WHAT IF . . .

sherlockHere’s a mystery for you.

What if God left proof for us – a prediction from thousands of years ago, hidden in the revealed genealogies of scripture, . . . proof not only of His existence, but of His plan of redemptive salvation as well?

It’s there, according to bible scholars and authors Woody Young and Chuck Missler, yet some others are so deep in denial they’ve found a way to explain it away … at least to their own satisfaction … It’ll probably remain a controversy but because of other hidden messages, recently published, I believe it!

Proverbs 25:2 states: “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”  I’m not sure it was Young and Missler who interpreted that verse to mean: “There are things hidden in scripture – go find them” . . . but one of my teachers over the years certainly did.

There are other, “coded messages” left for us hidden in there but let me lay this first one out for you. This one’s hidden in the meaning of the names of the 1st 10 generations of the biblical patriarchs.

Their Hebrew Names             Meaning in English

Adam                                                          Man

Seth                                                             Appointed

Enosh                                                          Mortal

Kennan                                                       Sorrow

Mahalel                                                      The Blessed God

Jared                                                          Shall Come Down

Enoch                                                         Teaching

Methuselah                                               His death shall bring

Lamech                                                      The Despairing

Noah                                                           Rest

In other words, hidden in the genealogies of Genesis 5, if you put them all together, what it’s saying is: “Man (is) appointed (to die) mortal sorrow (but) the blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring the despairing rest.”

Pretty amazing!  There are other hidden coded messages left for us . . .  I’ll post another soon … it’s done entirely differently; I look at them as the “watermark” on scripture, proving without doubt that God exists; stay tuned.

About josiahe

Watching closely, working to understand all I may, in this "Age of Information", even from my limited view, I can see much of what's going on ..... and I oft see it's going to impact all of us which is why I share it. My focus is to expose evil, and to serve my Lord and savior Jesus in whatever way He shows me. If one waits long enough, better writers will come along and comment; it's just that I have so little patience with the evil that lurks among us and I've wasted so much time and now, there is so little left! WELCOME!
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