pot art 3  Tel Aviv university just released a new study confirming exactly what every objective scientist already knew … … that is, except for myopic believers that continue to tout pot for their own selfish purposes … there’s a very dangerous aspect for those who chose to ‘experiment’. 

It’s not just hallucinations and delusions that awaits risk-takers who are genetically susceptible to schizophrenia and still, in spite of that, decide to ‘partake’ anyway. Another malady which awaits, is the inability to experience pleasure as well as a number of other afflictions.

Now, with hard-core users pushing so many supposed medicinal uses, the recreational use recklessly being made legal in a few states, and the rapid increase of THC content, the pool of potential mentally-ill patients is growing fast.  Why live inside that smoke screen the rest of your life?
For more, see here.

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