First, the people of the U.S. need to thank all the 1st responders in San Berdo, including the business owner who “holstered up” and set up his own perimeter outside, protecting his wife and employees.  Though he possibly could have shot out a tire, that he did not shoot at the ‘perps’ as they drove off, only shows his responsible nature as a gun-owner.

Once again, this terrorist attack happened in California – an incredibly ‘gun-controlled-state.  Almost all Democrats want to prohibit the law-abiding populace from being able to protect themselves and their loved ones.  One armed person inside could have … at the very least … disrupted this attack.

Not the 31 victims, of course, but we’re lucky the ‘perps’ did it when they did … possibly … er, probably they were planning something much more devastating and covert, but seemed to be set off by an incident / argument.

Second, the entire shooter’s family ought to be thoroughly ‘scrutinized’ and charges of “treason“ought to follow promptly for at least both the parents!

Updates will follow.

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