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  I wouldn’t have killed him, but I certainly would dance on his grave!     It looks like the BTK killer (also of Wichita) removing the body – but it’s not . . . . it’s being removed from a “church”, … Continue reading

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  They still come to my site looking for what scandal, what titillating little bit they can glean to talk with others about.   If I tag the word Octomom, they’ll come in droves …   They have no idea that it is nothing … Continue reading

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  North Korea is on the lips of every talking head.   What none of them are saying, rather what they’re all not saying,  is apparent though . . . . it just takes listening “between the lines”. Both China and N. … Continue reading

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BIG BROTHER! Obvious to the Observant

  Without fanfare, without telling the public what they were doing, it’s become obvious to the observant. Rarely, do I count myself as “observant”; usually, I’m one of the last to notice … but . . . . All across … Continue reading

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  45 year sentence for spreading AIDS! It’s about time!   The news media needs cover this intensely, . . . .  but it won’t . . . .  .   The Swine Flu is off the front pages, but the incidence … Continue reading

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  Sometimes, you’ve just got to laugh!   There’s no other way to rationally handle some of this stuff!   Yea’ it’s all indications of how we’re at the end of our society, but . . . . you’re really not going to … Continue reading

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  RE: PROGRESSIVES “There are two ways to acquire the niceties of life: to produce them, or to plunder them. When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, … Continue reading

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  Barak rose early and took his morning shower and when drying off his face, he noticed it was white.   He panicked and called the doctor; the doctor appeared quickly and was let into the W.H.   He pulled out of his … Continue reading

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  Holocaust deniers point to Buchenwald, saying . . . . “See?   There are no ovens here!”   There’s more reasons Obama will visit Buchenwald though. First, Buchenwald is a Socialist memorial!   Those who were killed here, were more likely to be Socialists, . … Continue reading

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  The 9th Circus Court of Appeals . . . .    Oooops.   Sorry; it was the high court, . . . California’s Supreme Court, that upheld California’s Proposition 8; can you believe it?   I wouldn’t have, if it had been … Continue reading

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