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I won’t bother to reblog this; I’ll just give you the link … We’re beginning to expose the LIES.   They’ve been covering their assed, from the very first moments.   You need to watch FOX NEWS this Friday night 10pm EST. Heads … Continue reading

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Watch the film: “ABSOLUTELY UNCERTAIN” The “change,” those who voted for him, didn’t expect …..   Compare the promises, with the actions.   And then, consider this concept ….. those who cannot vote ….. and what it means to them!

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Hmmmm who’da thought that if you put the government and unions together, the result would be spin!   Obama and his NLRB are job killing maniacs!   That’s apparent in So. Carolina, where they’re trying to run jobs out of the country … Continue reading

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Palestinian / Israeli relations are oft charged with emotion.   The Organization “Honest Reporting” does not leave it to the violent, the liars and others who take every opportunity to exploit it!  Once again, they set the record straight.  There are more heroes here than … Continue reading

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Here’s proof!  It’s a must read and see the video (link below) – (an 18 second clip). Obama claims his Father Served in WW II ???   SNOPES has yet to deny this one!!!!  Does he even know the difference between truth … Continue reading

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  He has a way about him, that’s obvious.   He promised to not raise taxes on the middle class, and  (implying of course) not on the poor, either. One would think that his rhetoric, and his actions would bring him to … Continue reading

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“You can’t handle the truth!”

To discern the truth nowdays, one must read / listen to both sides.   Talk radio?  Some of it anyway ….. if you don’t listen to both sides, you don’t have a chance of finding the truth; nothing is as it seems.   … Continue reading

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History shows that due to the Plague, systematic mechanisms – society and governments of all of Europe were all set back over 3 decades! And Napolitano, . . . she says there’s no reason to closing the borders.
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  It’s simple.   You should have understood it by now.   I can say that because I just now got it.   I guess that’s a backhanded way of admitting I’m sometimes slow!   Sorry. It is simple though.   It looks as if … Continue reading

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The Phonies

Amway is advertising on TV now.   Have you noticed?   Guess they’ve run out of people to convince . . . . Their forte’ use to be the “napkin presentation”.   Pretending to befriend new people they’d meet, acting as if they … Continue reading

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