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July 30, 2010 // Eugene, Or.  (Re-written from May of ’09)   UPDATE BELOW – red text Palestinians hit Ashkelon again today – with a rocket, and other cities with mortors.   Will Israel respond …. retaliate?   Often, all they do … Continue reading

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Back when I was a Leftist, back in my youth, when I was back in college, we abhorred the idea of “involuntary servitude” …. That’s what we called it but we saw it (the draft) for what it was — Slavery!   There’s … Continue reading

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Arizona Border Porn

I tol ga; I ain’t hidin nuthin! Besides, where’s your stinkin badges? Granny Mary Jane…  After all, she’s 94 years old, so what harm could this Mexican do.  Well I’ll be dipped.  What’s all that padded stuff affixed to her … Continue reading

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Using the “N” word

There are 3 kinds of people who use the word “NIGGER.”  1)       Those who hate black people and are intentionally derisive, and don’t care who knows.   Define these people as, racist, …. Racists with a capital “R”.  2)       Of course, … Continue reading

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In Honor of those who have fallen, of those who have given so selflessly, and those, yet to return!  Please forward ….. the link and with it, the honor accorded them, so evident in this.   I’ve not yet gone to D.C. … Continue reading

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More Crooked and Tax Cheating Senators?

This is not about Senator Rangel; instead it’s about Senator Kerry.   Senator Rangel though, is under suspicion, …. caught red-handed years ago, evidently he’s served his purpose, and they’re done with him now ….. and have taken his chairman gavel.  But it … Continue reading

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Why is it illegal for reporters to go photograph the situation?   Why do BP (cleanup employees) fear for losing their jobs if they talk to the media? As America’s consumer confidence is plumeting, as America’s south languishes, Obama returns to campaign mode across America; the … Continue reading

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