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HOW TO STOP ABORTION ….. w/o killing the messenger

Me:  Remember when you found you were pregnant?   Was it a wonderful time?   It should have been!   What would you choose for your daughter …. or your son?   That it be a time of joy, of wonderful expectations? If you … Continue reading

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“Washington’s instability is frightening!”   Steve Wynn tell it like it is …..   “We’re on our way to Greece, in the hands of a confused, and foolish government, that’s ….”   He quotes the French prophetic author / historian Alex  de Tocqueville … Continue reading

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Does anyone out there believe that members of the Tea Party would have gone to, …. or whether they would have authorized the spending almost $2,000 for political party big-whigs drinking and partying at Voyuer West, the West Hollywood live sex / S&M … Continue reading

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  RE: PROGRESSIVES “There are two ways to acquire the niceties of life: to produce them, or to plunder them. When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, … Continue reading

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  I never listen to sports commentaries on ESPN but for some reason I woke with it and left it on.   I’ve heard ads for the “Mike and Mike Show” . . .   Must have fallen asleep during the hockey game … Continue reading

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