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Watch the film: “ABSOLUTELY UNCERTAIN” The “change,” those who voted for him, didn’t expect …..   Compare the promises, with the actions.   And then, consider this concept ….. those who cannot vote ….. and what it means to them!

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Dear Friends of Israel, Remember the other snubs?   Nothing’s changed! Today, at the daily State Department press briefing, official State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland repeatedly refused to state that the Obama Administration recognizes Jerusalem a the Capital of of the … Continue reading

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I find myself grieving over what some Americans think about Israel.   The Americans who support Gaza and Palestinians against Israel are almost always aligned with the left.   Leftists stand against Israel and point out every issue that makes it look as if Arabs … Continue reading

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Obama IS Transparent!

A couple of quotes, …. both important, … from Caroline Glick, of the Jerusalem Post: #1 “Pearl was decapitated in 2002 by jihadists in Pakistan. Among other things, his killers claimed he had no right to live because he was Jewish. … Continue reading

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Palestinian Authority: “Bibi’s use of Bible incites hate”

Are they nuts?  Bibi incited hate and fear? All he did was mentione the bible references to Jerusalem.  See the story:  Bibi mentioned that Jerusalem is mentioned in scripture 850 times; but, “after he was challenged by an Israeli Arab MK, … Continue reading

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ISLAM: The Necro-Mongrals

Though their forefathers were brothers of another mother, they….. worship darkness, … hate, … violence!     They ‘worship’ the dead and the dying!  They walk among us, as if they were alive …. don’t let them fool you.   They’re not! If … Continue reading

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The world sees the United States as Daniel Pearl . . . . just before his death . . . and watches from afar, trembling!
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HOLY LAND NEWS – 2009/04/24

Reported by Aaron Kline: In the last few weeks, Palestinians have been arrested by other Palestinians for nothing more than selling their land in East Jerusalem to Jews.    They are taken to Ramallah and interrogated and held in jail.   Not … Continue reading

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