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SLAVERY: for America’s new minority

Now there’s more Socialism!  Just what we all wanted, right?   Even though (P) resident Obama, vaguely called it … “Change We Can Believe In”, as the campaign wore on, he alluded to “transformational change”, ….. but for those of us … Continue reading

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Retribution & Bribes

The traitors in DC are staying 2 steps ahead of the media, (therefore the (mostly) inattentive public).  Once again, what they’re involved in, is not just another shell game!  What’s taking place, is … hidden in their confusing rhetoric is deceptive – the essence of … Continue reading

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“We All Wanna Change The World”

It’s not taken long; it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that America elected a mentally unstable president.   His mother’s death and her lifestyle, left her without healthcare; wallowing in his pain, he blamed America.   Understanding this, his intention’s now become clear; from the long … Continue reading

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Ottowa University Fascists

The fascists are at it again, this time, they’re (supposedly) students at the University of Ottowa; by that, I don’t mean they don’t attend; I mean they’re not there to learn … to exchange ideas … they’re there instead to be … Continue reading

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Media Anti-Semitism Growing

If you have Comcast, tune into a very interesting “lecture” by Yaakov Kirschen, (often political) Cartoonist for the Jerusalem Post.  It’s about how anti-semitism is twisting the facts.   It’s incredibly eye-opening!   Find it in Comcast’s On Demand – Channel 1, … Continue reading

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