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A dangerous time for the entire world, lies just ahead … why it’s talked of as “end times”. In its current mode, it’s inconceivable that the US will take any aggressive action against Iran (note the link, just added).  It’s … Continue reading

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OBAMA —> ARMAGEDDON: Two Steps Forward; One Step Back

Obama ignoring the long-term desire of Americans, he’s stepped over the line AGAIN!  Regarding our foreign policy, John Kerry lied to and even threatened Israel. Once again, the U.S. with Obama at the helm, has moved the world two steps forward, … toward … Continue reading

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I believe, there’s one prophesy that must take place before the return of Christ …. Probably, … it’s not the one you’re thinking of.   I believe that particular prophesy (I have it written down, but haven’t searched for it yet) could … Continue reading

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You’ve heard Eisenhower’s warning to us . . . the one about the Military Industrial Complex, . . . . but have you heard this warning?  “The money powers pray upon the nation in times of peace, and conspire against … Continue reading

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The South Korean ship has been raised from the ocean bed (off their own coast) …. also, the carcass of a torpedo.   Torpedos no longer punch into the hull of ships before they explode; they explode UNDER the ship and … Continue reading

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The world sees the United States as Daniel Pearl . . . . just before his death . . . and watches from afar, trembling!
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It’s an indictment of Obama and Bush, . . . . all of D.C.!   Corporate Bankers, and . . . . Watch this video if you dare; it’s not about one particular candidate, party, or official; it’s revealing the ‘show-biz’ and the production of … Continue reading

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MR. PRESIDENT: (an open letter)

  Mr. President: Let’s be clear, concise, and upfront with each other. I would like to trust my president!   I would like to find out that my distrust has been misplaced, totally wrong!   Because of our different philosophies, and the track … Continue reading

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Now, with the filibuster proof Senate, the intent of our founding fathers in establishing out government has been violated.   There are no checks and balances to speak of.   The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches have become one! Our government, is not … Continue reading

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  This is what they must have been thinking . . . . while the House Judiciary Committee has (almost surreptitiously) approved scandalous Barney Frank’s bill, H.R. 1913. The nation’s busy, . . . distracted, watching, . . . as the “pandemic” fighters … Continue reading

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