Is she a “nice” Muslim?  I wondered.

Sitting in the Plaza Café today … the bottom floor of the UW Medical Center, I noticed a young child.   He was totally enthralled with his little entertainment-center-toy playing a video wedged into his stroller, in front of him. I thought it a bit odd as his mother next to him, was dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

A few moments later I heard loud, shrill, and piercing, obnoxious screams from him as his mother had pulled him from his video to trek down the hall to (I supposed) the washroom.

Of course at first, I thought (for a moment) “spoiled, out-of-control-brat, becoming typically American” and sloughed it off, ….. until, for some reason, he suddenly quit his screaming . . . “Well, maybe not”, I thought, reevaluating it. “could be a good mom who reasoned with her child,” I rethought it.

In a public place, I always make it a point to tell parents of well-behaved children how much I appreciate their well-behaved children – and I try to do it so the kids hear.

I found myself wondering next, “How do we know if she’s a nice Muslim? Or if she’s a potential terrorist?  We can’t. Their holy book tells them it’s perfectly fine to lie to infidels.  So we can never know for sure . . .

“Nice Muslims” are instructed to lie to us as well, so there’s no way we can know.  That should alert them as to the falseness of their “religion”  –  it doesn’t seem to.

In the Christian bible, God tells us He detests liars and that lying is a sin.

As Muslims, both of us “children of Abraham” . . . me as a Christian and them as  followers of Islam … they say they believe in our Holy Book as well, but the two books contradict one another … in any number of significant places.

One religion teaches love – loving even one’s enemies; the other teaches their followers to kill . . .   one teaches to value truth; the other justifies lying.

Lying is not a part of loving, no matter how you spin it!

Is there hope?

In one way, yes. In another, NO.

Problem is, the “nice Muslims” are always vulnerable to conversion to radical Islamic violent Jihad.

Once they find the truth and read about the violence they’re taught in their Qur’an, they’re a danger to everyone, even other “nice Muslims“.

Thusly, one would think becoming aware of all this would alert them to the fact that their religion is false – – – that a good God teaches love and telling the truth.

From the beginning, Islam has allowed slavery and abuse while Christianity moved its followers toward Freedom and Equality!

Having read a number of specific Suras (chapters) of the Qur’an, I can direct you to this link so you can begin to fact-check it all yourself.  The truth will set you free.


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Why EVERYONE Should Believe the Quran!

. . . at least you should believe this one particular part of it.

Why do I say that?  It’s very simple.

Koran   Because the Quran itself instructs you not to believe it —

What?  Really?

Yea; it actually does.

Hard to believe, but to be straightforward, “Logic” is not a strong suit of most Muslims.

Watch this short video . . . in the 2nd example given, the Quran proves itself FALSE.

By the way, for your own safety, you should also know that followers of Islam are required to offer you a chance to convert . . . before they kill you.


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Most Communists masquerade as Socialists, but not all.  No; I’m not accusing Bernie of being a “Commie”.  i am accusing Van Jones, though — well, he admits it himself.

America has been dummed-down so badly, our history has become so obtuse, few Bernie supporters could explain what Socialism really is.  Nor do they understand what Communism is.  They don’t get why American firms and the wealthy would exit the U.S. “en mass” bankrupting America if Bernie actually were elected.

Nor do most Americans know what “Useful Idiots” are, but Van Jones certainly does!  He manipulates them; and yes; that includes Bernie Supporters.

Socialism and Communism are the antithesis of what freedom-loving patriotic Americans are – why the “America Dream” exists.

Van JonesOne Ivy-League-educated lawyer (after his graduation from Univ. of Tennessee), Van Jones, is now a regular commentator on CNN.  He doesn’t hide that he is a card-carrying member of the Communist Party.  Yes; CNN has to know, yet they obviously don’t care!

He first gained national notoriety when he served as President Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs (“Green Czar”) — until he was fired at midnight once his Communist Party membership was exposed.

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Jones

“In October 2005 Jones said he was “a rowdy nationalist on April 28th”[11] before the King verdict was announced, but that by August of that year (1992) he was a communist.[11] His activism was also spurred on by witnessing racial inequality in New Haven, Connecticut: “I was seeing kids at Yale do drugs and talk about it openly, and have nothing happen to them or, if anything, get sent to rehab…And then I was seeing kids three blocks away, in the housing projects, doing the same drugs, in smaller amounts, go to prison.”[9]

When he graduated from law school, Jones gave up plans to take a job in Washington, D.C., and moved to San Francisco instead.[11] He became a member of a “socialist collective” called Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM) that protested against police brutality.[11][15]”

It’s no surprise that leftists consistently side with Islamists, and against Israel; it’s more than “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”; rather, it’s total disdain for our basic “Freedom”.

Quoting Netanyahu, “To understand the true dangers of Islamic militancy, we can compare it to another ideology which sought world domination – Communism.”           (page xviii) of “Fighting Terrorism“.  He goes on to point out that “Islamic militants pursue world dominance with no apparent regard for human life, neither their own, nor their enemies and that this highly pathological aspect (suicidal-true-believers), is what makes them even more dangerous than Communists.

I’d add the following addendum to that:

With Communists within (like Van Jones) and other global Marxists facilitating Islamic Jihad, Muslims become no less that a proxy force which the Communists will not hesitate to facilitate to use against us.

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Angry parents, presented with the graphic evidence, resent having to explain to their children why they too, do not publically stand against abortion.

Deep down in their psyche, are they only hiding their complacency?  Or is it just too painful?

CS02-232x300 (2)  After all, by the age of 45 … 1 in every 3 American women, have already violently aborted an innocent baby!  Though the regret comes later,  have they not seen?  The proof  is intentionally hidden and lied about, after all – – – why?

Here is even more evidence of their violence and that Carly was right.

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We’ve all heard President Obama’s claims about Islam’s great contributions to our society’s culture. His train of thought is no surprise – he was raised a Muslim.

Almost a century and a half ago, America, seeking righteousness, put itself through a horrible, devastating war with losses approaching 750,000 – ridding itself of slavery, yet Islam, since its inception, has practiced the scourge of slavery . . . still does, and probably always will until it is finally removed from the globe.

America, the new nation, that fired “the-shot-heard-round-the-world” eradicated slavery at home, seeking God’s will – FREEDOM for mankind.

Islam has not; they still take slaves – – – women are treated no better.

Cutting to the quick, admittedly, Islam is not the cause; Islam is instead – a symptom of evil – a corrupt political system of governance (Sharia law), which, though ratified in its supposedly ‘holy book’ – is a wholly FALSE RELIGION.




Please note the links below …


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When I find myself angry at them again, friends often tell me “forget it; they’ll get their comeuppance; they’ll burn in hell.”

But what’s inside me, though I know the judgment belongs to the Lord, still, the rage, the grief  I feel, I cannot seem to control.

It continues to return though I pray that at least the rage goes away . . . it’s only gone for a little while though . . . so I decided to write about it again today, praying that someone will be moved, besides, writing is cathartic.

Those who’re doing this violence to our most innocent … America’s “preborns” — those who’ve seen the baby parts, the arms, hands, and legs . . . and those who have even heard the screams … I want them prosecuted now!

Many have seen the blood and no one can convince me they don’t know.  If they’ve a conscious, any employee who’s seen, should have walked away, long ago.  Those still there, they’ve evolved way beyond just being “cold.”  Staying, has just further “hardened” their hearts.

They need significant jail time!  I grieve too often, too deeply, to not want the discussion to begin, now . . . so these employees know . . .  so they have to think about it and face the possibility of being in prison.

Who knows?   Maybe such a discussion may cause some who’ve not quite yet grown so  callous, to walk away and maybe they’ll expose even more … for there is a great unseen evil operating there, one that Ephesians 5: 11 tells us we must expose.

Or maybe, just maybe they’re way beyond rehabilitation! 51iegWnWPZL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

I suspect that’s the case and we’d all be better off if they did not freely walk among us.

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Reblogged from ACLJ

O to have a President who gets it! Just as the news is reporting that another former GITMO detainee has rejoined his jihadist colleagues to battle the good guys, the President of the United States vows to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (a.k.a. GITMO). Mr. Obama continues to assert, among other things, that continuing to operate GITMO “weakens our national security by furthering the recruiting propaganda of violent extremists.” What rubbish!

It bears pointing out again that radical Islamic jihadists had the U.S. in their sights well before GITMO was ever even conceived of by the Bush Administration. Remember, the attacks on our embassies in East Africa, our forces in Saudi Arabia, our destroyer in Yemen, the Twin Towers in NYC, and the Pentagon in northern Virginia all occurred before there was any GITMO to serve as an alleged recruitment tool for jihadists. There were jihadists aplenty well before GITMO was established, and I dare say that radical Muslim jihadists have more important contrived grievances in their heads than to fret over the fact that we have detained a few hundred odd jihadists at GITMO.

Let’s also keep in mind that under the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), enemy fighters we capture on the battlefield may be held until the war is over. We don’t owe them lawyers, notification of charges, trials, or anything similar. Under the LOAC, they are in preventive detention, not punitive detention. In other words, they are being detained to prevent them from returning to the battlefield, not to punish them for any alleged wrongdoing. Could we try some of them? Sure! We can always put on trial those who have violated the LOAC, but it’s our choice—both whether to do so and, if we do, as to timing. They only get access to lawyers, charge sheets, and other formalities if, and only if, we decide to try them. Despite incessant whining from those on the Left and some of our allies, detainees at GITMO are being well cared for. And, let’s not forget, the detainees at GITMO are being treated far better than they would treat Americans in their custody, if the shoe were on the other foot.

Now, let’s look at Mr. Obama’s plan to close GITMO. First, trying to make oneself look good in the eyes of future historians is never a sufficient reason to risk national security. Second, as already noted, closing GITMO will have zero – ZERO – impact on recruitment of radical jihadists. Radical jihadists already consider the United States to be the root of all evil. Third, what closing GITMO will actually do is require that the most dangerous detainees be moved from Cuba to the United States mainland—in clear violation of U.S. law. Admittedly, violating U.S. law seems to be no impediment to this Administration, so I don’t hold out much hope that such an argument will forestall the President’s hand for long. Fourth, and perhaps more important, placing such detainees in U.S. penitentiaries may well violate the LOAC, since the detainees have not been tried and convicted of any crimes. Under the LOAC, such persons are to be held in separate installations under military control, not with common criminals as would be the case in U.S. penitentiaries.
I can also foresee the ACLU and similar leftist groups having a field day over the injustice of incarcerating “those poor, misunderstood fellas” in the United States. In my view, such groups don’t always have America’s best interests at heart.

Hence, now is the time to contact both of your Senators and your Representative and urge them to do the right thing by opposing President Obama’s proposal to Congress. No to closing GITMO! No to bringing the worst of the worst radical Islamist detainees at GITMO to the U.S. mainland!

Stand tall and be counted!

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Nothing new, but new evidence of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in a horrific sexual abuse case involving a 12-year-old California girl is coming to light.

Pro-life researcher and writer Carole Novielli discovered court documents from the California case in October 2015, showing that a pedophile used the abortion business to cover up his sexual abuse of his girlfriend’s young daughter. Grey David Woods began sexually assaulting the 12-year-old girl in 2007 after he moved in with her mother, according to the court document. The girl’s own mother ignored and later participated in the sexual abuse of her young daughter, the records indicate.

In the fall of 2010, the now 15-year-old victim learned that she was pregnant. Woods and the victim’s mother told her to get an abortion. So, according to the document, in mid-January 2011, the mother drove the teen to a California Planned Parenthood facility to undergo an abortion procedure. The victim was in her second trimester, requiring a two-day procedure.

To cover for her pedophile boyfriend, the victim’s mother told the staff at Planned Parenthood that an unnamed boy had gotten the teen pregnant. Apparently, that was all Planned Parenthood needed to hear, because, according to the document, they performed the procedure. The victim did not tell the truth about what had happened because she was concerned that she would get in trouble, and/or that her mother would get in trouble. Less than two weeks after the victim had the abortion, Woods resumed having sex with her.

After several more months of abuse, in January of 2012, the victim called the police on Woods because he became violent towards her and her mother. Tragically, she did not tell police about the sexual abuse for fear she would get taken away from her mother. Shortly after this incident, the victim went to Virginia to live with a friend. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 when police were alerted to the sexual abuse, almost two years after the child’s abortion at Planned Parenthood.

Authorities discovered Woods’ crimes in 2012 after his new girlfriend discovered pornographic photos that he had taken of the girl on his computer and reported him to police. A jury later convicted him on 16 counts of sexual abuse of the young girl and possession of child pornography; and he was sentenced to life in prison without parole, according to the report.

The girl’s mother also pled guilty to committing lewd acts with a minor, felony child abuse and felony accessory, the report states.

Abortion businesses including Planned Parenthood have been caught numerous times conveniently ignoring signs of sexual abuse or covering up the abuse. In March 2015, Life Dynamics wrote for LifeNews.com about another California man who sexually abused two of his daughters and took the younger one to Planned Parenthood for two abortions in 2010. Court documents indicated that the abortion facility did not report the suspected abuse of the 13-year-old girl to authorities. The girl said she did not tell clinic staff that her father had impregnated her, but instead made up a story about having a boyfriend her own age.

According to Life Dynamics, which studies the issue, it is almost universally accepted that sexual predators who target children almost never stop on their own. Instead, they continue until they are stopped by someone else. Abortion facilities often perpetuate the problem when they fail to ask questions or report suspected abuse.

The Life Dynamics criminal cases summaries where Planned Parenthood failed to report sexual abuse include a young girl who was raped for an additional 1 ½ years after her 44-year-old abuser took her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. In another case, a kidnap victim was taken to Planned Parenthood after her abuser sexually assaulted her at the age of 15.

In 2014, Indiana abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer also was caught failing to report two termination of pregnancy reports on time for 13-year-old girls — which likely put the girls at further risk because state officials were unable to follow up on the rapes in a timely manner.

The state charged Klopfer with not following Indiana state law, which requires that notice of abortions to girls under age 14 be filed within three days with the Indiana Department of Health and Child Protective Services. However, the charges were dismissed earlier in December because he had completed a “pretrial diversion program,” LifeNews previously reported.

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uncle Sam's HatIn only one month, November 2016, our debt increased 2/3rds of another trillion dollars!

How long will the people of the U.S. allow this to go on?  That’s NOT a rhetorical question!  The people with their heads in the sand don’t seem to give a damn . . . they will!

A Communist couldn’t have done it (bring down the U.S.) any quicker, any better!

Or is it that he is a Commie?  He appointed Van Jones after all, who admitted to being a card-carrying Communist; then there’s Frank Marshall – his ‘mentor’ in his youth … plus, there is “The Little Red Schoolhouse” where Obama’s radical mom was sent to school by her parents … hmmmm.  Get it yet?

Our forefathers warned us about Debt – that it was even more dangerous than foreign, enemy, armies

But this TRAITOROUS (possibly a Manchurian Candidate) president, appealing to the gullible, has arranged both!  And now, he’s bringing more of the same (secreted in the thousands of Syrian refugee populations)!

On top of that . . . what about the fact that he’s purged our military of its obvious patriots?



(will we make it to the next election?)
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What kind of insanity would make ‘radical Muslims’ believe that killing others, would bring them 72 virgins?

The leader of the terrorists in Paris and other places are not all what they are purported to be … not “religiously pure” by any stretch of the imagination – drinking heavily, using drugs, abusing women, even prostitutes etc.

In light of “Occam’s Razor(Definition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions, should be selected.), I came to the conclusion that the key had to be something obvious — “we couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”

Numerous unpopular studies over the years provide a rational conclusion.

IhmaelIt goes back 14 centuries to the prophet Muhammad, but the schism and hate began centuries before, with Isaac and Ishmael, a curse that can be read of in Genesis 16.

And the Angel of the LORD said to her (Hagar): “Behold, you are with child, and you shall bear a son.  You shall call his name Ishmael. … he shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

The hate began there, but the resulting “insanity” was facilitated by Muhammad when he sanctioned inbreeding, 1400 years ago. While inbreeding was prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, 50 generations later, nearly half of all the Muslims in the world are said to be inbred.

Nicholai Sennels, a Danish psychologist has done extensive research into this little-acknowledged problem of the Muslim communities: the disastrous results of Muslim inbreeding brought about by marrying of first-cousins. He also examines the relevant links to terrorism — which, strongly suggests it is the outcome of this pervasive mental disorder.

Historically, inbreeding has resulted in a high incidence of genetic and mental disorders.  Pakistanis in Great Britain, are only 3% of the population, yet they make up 33% of birth defects of infants — 55% of this group are married to first cousins.

Among Muslims, these problems manifest themselves ten times more often than the rest of the world’s population. Studies in Britain, of Pakistanis are considered politically incorrect … and pointing to them is considered bigotry … but they should be considered objectively.

Still skeptical? Try searching the web for – “Inbreeding in the Muslim Culture”.  This same phenomena also exists in other communities as well – Appalachia, the history of Europe’s royal families, and the Egyptian dynasties; they all exhibited many of the same effects.

This, is sure to be perceived as inflammatory, yet it seems to account for the world’s terrorism.  It also seems unlikely to go away in the Muslim’s world since Muhammad is their ultimate authority on all matters, especially on marriage.  If true, inbreeding may well have done irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool.

The question now is: “what do we do with this information?”

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Here’s the story on one of the Paris terrorists (the brother of the recently-captured Paris terrorist-attack “mastermind” who, apparently … he was a pothead.

Does that fit into Islam … do you really need to ask?


The former wife of Paris bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam has broken her silence to say he was a jobless layabout who smoked cannabis ‘all day every day’ … that he never went to the mosque and had spent time in prison.

As his brother escaped, Ibrahim, 31, blew himself up outside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe during Friday’s terrorist massacre in Paris, injuring three people, but killing only himself.

In an exclusive interview his wife Niama told how during their ill-fated two-year marriage the trained electrician did just one day of work, often smoking three or four joints a day.

Speaking from her home in Moleenbeek, Brussels, Niama, 36, said: ‘His favourite activities were smoking weed and sleeping. He often slept during the day. The number of joints that he smoked was alarming.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3322385/Ex-wife-Comptoir-Voltaire-caf-bomber-reveals-jobless-layabout-spent-day-bed-smoking-pot-French-say-blew-mistake-fiddling-suicide-vest.html#ixzz3rsMiPfjB

And, just in case you’re interested, here’s the new study just out from the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency that links pot use with psychotic behavior.

mental_patients_1aConclusion: “Young men who engage in chronic marijuana use from adolescence into their 20s are at increased risk for exhibiting psychopathic features, dealing drugs, and enduring drug-related legal problems in their mid-30s relative to men who remain abstinent or use infrequently.”

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not so white housePresident Obama claimed to believe marriage was between a man and a woman until late in 2012.

President Obama’s promotion of the LGBT agenda has earned him the title of “Ally of the Year” by Out Magazine — the first U.S. president to appear on the cover of an LGBT magazine, but that’s not all …

Obama has also not been above stretching the rule of law to accomplish his goals for LGBT activists, including threatening to withhold funding from schools that don’t let transgender teenagers (and pedophiles) use facilities designed for the opposite sex.

Avoiding mentioning how his actions impact our children, “[t]his president and his administration have ushered extraordinary change into the lives of LGBT Americans,” wrote “Out” reporter Aaron Hicklin.

Obama: “When I ran for president the first time, I publicly asked for the support of the LGBT community, and promised that we could bring about real change for LGBT Americans.”

He’s done that.  Was that what you wanted?

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ParisA line in a Jackson Browne song stated “and everywhere the good prepare for … perpetual war.”

Obviously, he’s been paying attention …

That’s in deference to those focused on their own hedonism, ignoring suffering, as it increases around the world.

Although the writing has literally been on the wall … in blood, for the past decade and a half, why is it that Europeans, continue to be so taken aback every time a new terror attack occurs nearby, as if each one were the first?

EU leaders and the Pope all expressed their condolences — and “deep shock” — at the well-coordinated, terror attacks across Paris, which claimed 130 lives and wounded 350.

Americans don’t appear to be as shocked . . .

The most deadly assault, at the Bataclon’s rock concert, witnesses, reported the suicidal terrorists were heard yelling, “Allahu Akbar” and “this is for Syria” as they murdered the attendees.

The French had no reason to think violence would ever come to their part of the world?

… a few short months ago … 3 Americans on board a train – servicemen who, upon hearing gunfire, ran “toward the danger, instead of away.”

What’s the difference?

Also dismissed were the:

  • recent ‘downing’ of the Russian airliner with 240 dead
  • the invasion of the Ukraine
  • The bomb in Beiruit
  • Last January’s Charlie Hebdo attack
  • The recent rise of anti-Semitism – the attack on a Paris Jewish deli
  • 9/11
  • the 2004 Madrid train bombings, which killed nearly 200 and wounded 2000,
  • the 2005 attacks on London’s transit system where 56 people were killed and 700 wounded.
  • The beheading, in broad daylight, in the streets of London

World leaders have no conceivable excuse left to be shocked and surprised at mass terrorism occurring . . . and the people?  What’s their excuse?

America’s FBI have over 900 active investigations, in every state, … investigations of jihadists that have returned to the U.S. . . .

ISIS threatened Europe with an influx of 500,000 migrants, which would include ISIS operatives intentionally hiding among them. The obvious intent was to, in time, create chaos on the continent. That time has come; there should be no surprise there.

The world expected the U.S. to protect them from ISIS … they did until the cowardly Obama …  Now, the world teeters on the brink of war …

Like appeasement in the 1930’s, the terrorist attacks in Paris are the direct and deplorable result of political cowardice and inertia. Politicians are unable or unwilling to name the problems by their rightful name – is it just denial, or is there another malevolent undercurrent?

The current generation of political leaders has exhibited an irresponsibility and lack of leadership that is almost infantile by allowing unchecked Muslim immigration into Europe, with its free, open borders.

Obama and our other traitorous leaders refuse to close our borders … they’re already bringing these ‘so-called refugees’ into the U.S.

What’s next?

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Hillary Rodham Clinton will be on stage again Saturday night; forget those alongside her and laugh at the gullible supporters.  Question is: “Will she get “tough questions” or just more marshmallows?”

I’ve Re-written / Re-phrased some questions [from an article (link below)] … originally by Monica Crowley.

What if … a leftist msm broke ranks and actually became a real journalist for a night and asked her tough questions …

I know it won’t happen, but given she is largely running on her “experience” as secretary of state, Monica Crowley of Fox News has a few suggestions.

These, would get the party started Saturday night.  Imagine if her supporters actually had to think, for once!

Mrs. Clinton ought not be allowed to be the Democratic nominee, never mind president of the United States, without answering them truthfully!

There are other questions but these ought to “whet the whistle-blowing” of her most skeptical supporters . . .

  1. What made Mr. Blumenthal so valuable to you that you were willing to defy Mr. Obama’s specific wishes?  Mr. Obama pointedly denied your request to hire your longtime political hatchet man, Sidney Blumenthal, in an official capacity in the State Department.  You hired him anyway via the Clinton Foundation.
  2. Did Mr. Blumenthal have any business interests associated with Blue Mountain Group?  Why was the group hired to provide security for the CIA annex, the February 17th militia, axed shortly before the attack and replaced with a company, Blue Mountain Group, which had no employees?
  3. Did Mr. Blumenthal have clearance to receive any of the emails in question?  Many of your private emails show exchanges between you, your team and Mr. Blumenthal concerning highly sensitive national security issues, including Libya . . .
  4. Were you running your own rogue intelligence operation via Mr. Blumenthal?  What was its purpose? 
  5. Did you ever secure permission to set up your private server and email scheme?  If so, from whom?  Did President Obama know about it and approve?  Who, if anyone, warned you against it?  Specifically, did anyone from the State Department information technology team warn you against it?  If so, whom?
  6. On the night of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, you spoke with the president at approximately 10 p.m. Eastern Time.  What did you tell him about the nature of the attack, and what did he tell you?
  7. Several days later, the White House needed a top administration official to appear on the Sunday morning shows to discuss the attack, argue that it was spontaneous and fix blame on the video.  You were asked to appear, but you declined.  Why? 

Read Monica’s article here: http://politicalmavens.com/index.php/2015/11/13/some-pointed-questions-for-hillary-clinton/

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untitled (8)Google, the search engine giant, just donated $2.35 million to the radical leftist group “Black Lives Matter”.  They’re also putting a half a million dollars into developing an app to assist reporting police.  That may not bother you; it does me!

You remember these radicals . . . you heard their chants at their protest in Minnesota – “Pigs in a Blanket; Fry ‘em Like Bacon!”  Plus, alternately … “What Do We Want?” followed by “Dead Cops” and another – “When Do We Want em (dead)?” followed by  “NOW”.

Not exactly your most patriotic Americans!


I’m sick and tired of leftist activist businesses promoting Communism as they’re using Capitalism — invading our privacy, fomenting revolution around the world and their at-home-and-abroad anti-Americanism activities.  I wonder how they’d do living under the Muslim Brotherhood?!?  Or even under Put in . . .

Not that it’ll make a difference but I’m no longer using Google; if enough people boycott the website … maybe it could  . . .  Bing works, along with a plethora of others.

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Here’s the heartland’s common sense … as compared to the left coast’s lack of it.

drug testing

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student protest

student protest

As usual, of course, you won’t see this, on the liberal mainstream media. 


The officer is not racist . . . the students know it —

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From Below:  “I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a fu**ing cocker spaniel,”

You can take any “issue” there is and use it as an example how the entire world is “in crisis” … For now though, let’s look quickly at the new “issue” – transgendered women – Katlin Jenner, for example …

GermaineGreerAcross the pond, activist / leftist women are now outraged by Feminine Icon, Germaine Greer because she speaks truth – – – and  Truth … it doesn’t set well, with leftists trying to rally their followers.

Greer’s comments recently provoked a backlash, she responded in a strongly worded statement, saying that simply because a man gets his genitals removed and wears a dress doesn’t make him a woman.

“I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a fu**ing cocker spaniel,” she said.

Now, in our children’s schools and throughout society … pedophiles can now begin to use the washrooms they choose to claim they “identify with” – parents are rising up to say “NO!”, all across the nation.

Bruce / Katlin had something driving him from the beginning. Few saw it as unhealthy but people are now beginning to wonder …  Eunuch or Transgender … which is it?

Read the rest of the story

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That’s what it’s all about … after 3 years of stonewalling and lies . . . they’re still after the truth …

At least watch this video; this video shows her arrogance; it’s painfully obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense that she is not only arrogant, believing she is above the law but she is abusive to those around her …

Hillary told the truth … to her daughter, that night, but then lied to the rest of America.

She went so far as to jail a man who was innocent.  She and her leftist cohorts refused protection to the 4 dead in Benghazi (not Ohio); she looked the other way, then buried the truth.

benghazi-hillaryTrust me.  You like Bill?  He’d be better off without her and she deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison; you think Bill would care?  I don’t . . .

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Voter Fraud – 2015

Remember folks; we are up against “Principalities and Powers” … steady hands; stand strong; armor up!  We know these demons and they cower @ the truth.

Racist Hillary Clinton claiming it’s Jim Crow … (remember also, her comment about Maggie Sanger) … she says “Republicans are dismantling the progress of the civil rights movement by requiring picture ID”, yet look at the statistics below, from the last presidential election!


VOTER FRAUD – (from Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_the_Vote )

2010 election cycle[edit]

In August 2010, Harris County Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez told ABC news (Houston affiliate KTRK), “We have evidence indicating violations of the Texas election code, falsified documents being submitted to this governmental office and possibly violations of federal election laws.” His office’s investigation found 1,597 instances of multiple applications for the same voter, 1,014 applications for folks already registered to vote, 325 for teenagers who are too young to register and 25 from folks who admitted on the application they are not even US citizens. Vasquez said the applications were all gathered by paid deputies with the group Houston Votes.[clarification needed] Of the 25,000 applications the group filed in the last three months (June, July, August 2010), only 7,193 were actually for new voters.[15]

How bad will it be this next election? Just ask Catherine Engelbrecht of “Truethevote.org” – you know … the lady who not only saw this coming but tried (in vein) to organize against it. She was harassed by Lois Lerner, OSHA, IRS, and other evil arms of the Obama Administration.

NOTE: there were multiple violations but … Obama won ….. and we must require photo ID.

Remember folks; we are up against “Principalities and Powers” … steady hands; stand strong; armor up!


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Please watch this short video … judge for yourself what this profound, non-responsive silence means.

. . . . does not the threat of another “holocaust” mean anything to you?  

Iran … the world’s most terrorist-supporting nation … the nation Obama is OK-ing them to have NUKES … and they promise the world another holocaust …


And our tax money meanwhile, given to Palestinians, Hamas, Iran and their other proxies, is supporting all this, as Russia moves on the oil-wealthy middle east!

America would do well to remember Genesis 12:3!!!!!

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Israeli orphanIsrael is bleeding.  A Palestinian terror wave continues.

The boy in the picture is named Nathan.

He saw his father stabbed to death in Jerusalem, while they were on their way to the Western Wall to pray.  

His mother cannot comfort him. She lies in her hospital bed, severely wounded.

What would you tell Nathan?  While Israel bleeds, why is the world silent?   What would you tell Obama ? ? ?   He … wants to give these terrorists nukes …

—–> Demand action against Palestinian terror. Add your name at IsraelIsUnderAttack.com

The Israel Project

11 hrs · Edited ·

—–> Demand action against Palestinian terror. Add your name at IsraelIsUnderAttack.com

story: goo.gl/htk7Fa
photo: Ziv Koren www.zivkoren.com

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This was Benghazi but as things break down, .... it's soon to be America.

This was Benghazi but as things break down, …. it’s soon to be America.

A few days ago a top law enforcement official finally confirmed that Islamic terrorists have infiltrated the United States through Mexico, a story that Judicial Watch broke last year as part of an ongoing series involving the dangerously porous southern border.

Last October JW reported that four members of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), who entered the U.S. through the Mexican border, were arrested in McAllen and Pharr Texas. Then, over the summer, JW reported that Mexican drug cartels are smuggling foreigners from countries with terrorist links into a small Texas rural town near El Paso and they’re using remote farm roads—rather than interstates—to elude the Border Patrol and other law enforcement barriers. The information comes from sources on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. border who say the Special Interest Aliens (SIA) are being transported to stash areas in Acala, a rural crossroads located around 54 miles from El Paso on a state road – Highway 20.

Prior to that JW published a series of investigative articles citing high-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources certifying that Islamic terrorist groups are operating in at least two Mexican border towns. In August, 2014 ISIS planned to attack the U.S. with car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) from a camp in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies were all placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning the terrorist threat.

This past spring JW sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police inspector disclosed that ISIS is actually operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso. The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Another ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez, in Puerto Palomas, targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming for easy access to the United States, the same knowledgeable sources told JW.

For the most part, government officials have refused to go on the record about these serious terrorist threats and in fact many have outright denied they exist or have tried silencing sources. For instance, a congressman (Beto O’Rourke) who represents El Paso in the U.S. House of Representatives telephoned area offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) in an effort to identify—and evidently intimidate—sources that may have been used by JW to break the ISIS in Juarez story.

This makes it refreshing to hear a high-level government official confirm what JW has been reporting for more than a year. During a visit to Laredo a few days ago the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), Steven McCraw, answered a question from a member of the public who asked if any suspected ISIS terrorists had ever been apprehended on the Mexican border. A local news outlet published McCraw’s answer: “Individuals that come across the Texas/Mexican border from countries with a known terrorism presence and the answer to that is yes. We have individuals that we’ve needed to debrief in Pashto/Dari. Not a lot of Pashto and Dari speakers around. But you can’t think about the last attack; you have to think of the next attack and where our vulnerabilities are. So, we’re concerned about that.”

Before becoming DPS director in 2009 McCraw was an FBI special agent in several large U.S. cities as well as a DPS narcotics agent and a Texas state trooper.


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‘Gun Free Zone’ – EPIC FAIL

Regarding the senseless slaughter at Lane County Oregon’s UCC, did you notice that Obama didn’t seem to make too big of a deal over Christians being picked out and slaughtered?

You think his response might have been the same if it were Muslim kids  targeted?

My thoughts follow:

  • If there had been a good guy with a gun in class, this may have turned out differently.
  • UCC: “how’d your “gun free zone” rule work out for you?  You didn’t understand nor value self-defense, the Second Amendment much less the lives of the students.
  • I think places like UCC should no longer be left off the litigious hook. By their bad choices, they’ve exhibited they’re culpable; they could have prevented this ….  They chose political correctness over common sense and now should pay … heavily.  A precedent should be set. Why not start with UCC?

It’s simple: Gun Free Zones are target-rich environments.

Next time a killer asks you, “Are you a Christian?”, and he’s exhibited this same intent … feel free to kill him, for all of us.

Why was it only one hero fought back?

Long live the right to keep and bear arms; boycott businesses that are “Gun-Free Zones” but before you walk out … tell them so.

Want the truth about gun violence? Click Here …

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Here, a Quebec Mayor explains why he refuses to comply to the demands of the Muslim population in his community … refusing to remove pork from schools’ menues.

Muslim parents had demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb.

The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval, has refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why…

“Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.

“They must understand WHY NOT that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec.

“They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so generously welcomed them.

“They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic, they accepted many immigrants before Muslims (whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants).

“That no more than other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity, their culture.

“And if Canada is a land of welcome, it’s not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.

“Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain.

The municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.

“For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Shariah.

“If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere.

“Ask yourself the question, just once, “Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?” “A canteen with pork is part of the answer.”



(Remember; Obama vowed to fundamentally transform America; in spite of that, evidently, common sense still exists . . . . in Canada.)

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1984 – beginning?

telescreenOrwell’s 1984 is not ‘beginning‘; it’s well under way!

It’s not exactly news that the media is there to help Obama.  It’s not even news that the White House feeds talking points to the media.  It just doesn’t usually do so at press conferences … while saying, “Print this.”

So now we’ve hit a new low in the pathetic disgusting relationship between Obama and his traitorous, media lapdogs.

During his press conference on the UCC school shooting in southern Oregon, Obama actually told the media what to print.  And of course, he didn’t ask them to compare how gun control measures actually fail to work in his own city of Chicago!  Nor point out what recently occurred in Baltimore, in Ferguson … or in any other liberal controlled big city . . .

Cherry picking what to have our traitorous media publish … it’s all part of CONTROL vs Freedom.

“And, of course, what’s also routine is that somebody, somewhere will comment and say, Obama politicized this issue. Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic. I would ask news organizations — because I won’t put these facts forward — have news organizations tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence, and post those side-by-side on your news reports. This won’t be information coming from me; it will be coming from you.”

Except that it is coming from “me” … meaning the “if you like your doctor …” president.

Still surely the media had too much dignity and self-respect to actually start running stories based on what the Beloved Leader told them to print. Well maybe the media in some other country might. The media here got in their human centipede positions and started running the propaganda they were told to run.

Because we have the most anti-freedom media ever. Examples below:

NBC – Number of Americans Killed by Gun Violence Vs. Terrorism Shows Stark Contrast

New York Times – Terrorism vs. Gun Violence

Vox – Deaths from gun violence vs. deaths from terrorism

ABC – Gun violence and terrorism in the US: Barack Obama wants you to see this chart

NBC – Slavery is Freedom

New York Times – War is Peace

ABC – Barack Obama wants you to know that Lies are Truth

This is real progress. Any day now the media will stop pretending that it’s a news organization and just print straight White House press releases. And then we can finally begin the task of building an independent free press … which is what you’re reading now . . . . . .

For now we have the same media as Russia, China or North Korea but it occasionally allows lone dissenting voices, before ruthlessly silencing them, but you’d know that if you followed history … there are plenty of other examples, close-by … in our hemisphere.  Do I need to list them? Just look at Cuba and all the other left-leaning governments …

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For those who give a damn … TREASON IS AFOOT!

From below … The report also said the Obama administration lacked a strategy to identify all who try to return to commit terror attacks.

So far … at least those that we know ofanyway … the Obama administration has failed to stop more than 250 Americans who have traveled to join ISIS.

That’s, according to a congressional study.  That also ignores those who’ve slipped into the country via our porous southern border – – – intentionally left that way … to enable what … only the importation of drugs?

What does that say to patriots … old enough to remember the Rosenbergs?  What does it say to those who remember Obama’s fairly recent open-mike comment to Putin?

Republicans and Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee conducted an extensive six-month review to assess the severity of the threat from those leaving home to join jihadist groups and to identify potential security gaps …

“It is clear that our nation faces a grave and growing threat from foreign fighters,” Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said in a statement.  “Sadly, global efforts have failed to stop the flow of these aspiring jihadists into Syria, and we have already seen ‘returnees’ from the conflict zone come home to America and Europe and plot acts of terror.  Even more, those still on the battlefield are radicalizing their peers online and inciting them to launch homegrown attacks.”

The final report shows that of the hundreds of Americans who have attempted to travel to Syria and Iraq, only a fraction were stopped from doing so.

The report also said the Obama administration lacked a strategy to identify all who try to return to commit terror attacks, saying: “Several dozen have also managed to make it back into America.” It noted that several people were identified and arrested this year trying to return to the United States.

Said Democratic Lead Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-CA:

“The Task Force’s report was done in a bipartisan manner and provides bipartisan proposals. These are real threats, requiring real solutions and commitments. Moving forward, it is critical that we continue to tackle this problem together in order to facilitate action and progress.”

It seems to me that there should be a “qualifier” attached to the above statement … (forgive my cynicism) a phrase which says something like:

“at least for those who ‘give a damn!”

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Watch the hearings live and understand that it’s the Democrats who fund abortion, along with a number of (Renos) … all the while screaming “War on Women“.  Democrats – and Republicans In Name Only — Hypocrites and liars … first, doing harm!

The nation is and has been controlled for decades . . . by the LIBERAL COALITION of Democrats and Rinos.  You agree the nation’s gone the wrong direction?  Blame the liberals.  Inner cities have problems?  It’s no coincidence that they too have been run by liberals.

Why is Planned Parenthood’s health care needed when Obamacare exists?   1/2 a billion dollars a year to as corrupt and evil an organization that rivals the Third Reich!  57 million dead babies and counting . . . . with our money.

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There’s a brand new firestorm brewing in D.C. but will this story ever reach the public via the traitorous mainstream media?  Of course, I sincerely doubt it, but what do you think?

cj_0C.J. Pearson, a young conservative teen has gotten under the president’s ultra-thin skin . . . the only problem is . . . what really bothers the president is that C.J. is black and he didn’t fall at the feet of … and worship the president …

So what’d Obama do? Well, he couldn’t call C.J. a racist, so he censored him!  The story follows … but it came from here: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/potus-blocks-young-black-conservative-twitter

@POTUS Blocks Young Black Conservative on Twitter

“The leader of the free world doesn’t stifle free speech — or at least, that’s what I thought.”

CJ Pearson, the young teenager whose video rants against President Obama have made him quite popular among conservatives, revealed that his Twitter account was blocked by the official @POTUS account on Wednesday.

He captured the following screenshot:

Then he released this video, in which he explains he was blocked immediately after posting to Obama’s official Twitter page, asking for a meeting to “talk about the issues that matter.”  He also claims the White House is denying this ever happened.

CJ said, “I was completely shocked to see that I was blocked, because the leader of the free world doesn’t block American citizens. The leader of the free world doesn’t stifle free speech — or at least, that’s what I thought.”

“I stand by the screenshot,” CJ added.

This is a curious turn of events as CJ’s posts are almost now guaranteed to go viral.

Recently, CJ railed against Obama for inviting a Muslim teenager to the White House after he was wrongly accused of bringing a bomb to school that turned out to be a disassembled clock, but not extending the same courtesy to the family of Katie Steinle or to the families of slain police officers.

Earlier this year, CJ was banned from Facebook after an anti-Obama rant.  And though it seems he came to the fight prepared to face harsh reaction from the left, it is abundantly clear that the young man never expected to be blocked by his president.

There’s more … check out the story . . . or maybe you expect Barach to bring it up?

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(taken long before the recent Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal).   My only comments regarding this following article are in red text:

At Least … It’s NOT ‘Soilet Green’ – – – ‘with the sick, evil aspect of the liberal pro-abortion community, I take little solace that they weren’t able to mix baby parts into our diets.’ Yes; you guessed it; I’m thoroughly disgusted and want these people in prison!


~ ~ ~    ~ ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

With the recent release of the videos from the Center for Medical Progress, there has been a curiosity about where aborted baby remains end up that are not sold to biotech firms.  While abortion clinics’ disposal practices vary from place to place, these photos show the stark reality of the carnage that takes place in just a few days at high-volume abortion clinics.

San Diego, CA – It was 1998. The largest abortion clinic in the San Diego area at that time was the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in La Mesa, California.

Abortionist James Long worked for FPA conducting about 200 abortions each and every week at the high volume facility located on the second floor of a very large medical complex.  As a former sidewalk counselor at that facility, I often wondered what happened to the babies aborted there. Then one day, I got the answer.

Tim Wilson, a long-time pro-life activist in Southern California, had wondered the same thing.  He tracked down the pathology lab where all the aborted baby remains were sent. He noticed that the pathology lab had plenty of windows, so he thought he’d take a closer look.  Through those windows, Tim took photographs of hundreds of translucent plastic containers, each one holding the visible remains of aborted babies.  The unrefrigerated tubs varied in size from a few ounces to large gallon buckets.  One can hardly imagine the stench of death that must have permeated that office.

All of the grisly contents, according to the paperwork that could be seen in the photos, were the product of James Long’s handiwork at that FPA abortion clinic in La Mesa.  Tim sent prints of the photos out to many of us.  These are scanned images of mine that I used for years to show women how the abortion clinic treated the remains of their sons and daughters.

On many of the leaky, blood stained tubs, one can read the name of the mother and the date of her abortion.  Those we have blurred for the sake of the women involved.  Most of these babies were aborted in January, 1998.  If their mothers had made other decisions, these children would now be fast approaching their 18th birthdays.

In 2000, the abortion business’ lease at the La Mesa location was terminated as the result of pro-life efforts and they were forced to move.  FPA eventually relocated to Mira Mesa and continues to sell abortions to women today.  But the traffic has dramatically decreased over the years and now FPA offers only one surgical day per week – down from 4-5 surgical days in the 1990s.  As for the abortionist, James Long, he has since retired.

May these images help us all to reflect on the enormity of the human tragedy of abortion — of which these photos show only a very small part — and may they motivate us to do more to stop it.  May our work to save the lives of others help the souls of these babies rest in peace.

baby parts VI baby parts VIII baby parts

Originally published as: “Where Do Aborted Baby Remains Go? Some Went Here” // By Cheryl Sullenger.

This came to me from Operation Rescue.

There are more … but this should be more than enough!

baby parts VII

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CNN, squarely in the deep pockets of its leftist viewers and sponsors … as well as those so invested in Feminism … their commentators and so-called ‘Fact Checkers’ regarding the Republican debate last night, made a  major attempt to keep voters from the truth of the CMP videos.

It failed; it fell totally flat!  Carly presented the truth powerfully, challenging our baby-killer president Obama and Hillary to deny the truth after watching one of the now 10 videos. Hopefully, it will continue to be exposed but certainly it won’t be, by the Feminists, nor the biased liars at CNN.

The commentators and ‘fact-cimagesZXW35W9Gheckers’ there,  lied  regarding the claim about the outcome / result of one specific abortion.

Truth is, a fully formed fetus was alive-and- kicking after the ‘procedure‘ and the abortionists did explain they were going to cut the alive BABY’S face off, . . . so they could  harvest the brain!

I didn’t save that particular link, but if you want to view the awful violence of abortion, go here.  It must end now …

These barbarians must be held accountable and prosecuted … just like at Nuremburg!

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Don’t FEAR; there’s no pain in DEATH!

Those of us who’ve experienced such great physical pain that we’ve “left our bodies” and watched from above … … … we know, and we don’t fear death any longer.  It’s time you others know that!  For death … it’s just around the corner!

Millions of … no; actually, it’s billions that will die.  Yes; I’m talking of the nearing Apocalypse.  As it draws nearer … you’ve most likely noticed that warning signs are more apparent – that the public stress has begun to increase almost exponentially, right?

One sign, I read of, only tonight … that the drug use of both heroin and marijuana are at the highest level in decades.  Other signs are apparent as well … people freaking out, from individual violence to massive riots …  It seems as if the world is upside down; good is called evil and visa versa.  Jihadists giving up their lives … fools being fooled into believing that god (note the small “g”) would have them kill for their reward.

I can testify that the instant one dies, one’s body goes into “shock.”  (Doctors explain that there is no pain in shock; it’s when we begin to come out of “shock” that the pain comes.) When that happens … and the pain is so overwhelming that we begin to writhe and scream … when the pain reaches so great a level that we cannot stand it . . . .  Well, there too God designed another fail-safe system into our bodies – we pass out … and when we pass out, something happens there too, something I do not quite fully understand; our neurological system has to “reset” and that takes time.

I’ve been through all this. So have many others; my wife has too.

May 10th, 1974, I survived a traumatic accident; I crashed a hang-glider. The ‘accident experience’ is for another time, but for now let me explain that after the impact into the rock cliff and the subsequent fall into the shale scree, I ‘came-to’ … w/o pain.

I even joked with the good Samaritan who got to me … as well as the Search & Rescue team, who not-so-coincidentally, almost died trying to get to me – I vaguely remember their helicopter – caught in the same “downdraft” – flying horizontally to the ground in an attempt to not crash as well (actually, I learned later that it wasn’t a downdraft, per se; rather, it was the “backside-of-a-mountain-rotor” [an aeronautical phrase I’d never heard before.])

Years later, in another part of the country, my wife’s car was T-Boned by a humongous “garbage truck”?  She too, had an out-of-her-body experience at the moment of impact.

My Out-of-Body experience came well after the accident … mine was in the recovery room, after a several hour-long operation … one they knew I could not survive!  God had other plans though … only obvious now.  It was the nurse in the recovery room that saw me “flat-line” and (she told me days later) “God told me to keep you alive”.

I watched her pound my chest, slap me, shake me … my torso … turn me over and shake me, hanging me off the gurney, all the time yelling right into my ear, “cough up the blood; take a breath.” She repeated that over and over as I watched from above … floating 30 or so feet above her and my body!

“I” was what was out!  It was only my body, my temporary dwelling, that was laying down there on the gurney; I was (almost) totally detached.  I knew all I had to do was relax and ‘let-go’ … but my 2 children, 11 and 13 years old came to mind. The moment I worried about them, I “snapped-back-into-my-body.”

I’m confident God had a reason to keep me alive and very possibly … it may have been so you could read this.

When one dies … when one actually leaves the body … you don’t need to worry; there is no pain.  Pain is an integral part of the body – it’ to tell you things like “take your hand off the burner, stupid!,” or“yes; there is a fan blade there, even though you can’t see it, it’s turning so fast.”

There is something to worry about though.

It makes sense to me to ask you: Isn’t the reason you rejected Christ because of what some person did — not because of His life and teaching?  You can turn that around right this instant.  He challenged you to test and see – to ask Him to prove He is real; why does that frighten you so?

Christ was either a liar, crazy, or He was whom He said He was both a man and God himself.  Imagine the depth of love it took for Him to have gone through that … for Him to allow His “Son” to go through that . . .

Specifically, He said: “Seek, and you shall find.”  “Knock, and it shall be opened.”

Please, don’t put off asking …

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“Asking only workman’s wages,

I come looking for a job,

And I get no offers,

Only “come-ons” from the whores of 7th Avenue.”

Therefore, in light of wisdom of the years as seen through these insightful lines , what follows is my comment regarding: Evolution vs. Creative Design.

A man hears what he wants to hear,

and disregards the rest . . . .

                               from Paul Simon’s “The Boxer

The whores?  They’re the deceivers – the Carl Sagan’s and Charles Darwin’s of the world. These ravenous wolves have been placed among us for one reason only . . . to lead us into darkness as oft they can.

False Premises are snares; they’re not left happenstance, in our paths – question everything; ignore mumbles and hold fast to your resistance.

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That’s what Ted Cruz said … essentially.  “Billions of dollars under control of this administration will flow into the hands of jihadists who will use that money to murder Americans, Israelis, and millions of others.”

Senator Cruz is 100% correct about this administration and every Democrat who votes for this “Iran deal”.

untitled (3)This’s nothing short of a “shell game” being run on a distracted, materialistic, immature and apathetic people, a shell game that will kill millions of our children!

In the not-too-distant future, I expect that Americans will justifiably call for the arrest and execution of all these ‘rulers’ … if they let it come to that; they probably won’t . . . .

The fact is, Barack Obama brokered a deal with the #1 sponsor of terror — a nation that has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel, our ally!  Treachery and treason reside at their core.

When asked his opinion of the nuclear deal, our ally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly said, “There will be more terrorism, there will be more attacks and more people will die. This deal will bring war.”

Iran is committed to the destruction of the State of Israel and has said so on countless occasions.  And it’s not as they are just empty words, threats … their weapons Iran passes on to Hamas, Hezbullah, etc. kave killed and maimed tens of thousands of Americans.

Again, this deal is a “death sentence” for Israel, and for America …

They know now that … eventually, you … the American people, will be outraged. BEWARE! This administration will do something to cover their arses …

And you Americans (in name only) … you shame all those who put their lives on the line for us all …

NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY DO … these politicians!

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Some 2,000 members of Democrat staff were invited to a screening of the nine undercover videos focused on Planned Parenthood selling body parts of aborted babies but only a handful showed up for the event at the Capitol on Sept. 3, 2015. (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr)

(CNSNews.com) – The pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List invited some 2,000 Democrat staffers to attend a screening Thursday of the nine undercover videos that have been released by the Center for Medical Progress showing top medical officials with Planned Parenthood Federation of America discussing the sale of body parts of aborted babies.

Fewer than 10 Democrat staffers showed up out of the some 2,000 Democrat staffers invited, and only three actually watched the videos – just two of whom watched all of the 90-plus minutes of video footage.

Before the screening, eight people identified themselves as Democrat staffers, including two who are interns. Only one staffer stayed for some of the screening, while the two interns stayed for the entire screening.

CNSNews.com inquired as to why Republican staffers weren’t asked to attend, and SBA staff responded that following media reports in both The Hill and the Weekly Standard that Democrats expressed support for Planned Parenthood but admitted not watching the videos.  Dannenfelser decided to give Democrat staffers a chance to see the videos and report back to their bosses.

What is it they fear, and why?  Is it that Democrats have no moral compass?

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Watch the Chilling VIDEO:

Nationalist journalist-actor goes viral with chilling warning regarding deteriorating security situation in Israel already.

Harel Noff, 47, a journalist and actor, published an unusually harsh warning to the government this week, as part of his ongoing video commentary on social media. The video went viral and has been featured on major websites and on television’s Channel 20, with total views apparently in the six-digit range.

The security situation in Israel has been deteriorating for some time, and has reached full-blown “intifada” intensity, with hundreds of terror attacks taking place every week in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, including the central Highway 443.

Making things worse, Israeli media largely denies or ignores the attacks, and the IDF has inexplicably been given orders not to fire at terrorists except in the most severe circumstances. Videos triumphantly published by Arabs show IDF and Border Police forces under attack, their vehicles pelted with rocks and firebombs, and their response – often weak.

Adding to the general feeling of insecurity and violation is the continuing inability of the government to expel African infiltrators, who have created an atmosphere of terror and lawlessness in numerous cities within Israel, while holding brazen demonstrations with leftist encouragement and telling local Jews that they have come to stay.

Noff, who dons different costumes for every video commentary, sported a Che Guevara beret for the video and used a poster of the leftist revolutionary as his background prop, but the message is clearly anti-leftist, and some would say – chilling.

Full blown ‘intifada’

Jerusalem is under a full-blown massive terror onslaught – or ‘intifada,’ as Arabs call it – according to statistics compiled by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, which operates a security service in the area known as the “Old City Basin.” The area includes the Old City quarters inside the city’s ancient walls, as well as the Mount of Olives, the Silwan (Shiloah) neigborhood and the City of David.

The numbers for June and July indicate an average of close to ten terror attacks per day in this part of the city alone.

The statistics do not include terror attacks in the city’s eastern villages and neighborhoods, and this means that the full numbers for Jerusalem are much worse.

In June and July, a total of 580 terror attacks were documented, against both civilians and security forces. These included 477 rock attacks, as well as 28 firebomb attacks against vehicles and homes in which Jews reside. Additional incidents involved throwing empty glass bottles, firing fireworks and damaging property.


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Professor Tyler, stated “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.” 

I believe, he was extrapolating on Alex de Tocqueville’s 1831 treatise … but in 1887, as a professor, at the University of Edinburgh Scotland, he compared, America’s predicted future, to the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior.

Why?  He explains:

“A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.  From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years.  These nations always progressed through the following sequence:

  • From bondage to spiritual faith;
  • From spiritual faith to great courage;
  • From courage to liberty;
  • From liberty to abundance;
  • From abundance to complacency;
  • From complacency to apathy;
  • From apathy to dependence;
  • From dependence back into bondage.”

America’s founding fathers, having seen this historical pattern of nations spiraling into repression / bondage, they refused to descend into serfdom or slavery again and fired the shot heard round the world.

Doing so, they inspired other peoples to seek freedom.  Our forefathers built “checks and balances” into our system attempting to thwart this predicted pattern.  At this point in time, it’s (y)our call as to whether they were successful or not – – –

Recently, Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning our last Presidential election:                                                                                                                                                                                        Obama          Romney

Number of States won by:                                                        19                  29

Square miles of land won by:                                              580,000      2,427,000

Population of counties won by:                                        127 million    143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents won by:                      13.2                 2.1

2000px-2012_Presidential_Election_by_County.svgObama voter’s territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in the non-agrarian, inner city industrialized areas.

Note: citizens in these areas have evolved to living off various forms of government welfare … which has been part of the elitist’s Master Plan – to create dependence . . . to “Pack and Stack” voters into cities where they can be more “controlled or influenced” by media … where immorality and vice flourishes, where liberty and freedoms are taken for granted.  It follows then, that liberty can more easily squashed.

See: The United Nation’s Agenda 21.

Professor Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of Democracy, with some 40% of the nation’s population already having reached the “dependency” phase … dependence on government who has now been “bought and sold” by those seeking to control.

Societies thrive when held together by the foundation of law; societies collapse when lawlessness becomes commonplace.

Holder and Obama’s divisive lawlessness sought control and in doing so, they brought violence, as we’ve seen in Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago.  They also brought in the  legalization and use of previously illicit drugs (another sure sign of our eminent collapse); meanwhile, Obama continues to shred our Constitution.

We have no alternative; Obama must now be impeached before the academics mentioned above are correct; our enemies await and prepare … within and outside the gates!

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Here’s a cool video … but be sure to click on the English translation …  We can always use a little more inspiration.

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I wouldn’t have correctly said this before, but when it seems as if the entire world is upside down . . . trust your judgment; it is.  Some of us though, imbued with passion, somehow search to find a way to make a difference.

In the spring of 1995, 20-year-old Brandeis University student Alisa Flatow, who was studying at a women’s seminary in Israel, boarded a bus bound for the beach. She never reached her destination. A suicide bomber from Iranian-sponsored Palestinian Islamic Jihad drove up next to the bus and blew up his explosives-packed van.

Alisa’s father, Stephen, flew to Israel from his West Orange, N.J. home in time to hold his daughter’s hand one last time as doctors declared her brain dead and removed her from life support. In all, eight people died in the bombing. Palestinian Islamic Jihad proudly claimed responsibility, but eventually, U.S. courts traced support for the attack to Tehran.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Alisa’s tragic death—as well as the one when the United States, France, Russia, China, the U.K. and Germany concluded negotiations specifically designed to curtail Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions. Despite government assurance that Iran’s adherence to the nuclear agreement will be closely monitored to prevent cheating, Iranian leaders continue to provide ample justification to doubt their intentions. To this day, Iran remains a prolific sponsor of global terrorism, and the Flatow case provided ground-breaking evidence of Iran’s ties to terrorism against Americans. It was also the first time—but not the last—a U.S. court held Iran responsible for the actions of its terrorist proxies.

FLATOWAlisa’s father turned his family’s tragedy into a clarion call against state sponsors of terrorism. Previously, U.S. citizens had little ability to take direct action against foreign countries sponsoring terrorist acts. With help from the late Senator Frank Lautenberg, Flatow sought to change the law to permit U.S. citizens like him to seek justice. His quest became a landmark legal turning point in the fight against global extremism.

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 codified the concept of legal immunity for foreign governments in U.S. courts. The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 removed that legal immunity in cases involving foreign state sponsors of terrorism. The act opened the courtroom doors to U.S. citizens, allowing them to file lawsuits against foreign state sponsors of terror, although it did not provide for the collection of damages. To redress this weakness, Congress later that year created what is commonly called the Flatow Amendment, which declared that foreign state sponsors of terrorism “shall be liable to a United States national … for personal injury or death caused by acts of that [party]….” In short, the Flatow Amendment gave U.S. courts the power to award monetary damages to U.S. citizens victimized by state sponsored acts of terror.

US Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ, speaks to the press as Stephen Flatow and his wife Rosalyn, parents of Alisa Flatow, an American student killed in the 1995 terrorist bombing of an Israeli bus that the Iran supported Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for, stand by in 1998. The family filed a lawsuit against Iran under an anti-terrorism law signed by US President Bill Clinton in 1996 which allows US citizens to sue for alleged state-sponsored terrorist acts. (JAMAL A. WILSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Flatow used his new legal right to sue Iran for sponsoring the attack that killed his daughter, the first U.S. case involving a government accused of terrorism. In March 1998, U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth issued a $247.5 million judgment against Iran. According to news reports, Lamberth told Flatow that he had “made something” of his tragic case and the “court seeks to deter further terrorist attacks against Americans.” Flatow has since collected only a fraction of the judgment, but his persistence opened the door for other U.S. victims of terror to seek a measure of justice.

Matthew Eisenfeld, a 25-year-old rabbinical student from West Hartford, Conn., and 22-year-old Sara Duker of Teaneck, N.J., were among the 26 people killed in a February 25, 1996 Hamas bus bombing in Jerusalem. Their families won a $327 million judgment against Iran in 2000 for sponsoring the attack. A U.S. court held Iran liable in 2006 for the 1996 bombing of an American military dormitory in Saudi Arabia and awarded $254 million to the families of 17 victims. The courts also found Iran liable for the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon,and awarded more than $10 billion to its victims.

Unfortunately, the distance between justice and compensation is a long one; the Flatows and other families have struggled to collect their settlements. However, these cases set an important precedent in the fight to hold accountable sponsors of terrorism and established an indelible factual record that cannot be challenged.

Alisa is just one of many Americans who have died because of Iranian support for terrorists. Her legacy lives on in the continuing battle against terror and extremism, and in shining the light of scrutiny on those that allow it to happen.

By Josh Lipowsky

Mr. Lipowsky is a research analyst with the Counter Extremism Project.


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I must admit that … I grieve … especially on this first day of school.

I truly resent the confused, homosexual and transgender -promoting, secular, humanists which do all they can to deceive and destroy our nation’s innocent children … at least the ones they failed to have aborted!

Instructions for Christians who have no way to refuse to comply with the enemy:

  1. A pre-emptive strike instructing our children of the lies they will hear.
  2. Bind and Pray
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Was It An Example Of His Sinister, Double Standard?

Of course it was; he’s taken every opportunity to divide us!

We can legitimately blame president Barack Hussein Obama; he has been at the forefront of ramping up hostility to police officers throughout his time in office. From early in his presidency when he jumped to conclusions accusing Cambridge, Massachusetts police of acting “stupidly” for daring to arrest his black Harvard professor friend, Henry Louis Gates Jr., on suspicion of burglary, Obama has gone out of his way to foment race-based resentment and cop-hatred.

His Saul Alinsky-style agitation encouraged the formation of the virulently racist Black Lives Matter movement whose members have declared “war.”  (from: Front Page)

And it’s not just that “movement”; it’s the New Black Panther Party who Holder’s DOJ refused to prosecute  for suggesting blacks kill white babies …

President Obama needs to get his story straight on whether it is racism or it’s guns which are to blame for violence in America.

( Note also, that he avoided-at-all-costs any mention of the “prep’sgay status.)  Wonder why?  I don’t !  He feared bringing homosexuality into the picture.)

( Talk about honesty . . . he, is the fearful one!  Trust me; he can’t be honest ’bout this.  )

When a white man shot up a black church, he – our racist president, ignoring Chicago’s black-on-black crime, immediately pointed to America’s troubled history of racism of white-on-black crime.  However, unsurprisingly, this week when two white reporters were murdered in cold blood planned and carried out on live TV,  for the 1st time in history, by a black man, Obama has yet to utter the word “racism” on that matter.

The killer did though . . . making Obama’s “misstatement-by-omission” even more egregious.

His deranged justification for the horror he’d just committed was that his female victim had stated what his mind saw as a “racist comment.”

The comment that cost her life?  It was that she’d said that he was “out in the field” … she’d meant that either he was out in the field reporting, or, … if it was meant derisively, it could have meant he was “out in left field” meaning – “he was way off base!”

But in this killer’s victim- mentality, twisted mind, he saw her as suggesting he belonged back in the “cotton fields.”

Yet Obama refuses to discuss race relations and homosexuality – and how these can breed vicious victim mentalities.  Instead, … it’s easier for him to ‘want our guns’.

David Horowitz wrote the “blog article” I took this from, and he stated: It forces me to ask a difficult question…: “FLASH POLL: Is Obama exploiting national tragedies to further his own political agenda?

For me?  Of course he is.  His agenda – judging by his actions from his bully-pulpit – it’s definitely sinister and it needs to be pointed out — every time he crosses the line!  America will be much better off without a deranged mind at the helm!

And more importantly, we must be ready to die protecting our liberties … as our founding fathers did.  Somewhere, deep in the dark recesses of our  president Obama’s mind, he too, has a mental problem and he also exhibits a victim mentality… all too frequently!

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Though our president has proceeded to purge our military of all the patriotic leaders, he could ferret out, nearly 200 retired U.S. generals and admirals have stepped up and signed an open letter opposing the Iran deal and urging Congress to reject the “defective” agreement.

They warn: “In our professional opinion, far from being an alternative to war, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action makes it likely that the war the Iranian regime has waged against us since 1979 will continue, with far higher risks to our national security interests.”

The generals and admirals, who have served under both Democrats and Republicans, warn that the Iran deal “will enable Iran to become far more dangerous, render the Mideast still more unstable and introduce new threats to American interests as well as our allies.” The deal does not “cut off every path” to a nuclear weapon, they say, but “actually provides Iran with a legitimate path to doing that simply by abiding by the deal.”

The open letter, sent to leaders of both parties in Congress, notes that the agreement is “unverifiable” because of a weak inspections system and a secret side deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency that could allow Iran to control testing of military sites. It also warns that Iran will use $150 billion in sanctions relief to further terrorism against American allies around the world.

Read more

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Donald Trump, a Constitutional Scholar?  He wasn’t, but he’s listening to a constitutional scholar, Mark Levin, who is explaining – he was right to begin with!

Though the 14th Amendment, seemed in opposition, it’s wasn’t.

Ratified July 9, 1868, reads: Section 1: All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside” one must, again, read the intent of the founding fathers. As often happens, the legalese which followed, totally missed the intent and liberals have bastardized that!

If one wishes fully to understand the Constitution, one must also read what the Founders said and wrote regarding it.  This is what is called original intent. By doing so one can glean not only what they wrote but the motive behind it — many letters the founders wrote to each other and of course the Federalist Papers.

Levin writes that Senator Jacob Howard (1805-1871) authored the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment. Even back then, He [Howard] told us what he meant. He defined who would fall within the jurisdiction of the United States.”

He was referring to the slaves, brought here in bondage.

Leave it to those who want to destroy America? Not now, not ever! They’ll bastardize the Constitution every chance they get.

Thank you Mark Levin for setting us straight. Who knew The Donald would get it right? But he did, whether he knew it or not.

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ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Found in Pakistan’s remote tribal region by American Media Institute (AMI), a 32-page Urdu language document promotes an “end of the world” battle as a final solution.

It argues that the Islamic leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1 billion Muslims, under a religious empire called a “caliphate.”

Referring to this document in light of pre WW II conditions, experts have been pouring over a previously secret Islamic State dossier recently found in Pakistan’s tribal badlands stated:  “We did a lousy job predicting what Hitler was going to do in the 1920s, 1930s – honestly, we blew it,” Cooper said.  “It’s hard to take seriously or believe that such hatred was real or would be possible.  They made jokes about Jews, degraded Jews but nobody believed that they would be capable of what they were saying.  So now, when groups, like [Islamic State] come along and say they are going to do A B and C, you have to take them for their word.”

In the Urdu dossier the battle plan to “end the world” is described in six phases (three of which have already passed) – ripping pages from al-Qaeda’s original plans to defeat the west, in a graphic illustration of how ISIS sees itself as the true heirs to Osama Bin Laden’s legacy.

  • Phase 1  “Awakening” 2000-2003: Islamic State calls for “a major operation against the U.S. .. to provoke a crusade against Islam.”
  • Phase 2  “Shock and Awe” 2004 – 2006: Islamic State will lure U.S. into multiple theatres of war, including cyber-attacks and establish charities across the Muslim and Arab world to support terrorism.
  • Phase 3  “Self-reliance” 2007-2010: Islamic State will create “interference” with Iraq’s neighboring states with particular focus on Syria.
  • Phase 4  “Reaping/extortion/receiving” 2010-2013: Islamic State will attack “U.S and Western interests” to destroy their economy and replace the dollar with silver and gold and expose Muslim governments’ relations with Israel and the U.S.
  • Phase 5  Declaring the Caliphate 2013-2016: Not much details offered here. The document just says, “The Caliphate According to The Prophet.”
  • Phase 6  Open Warfare 2017-2020: Islamic State predicts faith will clash with non-believers and “Allah will grant victory to the believers after which peace will reign on earth.”

In response to the document, a senior ranking Israeli official said that in the Middle East the world faces two threats – from Islamic State and from Iran.  “We need not strengthen one at the expense of the other.  We need to weaken both and prevent the aggression and arming of both,” he warned.

Alistair Baskey, deputy spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council said Islamic State is being monitored “closely to see whether their emergence will have a meaningful impact on the threat environment in the region.”

The document builds on evidence that Islamic State is expanding into the region where the September 11 attacks were born.  A united Taliban, backed by the hundreds of millions of dollars of Iraqi oil revenue now enjoyed by Islamic State, would be a “game-changer …”

The document warns that “preparations” for an attack in India are underway and predicts that an attack will provoke an apocalyptic confrontation with America:  “Even if the U.S tries to attack with all its allies, which undoubtedly it will, the (entire global Muslim community) will be united, resulting in the final battle.”

A war in India would magnify Islamic State stature and threaten the stability of the region, said Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution who served more than 30 years in the CIA. “Attacking in India is the Holy Grail of South Asian jihadists.”

Read the entire Reuter’s story:

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

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As our water in America is going bad at the speed of light, some of the elites are preparing for the future in previously unexpected ways . . . .

Are they readying themselves to move out?  Or have they found “a new type of liquid gold to gather in the last of the world’s money?”

Here’s the link I decided needed to be widely seen: Is it true?  Actually, I can’t say for sure but my conspiratorial mindset tends to believe it.  It came from:  http://www.democraticunderground.com/10022473474

It was titled “Bush Family Evil Empire join the rush to privatize the world’s water supplies.”

Aquifero guaraniFormer President George H.W. Bush’s Family Bought 300,000 Acres on South America’s and World’s Largest Aquifer, Acuifero Guaraní

In my 2008 article, I overlooked the astonishingly large land purchases (298,840 acres, to be exact) by the Bush family in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, while on a trip to Paraguay for the United Nation’s children’s group UNICEF, Jenna Bush (daughter of former President George W. Bush and granddaughter of former President George H.W. Bush) reportedly bought 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay). This land is said to be near the 200,000 acres purchased by her grandfather, George H.W. Bush, in 2005.

The lands purchased by the Bush family sit over not only South America’s largest aquifer — but the world’s as well — Acuifero Guaraní, which runs beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This aquifer is larger than Texas and California combined.

Online political magazine Counterpunch quoted Argentinean pacifist Adolfo Perez Esquivel, the winner of 1981 Nobel Peace Prize, who “warned that the real war will be fought not for oil, but for water, and recalled that Acuifero Guaraní is one of the largest underground water reserves in South America….”

According to Wikipedia, this aquifer covers 1,200,000 km², with a volume of about 40,000 km³, a thickness of between 50 m and 800 m and a maximum depth of about 1,800 m. It is estimated to contain about 37,000 km³ of water (arguably the largest single body of groundwater in the world, although the overall volume of the constituent parts of the Great Artesian Basin is much larger), with a total recharge rate of about 166 km³/year from precipitation. It is said that this vast underground reservoir could supply fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years.

Today, an article in America’s Watchtower’s seems to give credence to this … or is it just my own conspiratorial mindset?

When trying to verify this story on the net by following this link, one runs into a “roadblock”: http://climatesoscanada.org/blog/2013/02/15/profiting-from-your-thirst-as-global-elite-rush-to-control-water-worldwide/   What this means, I’m not quite sure; any ideas? Someone didn’t pay their hosting fee? http://just91.justhost.com/suspended.page/disabled.cgi/wrongkindofgreen.org

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You’re a racist!  No I’m not; you are!

That reflects the current political-environment bantered back and forth in America especially during this election cycle, but is it common sense?

Here’s an objective look at the truth.  Do you dare watch this black American’s short video?

You just might be surprised at some of the examples he uses . . . .

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Our fathers saw the atrocities of the Holocaust almost 6 decades ago.

We see the atrocities of abortion perpetrated NOW, if we dare look . . .

Our nation won’t.

Our fathers put a stop to what they saw.

We have not . . .

We stumble forward, heads in the sand, blood on our hands.

Scripture warns us – – –

Isaiah 1:15-16 tells us God will not hear our prayers – our hands are full of blood.

Who was civilized and who is not?

There are killers which walk among us.

Watch the abortion video; warning; it’s painful.

The killers?  Nowadays, they call themselves “Democrats.”

In a time gone by, John Kennedy told the world that “Americans would pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship” in defense of Freedom.

That is no longer true.

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