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Corruption / Law enforcement

My title was “Investigative Aid”.  In truth, I was a glorified secretary …..   At the time, I was “being groomed” for Inspector but all I did was research and gathering records together, …. the clerical work of laying out the case …… until I … Continue reading

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Obama and Islam

“How is it that Jews who support Israel, could end up voting for a man (Obama) who has so many anti-Jewish, anti-Israel connections, and we see the manifestation of his mindset in his policies toward Israel.” The following information (my interpretation … Continue reading

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“You can’t handle the truth!”

To discern the truth nowdays, one must read / listen to both sides.   Talk radio?  Some of it anyway ….. if you don’t listen to both sides, you don’t have a chance of finding the truth; nothing is as it seems.   … Continue reading

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ISLAM: The Necro-Mongrals

Though their forefathers were brothers of another mother, they….. worship darkness, … hate, … violence!     They ‘worship’ the dead and the dying!  They walk among us, as if they were alive …. don’t let them fool you.   They’re not! If … Continue reading

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16,000 new IRS agents? Why?   Isn’t that just more people as federal employees? No; no; you don’t understand!   It’s because they’re going after those people who have not been paying taxes!   You know!   The ones who’ve been working under the … Continue reading

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AMERICA’S FEUDALISM — behind the curtain and at the pump.

It’s nearing vacation time again; so gasoline prices have to increase, right?    The explosion, crippling the refinery @ Anacortes, Wa., gives them an excuse to raise prices ….. but, something inside, tells me, ‘if it hadn’t been that, they’d have found another excuse’ …..   One … Continue reading

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Everyone who has seen an in-the-womb-video-of-an-abortion, knows! The question of abortion is very simple; the answer’s been hard!  There are 3 ways to know! Those with the common sense to understand there is a God and believe in His word, … they KNOW.   … Continue reading

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Capitalism Simplified 101

Throughout your life, who has given you jobs?   The poor or the wealthy? Comparing 1910 to 2010, what percentage of people work to support those who don’t? In light of the above, … is it wise, to raise taxes on those driven to make money … Continue reading

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Does anyone out there believe that members of the Tea Party would have gone to, …. or whether they would have authorized the spending almost $2,000 for political party big-whigs drinking and partying at Voyuer West, the West Hollywood live sex / S&M … Continue reading

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Why did Bernie Madoff go to prison?   To simplify it, he talked people into investing with him, and stole their money.   He took money from new investors to pay old investors.  Finally there was not enough money from new investors coming in to … Continue reading

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