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THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE …. IS NOT THE ONLY “OFFENSIVE MEMORIAL” to what happened on September 11, 2001 – 9/11 You need to see this video exposing the “symbolism” of the (supposed 9/11) “memorial” of flight 93!   In truth, it’s not a memorial to Flight … Continue reading

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  Do you know why the Muslims want to build the Mosque at ground zero?   Do you know why they name it “Cordoba House”?   Cordoba, is the city in Southern Spain where Muslims built their first great Mosque at the … Continue reading

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ISLAM: The Necro-Mongrals

Though their forefathers were brothers of another mother, they….. worship darkness, … hate, … violence!     They ‘worship’ the dead and the dying!  They walk among us, as if they were alive …. don’t let them fool you.   They’re not! If … Continue reading

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