obama laugh
All along, from the very beginning, president Obama has been able to say the right thing to win people over, to believe in him.  Truth is, behind the scene, he has been setting things in motion to accomplish just exactly the opposite . . . severely lacking in integrity.

And the “gullibles” – – the ones who reverently believe in him?

Deceived, maybe with good intentions — basically, they think he’s a good man, they swallow his words — hook, line, and sinker, without so much as a second thought. It’s unlikely they ever learned to think for themselves.

Of course the traitorous mainstream media never explains what’s going on behind the scene and the “gullibles”?  They don’t bother to pay attention; they watch very little news at all – – and their flawed source when they actually do tune in?  It’s always the same – the mainstream media.  Conservative media?  It’s not entertaining enough for them.

History has proven that Socialists, Communists, fascists, despots of all ilk . . . they learned long ago, that if you take over the media when you come to power – you control the entire nation.

So all this protesting and rioting in the streets is because they lost the election.  With the amount of money they spent and all of the followers, they shouldn’t have lost, right?

It was the mega-wealthy George Soros that bankrolled their candidates.  He finances the destruction of cultures and governments around the world.  It’s what he does.  He is that evil!  Google his history – from his early years.

The “gullibles”?  Again, they don’t have a clue about his history.

Both Obama and Hillary are beholden to him.  Besides paying protestors in Chicago, he’s incited riots across state lines (a federal violation) and it will continue to increase …

So who’s to blame and what can be done?  BOTH are to blame but the MSM must be allowed to die of natural causes.

Soros, on the other hand should be . . . must be, prosecuted. He is a clear and present danger to Freedom – to our nation and others.

As seemed, from the beginning, he is seeking the fall of America!


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