For generations, their families lived in very small villages – not just small enough that everyone knew everyone but so small everyone was related! They didn’t travel often; the desert was too harsh an environment. So, when they reached the age of procreation the young people married cousins . . . maybe even aunts and uncles, or brothers and sisters.

We now know what intermarrying does, yet many continue to try and sweep-it-under-the-rug. Few want to be the first to say it publicly – that large swaths of almost uninhabitable lands (arid deserts) have resulted in mass cases of insanity . . . We saw what Royalty intermarrying did to them in Europe and in Egyptian Royalty.

These are Ishmael’s descendants, whom God warned us about!

Nicolai Sennels authored an article titled “Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences.” Sennels’ work concerning therapy, which he had conducted with criminal Muslims in Denmark is groundbreaking! Nancy Kobrin, in The New English Review, wrote of it; here are excerpts:

“Sennels adeptly outlines the key problems of why Muslims are not able to integrate into Western culture. What he doesn’t say, I shall name. We are dealing with nothing more than paranoia. Sennels stresses that the West must set boundaries because otherwise they will kill you. This kind of rage is malignant borderline behavior as in serial killing. We must come to understand such politically incorrect observations as Sennels does in order to connect the dots concerning criminal Muslims even though it is brutal.

Happy well-adjusted children do not become suicide bombers nor do they become criminals. Let us choose to know what we are dealing with rather than bury our heads in sand out of terror. Let us meet the challenge straight on as Sennels has.”

Research it yourself if you don’t accept this, but now, accepting this, the only question left is: what do we do with this information?