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He says it straight while: 1) using truth to 2) confront disrespectful anti-American, leftist zealots (code pink) 3) appropriately accusing Obama and partisan politicals which will make the U.S. the largest financer of terrorism … and is sure to bring about WWIII.

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Watch this . . . and think of your children. josiahe

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COMPARE: THIS PATRIOT to the TRAITOR in the White House

This man was Gerrymandered out of his house seat in the House of Representatives by Democrat traitors, but he still tells it like it is!  See his recent speech:

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The air around us swirls with unseen things . . . oscillations produce various hues of ultra-violet light and sound; radio waves, television, messages on computers fill our daily routines, but spirits and the demonic are somehow taboo to speak … Continue reading

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Their burning in hell is just not enough!  We watch now and say nothing?  So how can God pardon us?  He will not! In that they’re OK with bringing judgment upon all of us, our evil leaders, having made their … Continue reading

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Obama’s Hidden Roots

We know from experience that Obama is and was a liar; that was so from the very beginning. Most people admit that speaks volumes about his trustworthiness, not everyone… but some just cannot be objective. His choosing this group to celebrate in his … Continue reading

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AMERICA: You were given the choice between war and dishonor. By the evil men you’ve elected, you’ve chosen dishonor, and now you will have the world’s most vicious and final war. It will be the end of what once was … Continue reading

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