nation, for their concerts and therefore it became the venue where drug dealers across the nation came to and traded / sold large quantities of drugs.

That, of course, impacted the drug scene locally as every variety in the nation ended up circulating here.  As stated, Eugene is an old hippie town – an isolated enclave of liberal permissiveness!   City administrators didn’t seem to care …… still don’t!

The chemical fingerprint of one particular LSD that appeared first here, was tracked all over the world ….. at the same time the G/Dead would show up in a major city on their tour, so would the drugs – this was true as they toured all over the world.  Obviously, someone who was connected with the band or fans that toured along with the band, would sell their drugs to connections they met in their travels.

OUR NEW AGENDA: (plan) is applying pressure, to help lower the drug use / to change the acceptance of it / to end Eugene’s normal wink and a nod, looking-the-other-way . . . .  This will not be (has not been) accepted well by locals!   You can help.

Eugene is that far out of control and the reason for this blog, is just that simple.   We’ve accomplished some vital changes and yet there’s much more to do.  Today, as I re-write this, is Eugene Celebration.   A few years back, during E/C there was a near-riot when I cut down a marijuana plant one of the vendors had on display in front of the Lane County Court House – that’s where the dealers sold their illicit drugs, lined up against the court house wall.   For a while, our pressure put an end to it, as least, for a time, we drove it underground …..   The Drug dealing is back, and again, the authorities continue to look the other way (it’s just hidden slightly better) and the city “fathers” seem to accept it – that’s evidently good enough for them!

Re: the idea that druggies are not violent, over the quarter century I worked against drugs, …. every time I’d make a high-profile appearance – tv or radio, my family would be threatened (the most common threat was ‘to burn our house down with my wife and children inside’) – that same threat came dozens of times, and druggies have been caught hiding in the foliage of our back yard …..   Over the years, I’ve been assaulted several times – nothing serious, but we’ve also had our home and vehicles vandalized numerous times.

So much for the concept of druggies (potheads – my major focus) being ‘laid back’ and peaceful – their actions belie the concept and for me, proves the connection pot has, to violence and anger ….

This expose’ of “Politically Correct” Eugene and the U of O, is a new tactic.   If you want to verify what I say about the city, a good resource is either of the 2 papers ….. 1 especially is the “alternative paper“; the other, though much more subtle in it’s extreme progressive nature, is called the Register Guard (not so fondly, yet appropriately, called “The Red Guard”).   As I noted, today is Eugene Celebration – the city celebrates such diversity ….. including everything sick and wrong with America!   Take a look at these two newspapers for coverage.   If you come to visit, ask people where to stay; you could end up in a red light district, where the prostitutes walk the streets and vehicles are a common target.

If you agree with me about the drug problem, and want to contribute to the change, and you have a child who may be going to the U. of O. . . . . here is something you can do.

Please write a letter to the University of Oregon and tell them you’ve read this website and subsequently researched the facts – – – and that you now, are alarmed at what the University and the city is like and how they make little effort to stop the drug use, but rather consistently look the other way and that you would like to withdraw your child’s application for the U of O.

Or that you’re considering a different University – that you’ve decided to not submit an application.

One can also write or call the city fathers . . . . Over time, I believe they’ll see the light.

Over the last few decades, city fathers and the university have gone to great lengths (spending a lot of taxpayer money) to promote Eugene, (their jobs and salaries depend upon it) but what they’ve done is definitely created a one-sided picture!

You’ll not find this information, regarding drug use, at the Chamber of Commerce nor at the Visitor’s Bureau, . . . . yet there’s a multiplicity of crucial problems one should know about before making a decision about moving your children to this environment.

Eugene is considered a test-market for new products.   If a business / product / service can make it here, it can make it anywhere in the nation; ask any business owner; the city is extremely anti-business!   A lack of jobs here is the reason most university students leave.   Some love the area so, they hang on here and work for much less; they’re usually the die-hard progressives.

I’ve seen the dark side of the city (because of my pre-retirement employment – I followed up on a lot of crime).   Eugene seems to be mellow and kicked-back; it’s not; that’s the facade, the city fathers want you to see, when visiting!

Eugene’s more akin to a powder keg with an oft rebellious student population!  I’d estimate conservatively that close to a dozen riots have taken place over my 30 years here.

Below, I’ll expound on this list of problems, a bit; to be fair, Eugene has a number of positives as well; those seem obvious; yet this blog is meant to be informational, to apprise you of our problems so you don’t unknowingly bring your children into this mess:

bigotry // cost of living / housing // economy and taxes // employment // family friendly? // green? // Health Issues // Politics – including radical issues // Recreation and Quality of Life  //  Safety, Police, Fire // single Scene // Social issues


All of Oregon, but especially Eugene, has been known for its’ K.K.K. type history – even local streets are said to still be named for famous KKK leaders (story from Reg. Guard; although I accept it as accurate, I admit, I’ve not verified this; look it up). Recently, spring of 2003, the city opted to make a deceptive change.

The University of Oregon, having set its’ sights on competing at the top levels of the NCAA sports programs, decided to do something to change the perception of Eugene, . . . . something that would facilitate attracting inner-city black athletes.

What they did was change the name of the street the U of O Sports Complex sits off of – it was Centennial Boulevard; they changed it to Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Eugene is immersed in eastern religion and witchcraft.   Christians are by-in-large hated.


The Willamette Valley is the grass-seed capital of the world, therefore, we have probably has more allergies than any area of the U.S.

Yearly, some solutions have been, grasses and other crops planted are new hybrids; that supposedly helps avoid the problems with mold, spores and pollens. Field burning, causing respiratory problems has slowed dramatically.  Similar to the L.A. basin, this valley was also called the valley of sickness and death, by indigenous indian tribes – Calapooias and others.

We have a long rainy season – basically rains most days from November through May and well into June.  There are 14 dams which sit above the valley and have helped the flood control in years of heavy rain and have transformed the Willamette valley but mold and funguses are still a huge problem.


The giant earthquake due on the west coast is not now thought to be in the Los Angeles area; rather, it’s in the Pacific Northwest. We are now 10 years into the window – every 300 – 500 years; we await, verified by geologic records, an 8 to a 9.5 earthquake on the Richter Scale. An 8, does massive damage!

This will not be a Southern California type earthquake – a thrust-fault.   Rather, this is a subduction zone – a place where the tectonic plates (albeit slowly, crust of the earth) push against each other and finally, every 3 – 500 years, they break loose. That, according to a geology professor, will cause a violent jolt, followed by 3 to 6 MINUTES of violent rolling.

Then, as the cooling plate pushes under the one upon which we sit, and projects down into the hot magma, a convection system will begin, eventually causing new volcanic activity.  In May of 1980, Mt. St. Helens, part of the Cascade mountain range blew.  There are a number of dormant volcanoes that dot the Cascade Range, especially just east of Eugene.

According to a Corps of Engineers geologist I spoke with, most of the dams above us, have been built to withstand an earthquake up to a 5.6 magnitude (Richter Scale).   We’re awaiting an 8 – 9.5!

Red Cross Disaster team members explained to my friends and I that in the event of a catastrophic dam failure, . . . . for instance, at Hills Creek Dam in Oakridge, withing 35 minutes there would be 25 feet of water on Willamette Street, downtown Eugene, . . . and that’s after the wall of water coming out of the canyons had washed through and spread out!

FYI: A 6.1 magnitude has 10 times the power of a 6.0, so you can imagine the damage possible in an 8 . . . or a 9.5!   Well, maybe you can ……  Not many places in the world have experienced that size quake in the last 200+ years.   The only other area of the world similar is Chile; their subduction zone is not locked up like ours; theirs breaks lose much more frequently.


For over a century, Oregon’s main industry and tax provider has been the lumber harvested here.  We are not diversified and now that the lumber has been harvested a number of times, with the drop in revenues, we are facing trying to live within our limits after years of plenty.  Eugene’s liberal leaders have been well known for providing great social services, but now are not known to be fiscally adept, thinking they’ll pull the rabbit out of the hat, … somehow.  Thus, property taxes are extremely high; do your research before moving here expecting to buy a home.


One has to admit, Eugene is rarely boring and known:

  • as Berkeley North; only Madison, Boston, Boulder and Taos come close to being as radical left; we had a card-carrying Communist Party city council member for years.
  • as the home of – environmental terrorists, Earth First!
  • for the origin of Critical Mass – bicyclists who periodically take over the streets slowing traffic
  • for PETA – animal rights activists
  • for radical vegetarians …
  • for hosting an Anarchist gathering  (Seattle’s WTO riots were said to have the most participants from Eugene).

there’s plenty more – want an example? Follow Eugene’s alternative paper online


Eugene is the lesbian capital of the nation (some claim, …. of the world).

Both drug use and binge-drinking are out of control at the university … and those that hang on here.

. . . . . there’s plenty more; continue later ….


Birds of a feather, in and on a T-Shirt together ….

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71 Responses to EUGENE, OREGON …… exposed!

  1. ryan says:

    There are literally not facts in this article to back up your ridiculous claims. this entire rant is laughable–your ignorance is amazing. you should move if you hate it that much, i doubt any of your neighbors want you around. you sound like a cranky old man who has nothing better to do with his time, stirring shit and biding your time till dementia sets in and you’re forced to move into a home.

    • josiahe says:

      The facts are there. They are the truth. Liberal / progressive types that attend Eugene “Celebration” could not be expected to admit ….. any of them, of course! As I said you live in an isolated enclave …….

      I do not live in Eugene; I once did; (for a short stint) I moved! I’m close enough to have decided to let the city fathers and the newspapers know that their BS spending $ to promote Eugene was not only failing but the social services (the one good thing about Eugene, but still out of control with no financial basis to support them) ….. they’re the size of a city the size of Chicago or Boston ….. Their continual spending will cause the taxes to skyrocket again, ….. as they cut police and fire protection, again.

      Care to tell me which facts you question, Ryan? Probably not …… : ) You sound like one of the out of control students ….. lived here long? If you had, you’d know what I’ve written is true.

      This, you might dispute: Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER!
      You say I’m headed toward dementia? : )
      Yaaallll have a nice day now heyaa?

    • Noah Jones says:

      Sounds about right

  2. Former Eugene Resident says:

    This is hilarious. You think UO is a party school with drug problems?! Go check out Arizona State or Ole Miss or HARVARD. Far more prolific cocaine and hard drug problems than in Eugene.

    Also, your history just doesn’t make since. Especially considering the fact that Jerry Garcia died the year Frohnmayer took over as UO president, I’d say it wasn’t Frohnmayer that stopped any Dead concerts.

    As for the “eastern religion and witchcraft,” I’d invite you to tell that to either of the two mainline Protestant churches I attended while living there. Also, there is a very active campus ministry and an active Catholic campus ministry at UO, in addition to various faith-based efforts among students to fight things like human trafficking, homelessness and more.

    You’re an idiot, and I hope you continue writing this very funny nonsense.

    • josiahe says:

      It WAS Frohnmeyer! He was acting President then. Comparing U of O to other schools now, doesn’t relate!
      I guarantee you that the mainline churches in Eugene are fully aware of the witchcraft and the eastern religion.
      If you don’t know the facts, surmising just doesn’t cut it!

  3. josiahe says:

    I’ve lived here Eugene / Spfld area for 30 years! One doesn’t need to “research” what life experience provides …… Understanding that libs are very defensive about Eugene, you can deny it but what I said is true ….. all of it.

    If you don’t understand, in that you’re probably relatively new to the area however, if you want the truth, an objective perspective, you need to talk to someone, other than entrenched liberals …… And just what claim would you like me to cite? The geology information came from a U of O professor who was impressed enough with my knowledge of geology, he tried to convince me to return to school; I have but not in geology. : ) (No; you won’t see me on campus this term; it’s still good fishing weather!)

    I ran a business here for 28 years, so I understand the economy, including the business end of the city; I had over 350 commercial clientele, so I knew it from people I worked with and for! Also, in former years, I’ve worked in an environment that was 93% black and 4% asian, hispanic and others; the rest was white …… I’ve attended a black church after I moved on from eastern religion and witchcraft.

    The drug information …. as I said, my friends and I fought the battle for 25 years. The historical background of the drug use, ….. that came from an undercover DEA friend and no; I won’t give you his name. : )

    You can deny all you want but that’s what you are ….. just like an alcoholic, you’re “IN DENIAL!” If you’ve read my reply, you understand now how ridiculous your comment(s) was.

  4. Adrian says:

    I’m not saying all of your assertions are false; I’m merely pointing out that something like “Over the last few decades, city fathers and the university have gone to great lengths (spending a lot of taxpayer money) to promote Eugene” needs to be backed up to be believed. Tell the reader where you got the information that you want him/her to believe.
    Sorry I got confused about how long you lived in Eugene. You wrote, “I do not live in Eugene; I once did; (for a short stint) I moved,” which led me to believe you weren’t there long. Now I understand that you currently reside in Springfield. This also seems strange to me, seeing as two problems with Eugene are excessive grass pollen and the threat of a major earthquake. How is Springfield immune to those, seeing as it is one mile away, in the same valley?
    I also have to raise objection to your claim that “Eugene is immersed in eastern religion and witchcraft. Christians are by-in-large hated.” First of all, attacking a place because its citizens do not practice the majority religion tosses aside the tolerance that has been with us since the Framers added the Bill of Rights. Secondly, I simply never noticed organized pagan or even eastern religious expression. What did strike me, however, is that the Baptist church on Hilyard and 19th holds a service in Chinese.
    On a side note, you’ve misunderstood the Richter scale. 1.o represents a magnitude change of ten times, not 0.1 ( That isn’t particularly important, but if I was reading this to make a decision about Eugene (I’m not), I would want the author to be familiar with the science he touts.
    Finally, I’m not a huge fan of Eugene. I lived there while I attended undergrad, and I could stand the thought of being there for three more years, so I moved away for law school. What you’re getting from me isn’t a knee-jerk reaction to defend my home, its just a call for facts to be facts, and opinions (valid opinions, mind you) to be presented as such.

    • josiahe says:

      Adrian, I don’t remember how much they spent now; it’s been a long time since I heard the amounts, but I can tell you when I did. It was after the front page article in the R/G announcing the placement of Eugene on the “Best Of” lists across America. That was Oct. 1, 2006. The article lauded Eugene as #1, #2, and #10. Those stats are not come by easily and cities spend a lot of promotional money to get there. With Eugene, it’s an ego thing as well as solidifying jobs and resume’s for upper echelon city employees. It’d be hard to find the figures now; you’ve however, made a good point; all I have is talk from back then, and my memory can’t bring back the figures. Sherri McDonald (if she’s still at the R/G) just might have the info …… if you’re interested. : /

      I’m not actually “IN” Springfield any longer, but close enough to Eug. to visit although I find few reasons to! 3 of my closest friends all moved.

      You’re correct; the allergies and earthquake damage are no different in Spfld. People have a right to know ahead of time though.

      Re: the religious base here, I have no figures, and you’re right I should have researched that; my info comes from experience and “my own little corner of experience.” I recently joined two clubs (not what I normally do) …. the PDX one I don’t know about but the one in Eug. of the 12 people on a trip, there were 5 into eastern religion, 1 Mormon and several athiests; I was the only Christian.
      The anti-Christian, pro-eastern religion of things like bumper stickers and places people gather are dead giveaways. I’ll take your advice and try to get figures; although witchcraft is kind of a hidden thing …… stickers and shirts with well known phrases are also giveaways – things like “Blessed Be” a Wiccan phrase …. “The goddess is alive”, “Diana lives” ….. these and others are all over Eugene!
      Re: America’s forefathers reverence and solidly being Christian (most anyway) can be found in “The Christian History of the Constitution of the U.S. of America”, by Verna M. Hall, “Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History” – ISBN 0912498021, or, “The Christian History of The American Revolution – Consider & Ponder”, also by Verna M. Hall.
      Re: the Richter scale, you’re possibly correct; that was totally from recall and at my age …… : )

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  7. Janet says:

    I have noticed a growing amount of witch craft in the Corvallis, Oregon area lately. I stumbled onto your blog today while looking for some information on why that may be. I haven’t lived in Eugene for years, but I did. I could identify completely with the things your wrote about. I took part in some of the things you wrote about. I am thankful to also report that I was also born again while living in Eugene and moved away shortly after that. I think your blog hit the nail right on the head. It is what I experienced also.

  8. pam smith says:

    Another nutty conservative
    I lived in eugene all my life and moved to kfalls
    I hate kfalls and am longing to return home. Its a great place to grow up and live.

    • josiahe says:

      Dear Pam,

      I was young when I fell for Eugene too. Your feelings are not unusual; every child wants to be raised and remain in a permissive atmosphere. It doesn’t mean it’s good for them; it just means they may not have to grow up ….. for a while.
      Mentally stable, responsible adults, who work for a living soon learn better.
      Though Eugene calls itself “progressive,” it’s actually extremely regressive.
      I’ll limit myself to just one example – the myriad of pie-in-the-sky social programs which demand high taxes to support their rampant dysfunctionalism.
      Liberals do that — call things other than what they are ….. It’s a way of not having to deal with reality.

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  12. yourmama says:

    im an addict and your A JUDGMENTAL FAGGOT GET A LIFE OR DIE! THANX

    • josiahe says:

      Name calling elicits a whole myriad of perspectives but intelligence is not one of them. Addicts chose to be caught up in an incredibly selfish lifestyle and have no one to blame but themselves! When I publish your response, you’ll just prove my point. Thanks.

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    • josiahe says:

      I’m not sure what to tell you. I wrote this blog years ago and the fact is, not to discourage you, but I moved there w/o doing my homework too. I liked Springfield a lot better than Eugene! I lived there 32 years. Having met my wife, I married and I’m in Wa. now.
      Yes; housing is tough there but if you don’t have to be in Eugene proper, there are smaller towns not far out of town which are more affordable – I always liked Lebanon but . . There are even smaller towns.
      Re: your monetary loss, as a retired locksmith, I’d recommend a small claims court against the hotel if it’s not too late; They don’t change keys often enough or maybe it was staff? At least make a complaint with the BBB.
      If you hold on, in not too long, vacancies will occur as students drop out but that may take 2 or 3 months. Again, I’d recommend moving to a small town and befriending neighbors who may watch out for you.
      Changing the world is hard . Depressing, and frustrating but I believe we’re obligated to our fellow man to try. When it comes to the bottom line, the only answer is spiritual, yet I’d also go to the city council meeting and complain. “Things” are nice to have and needed somewhat but relationships are what’s important — one relationship stands above ‘em all – for us, it’s our relationship w/ our Lord and Savior, Jesus – Yeshua.
      My only suggestion would be to tie in w/ my old church Springfield Faith Center – counsel w\ Pastor David Lanning.
      Sincerely wishing I could help more,

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  37. BJP says:

    I live in Eugene, Have since 1981, I was pretty liberal when I moved here, I am no longer, for the most part I find you article spot on. Eugen isseriously unbalanced, and undemocratic, The “We know what best for the people attitude, and we don’t care what you think”. An alternative couple in Eugene these days would be Heterosexual, Christian, Moderate. And remember Eugene Honors Diversity, as Long as you’re exactly diverse like us. “If you’re not Amused you’re not Paying Attention”. In Closing I find myself too unconventional to conform to Eugene’s none conformist.

  38. Birdy says:

    Yes, u are soo correct@ this town is soo corupted, and im not just talking about the jail birds! The real beggining is in our school system! Soo corrupted! I feel like im in a consertration camp with flashes of Rudolf Hess! We are repeating history! “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them. ” -Thomas Moore! hahaha he said a mouth full!

  39. Cameron Voss says:

    I disagree with you completely. Eugene is a very nice, safe city with a very low crime rate. The drug situation isn’t any worse then any other Northwest cities, and certainly isn’t as bad as Portland or Seattle. Do you still live in Eugene? Have you been here for more then a few days? This is the safest city I’ve ever lived in. Corvallis, which is very close, was rated the safest city in the county.

    Eugene Computer Repair and Web Design.

    • josiahe says:

      Cameron is so wrong. I’ve been a resident of Eugene / Springfield for over 30 years; I now live near, but in the country. If readers could see the comments, they’d see how many replies agree with me! Note the local paper’s story how troublemakers have been banned from the downtown area and that area was just expanded yesterday. Tell me how drug use is not out of control – when they’re sold on the court house steps!

      • josiahe says:

        The police have “taken care of” the sale of drugs on the court house steps every few years, but it keeps coming back, and they do nothing until people raise a fuss again. Also, . . . . it was NOT only pot; a myriad of illicit drugs were sold there! Nice try …..

  40. here says:

    Virtually all of the comments on this web site dont make sense.

    • josiahe says:

      Note please, though this person says this, Eugene is looked at in two different lights-one either loves it or vehemently dislikes it! Liberals love Eugene though it is a “Pillar of Darkness”. It’s as described ….

  41. outaheresoon! says:

    You are absolutely correct, Eugene is a hotbed of hypocrisy and insanity. The most vocal residents are accepting of opinion as long as they agree with it, if not, you are labeled the most vile ignorant racist creature on the Earth. They are just such accepting people…I have lived here for over 50 years and have watched the city descend into some kind of crazy nonsensical gathering of totalitarians.

  42. nunya bidnes says:

    Sorry I found this so late being 2 years after the fact.
    I wouldn’t call it liberal or many of the names you’ve applied but the tone of your piece is accurate. I would not recommend this to any but my enemies as a place to move to or buy a home. Unless you have enough money to live somewhere else and hire attorneys to force people to do as they should then it might be safe to invest in an rental unit. Be prepared to have it destroyed as the locals and the student UO attracts are animals with no respect for their fellow man a trait encouraged by the locals.
    There’s is a throwback sort of bigotry with a new skin on it. There is the veneer of liberalism but the fact is the people are narrow and closed minded, can;t see past the end of their own noses and think themselves superior to any and all they encounter who are from elsewhere and may have a different perspective or idea.
    IT seems after many years I have come to understand that it is even nastier and more vile a place than started to think about 5 years ago. They are a nasty evil bunch of people whose politics have no bearing on the willingness to do things that harm others. I have found I was being poisoned for the entire time I have lived here via my food plants. That’s an old practice the Romans used to use to kill one another and South Asians till do. I have been so abused and broken down I can’t even bring myself to deal with the trauma and humiliation of reporting it to the police. Calling them to report any crime is an abusive encounter unless one quietly submits to being treated like a moron by a moron. How do you know the person is a moron? They ask you a question that requires the info you just gave them as it’s answer.
    Anyway it is an evil place and I warn all to stay away because i have no idea what standard they use to decide who to deny or allow to come here and be happy. It isn’t a valid or rational one that’s for sure.

  43. I have lived in the Eugene/Springfield area for nearly 30 years now; what I noticed in your article is that you never gave a mention to the gangs that are here. This entire community has lived with their heads in the sands about this particular issue. I know because my child got involved with them. I also have a friend who was involved in the drug world, she is clean over 20 years. I recently read an article that said drugs are “becoming” prevalent in Eugene. Give me a break, they have been here for years. So have the gangs, it is heartbreaking to see what is happening to the youth of this town. I myself as a grandmother am raising 3 of my grandchildren due to the drug abuse of their parents.
    On the other side I love living here for the geographical location, so close to the ocean and the mountains both. Yes I am a bit of a hippie, I will admit that, but I don’t smoke pot and I do take baths and I have no trust fund money to live on, I have worked hard to take care of myself and I where braids. I love rainbows but not the rainbow people.
    It is a sad state that our entire country is in when it comes to drugs, worse than pot for our community is meth. The flagrant alcohol abuse is nationwide as well, so accepted in many circles.

  44. michael schafer says:

    iv lived in eugene springfield my whole life and yes we have our problems but you say that we are liberal to a fault. bieng to liberal can lead to what? pro choice? human right protection? what about places like texas and oklahoma noone talks about how rampant the conservatism has got there. beating gays, drinking till they beat there wifes but saying smoking pot is bad. there is alot of problems in this country. but if you ask anyone who comes here to visit they are completly dumfounded about how nice people from eugene are. And you know what mayb there needs to be alil anarchism and protests in the country. just becasue we belive in people over profit were villanized. so its whatever but eugene is a great city and the u of o is a great school. stop hating. your probably just pissed cause your a closet gay but since ur conservative you cant come out and say anything and since we respect gay people in eugene you project your problems on us. so in short i think your picking on the wrong city. o and fuck you and have a nice day.

    • josiahe says:

      One more idiot heard from. Yes; Michael is one of the hate filled Eugene liberals. You can see that clearly if you read his entire rant – even his vile mouth proves it! It’s odd that the liberals, whether pro-gay or pro anarchists, pro-pot or any other “progressive” agenda, they expose their arrogance, their stereotypical thinking and that they’re filled with hate when they write! Thanks Michael, for proving my point!

  45. Disgusted. says:

    Hey wingnut, why don’t you move to Alabama?

    • josiahe says:

      This is the typical intolerant type of reply from a Eugene resident! They think they’re above others and they’re actually elitist snobs, and lower themselves to immature name-calling at every opportunity! A POWDER-KEG, waiting to explode ….. as exhibited by their periodic riots. In fact, ….. 2nd thought, I’d bet this guy is a user ……

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    of most recent and earlier technologies, it’s awesome article.

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  51. swedishgodzilla says:

    Quality writing, your layout is particularly inviting. I’d say your article is at least 98% accurate, if not more. I remember in high school, between 13th and High st, and 13th and Alder, you could walk down that area and be solicited just about any drug you could imagine, with the mecca being the forever busy pay phones at the 13th and Alder 7-11. Summer of 1998 that was cleaned up and a police substation was put in right next to the 7-11 parking lot. I attended Lane Community College for a year before transferring to the U of O in the early to mid 2000’s for Broadcast Journalism. Every year it did seem like the curriculum and staff became a little bit more left leaning, I’m not sure if I’d be able to tolerate it now. Living at at 14th and Alder, it wasn’t impossible to find whatever vice you were looking for if you were social enough, but it wasn’t being shopped openly on the streets at this time. I do question the authenticity of “Candy Street”. Although I did not and currently do not socialize with any member of law enforcement or cons, I have never, ever heard of that area being referred to as “Candy Street”. In fact, “Candy Street” sounds like something a cool would tell a square just to mess with them.
    I have always been curious about how the promotion of the city is budgeted, especially during the last local voting session where I think there were three different tax/city fee initiatives.

  52. Drugs_Are_A_Waste says:

    Thank you so much for writing this up. A friend of mine started dating a self-professed drug user from Eugene, and things have gone badly for her since. Her and her disgusting boyfriend from Eugene have been kicked out of houses twice over the course of a year for being a nuisance. They are parodies of hippies and insult people who are trying to work hard and contribute to society as “selling out to the man,” literally… It’s heart breaking because I consider my friend to be very intelligent and she is wasting her potential by being with this wanna-be-hippy-but-really-just-druggy-trash-from-Eugene.

    She’s now cut off ties with myself and two of our mutual friends who criticized her for dating this guy from Eugene, a grown man who acts like a child and exhibits many of the symptoms of fetal alcohol poisoning, physiologically and psychologically. I am not being judgmental; this guy from Eugene likely was poisoned with alcohol in the womb because he has admitted (with pride, several times) that his parents in Eugene are life-long drug addicts.

    As the imbecilic, often caps-locked comments from pro drug use individuals indicate, this “culture” epitomizes everything that is wrong with our country.

  53. Kamara S. Glenn says:

    I’ve lived in Eugene 34 years, and am raising two kids here. One who is almost 18, and both are great kids. You have written one of the most misinformed, jaded reviews of Eugene I’ve ever read. You claim there are more drugs, lesbians, communists and witchcraft than any other city in the nation? Really? You believe pot is a drug to be fought against? Really? You cut down someones pot plant in protest? Really? I cannot believe I’ve never come across your blog before. You’re opinions are clearly driven by your right wing, religious and biggoted extremism. You suggest people don’t get the opinions of Saturday Market vendors? What? Are they not real business owners to you? You suggest that people speak to any business owner in Eugene, and they’ll agree with your opinions? Oh boy, get a grip on reality! You claim only two types of people post replies, those who agree and those that are in denial. I’m neither. Your opinion lost merit with me when you claimed The Greatful Dead ruined Eugene, for starters. Every posted argument, from locals, is met with some form of self proclaiming genius, expertise or experience by you. Like you just can’t admit your exaggeration, and lack of real insight. You site zero references, yet you attempt to compile a self actualized history of both Eugene and Springfield, back to the 60s. You point out factors of drug use, racism, politics, taxes and college life, that happen everyday in every city in the U.S. Lane County has a heroine problem, not just Eugene. This problem is alive across the U.S. and growing. What are you doing to make a difference? Certainly you can’t believe this blog is going to? Nowhere do you speak of experiences or interactions with real people, who are either making a difference, struggling to get by, or just plain satisfied with their life here. I doubt you’ve spoken, without prejudice or longer than 30 seconds, with anybody outside of your comfort zone. It would take me hours to break your opinion blog down to the true BS that it is, because you really layed it on thick. That would require me to read and reread it, and I just can’t stomach that. The red colors, like some ominous warning to save others from the unholy fate of Eugene life, is just too much. You need to expose yourself to the world around you, get real and break out of this, “Eugene is the antichrist” bubble you’re living in. For your own sake, just move on.

  54. Denni Hausback says:

    We moved to Corvallis for the auto industry. We travel between dealerships in eugene and corvallis. We are from S. CALI and need a 2 bedroom and a yard. Having difficulty finding a place as Im told the College Kids take the listings quickly. We were offered money to move here and had to stay in a hotel which was not bad at first. They were very welcoming until I cane home from work to watch my otherwise healthy Italian Mastiff take two steps and die in my arms. We took her to OSU and they found no Poisoning although she sure showed signs. Autopsy showed broken Spleen possibly caused by blunt force trauma. The same day we discovered missing jewlery, clothing, makeup and someones dirty clothes left behind and my shower had been used, dirty towels on the floor and my work clothes and bright blue older nike tennis shoes stolen.They had not broken in but somehow gained entry. I trusted this place. Called the police. Never got a response from the owner or manager. We were told no tape just live feed. 2 weeks later the same place a rape occured by door to door salesman who also tried pushing his way into a home the Same day. Less than 5 days later another rape of a handicapped girl. Police were called each time. I want to leave. We look around the hotel and see so much work getting outsourced to out of state workers. People travel here for work. Sales, Construction, Union Jobs. Etc. The rooms are full and they offer larger kitchenette monthly. Where and why arent local workers taking the jobs. Frusterated and afraid of loosing everything we moved closer to the other dealership in Eugene. We are staying were our company is paying. we got locked out our first night. This place changes at 7 p.m. Im wondering if everyone knows this. Im wondering if my husband and his coworkers understand that this isnt a place fit for anyone. I cant believe the blaten knocking on doors and all men tben women getting dropped off and escorted to doors. I cant afford 2000 rent a month but tbere are no houses like Im needing available. Im trapped here.

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