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Corruption / Law enforcement

My title was “Investigative Aid”.  In truth, I was a glorified secretary …..   At the time, I was “being groomed” for Inspector but all I did was research and gathering records together, …. the clerical work of laying out the case …… until I … Continue reading

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Obama and Islam

“How is it that Jews who support Israel, could end up voting for a man (Obama) who has so many anti-Jewish, anti-Israel connections, and we see the manifestation of his mindset in his policies toward Israel.” The following information (my interpretation … Continue reading

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“You can’t handle the truth!”

To discern the truth nowdays, one must read / listen to both sides.   Talk radio?  Some of it anyway ….. if you don’t listen to both sides, you don’t have a chance of finding the truth; nothing is as it seems.   … Continue reading

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ISLAM: The Necro-Mongrals

Though their forefathers were brothers of another mother, they….. worship darkness, … hate, … violence!     They ‘worship’ the dead and the dying!  They walk among us, as if they were alive …. don’t let them fool you.   They’re not! If … Continue reading

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16,000 new IRS agents? Why?   Isn’t that just more people as federal employees? No; no; you don’t understand!   It’s because they’re going after those people who have not been paying taxes!   You know!   The ones who’ve been working under the … Continue reading

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AMERICA’S FEUDALISM — behind the curtain and at the pump.

It’s nearing vacation time again; so gasoline prices have to increase, right?    The explosion, crippling the refinery @ Anacortes, Wa., gives them an excuse to raise prices ….. but, something inside, tells me, ‘if it hadn’t been that, they’d have found another excuse’ …..   One … Continue reading

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Everyone who has seen an in-the-womb-video-of-an-abortion, knows! The question of abortion is very simple; the answer’s been hard!  There are 3 ways to know! Those with the common sense to understand there is a God and believe in His word, … they KNOW.   … Continue reading

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