For centuries, the church has had it backwards (and that was intentional)!

Jesus taught first in the Synagogues. Jesus was born and raised as a Jew; so were His original followers – ALL OF ‘EM.

That, of course, included the Disciples. They too, were all Jews. So were the thousands that became followers of Christ on Pentecost after hearing the Disciples speak in their own languages, done via the power of the Holy Spirit . . . they were not being converted; they were also Jews, albeit many were visitors; they just knew they’d found their Messiah!

It was not until Paul, a fanatical and devout Pharisee, was struck blind on the road to Damascus and became also became a follower of Christ, that he sent the Disciples to non-Jews (often called Greeks or Gentiles) and were brought into the Jewish faith.

From the beginning,God had a plan – – to make gentiles, fellow heirs, together with the Jews.

But, Constantine had other, evil plans. Though the church remained Jewish for the first few centuries, everything Jewish, was outlawed at the council of Nicea in 325AD.

He began, by dividing the followers – – pitting them against one another. From that day, probably much earlier, we were set against each other. . . the (Jews) were called “CHRIST KILLERS” by members of the Roman Catholic Church. From that time on, Constantine. ‘outlawed’ all things Jewish.

The problem that remains today, is that many of our pastors, in seminaries, were taught this false Replacement Theology.  They, in turn, taught us.  Many Christians even today just don’t get it!

It was us that was grafted onto the roots of our faith; that’s what the Messianic church has correct.  Our reverence, our close relationship with our God, claiming Yeshua is the Messiah is what will prod them to reexamine the scriptures.  The AGE OF THE GENTILES has come to an end.  We are certainly in End Times.