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Reblogged … in parts … Jjihad just took place in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, in the United States of America. Was it in the mainstream, the lamestream media?  If it was, was it not mostly dismissed? A hired, armed guard took … Continue reading

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“Barack Obama Mass Murderer …. Wanted Dead Only. Reward in the Hereafter”

Thus reads the full page poster that depicts a darkened image Obama as the target in the new Jihadist magazine.  The first one (found downloaded by the Tsarnaev brothers) was called “Inspire” this new one is called “AZAN.” “Inspire” was … Continue reading

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AMERICA’S DUPED: Trojan Horse Is Inside The Gates!

America has accepted them with open, loving arms, yet for many, their intent, in coming here, is to destroy us from within!   Others, “worshipers” hear this message from their Imam, weekly! “How’s this for a wake-up call?” asked Frank Gaffney, … Continue reading

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Jihadists are crossing our southern border, through Arizona, but first ….. “Daddy; have you plugged that hole yet?” “What hole is that, honey, the hole in the oil pipeline in the Gulf?” “No Daddy; I meant, the hole in the … Continue reading

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Today’s conclusion of the investigation regarding the violence on the Flotilla to Gaza, reveals “Flawed Intelligence” on Israel’s part, but the reaction by the IDF was fully justified. Had the intelligence been better, the violent confrontation could have possibly been … Continue reading

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Obama and Islam

“How is it that Jews who support Israel, could end up voting for a man (Obama) who has so many anti-Jewish, anti-Israel connections, and we see the manifestation of his mindset in his policies toward Israel.” The following information (my interpretation … Continue reading

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  For the naive, the politically-ostriched, . . . they proudly sport this bumper sticker . . . These bumper stickers proliferate, here in schizophrenic, bi-polar Eugene; it has to do with the city’s irrational, pie-in-the-sky-idealism, manifesting itself politically, as Anarchy. Although the … Continue reading

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ODL – Obama’s Deception and Lies!

  “You’re known by the company you keep.”   Something your mother warned you of, long, long ago – when you were young – you may have dismissed it, but now you’ve come to know it’s true. Keep this in mind … Continue reading

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Celebrating quietly, sources in Yemin say the terrorist leader and his followers will be released and home in 60 – 90 days. You need to hear the mom of one of the U.S.S. Cole’s slain sailors, Diane McDaniels! President … Continue reading

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Videos Palestinian Supporters won’t watch

Jan 13, 2009 No side is 100% correct! One side, . . . . is . . . 100% wrong! The Children of Hamas: You cannot see this video now because it was removed at the request of Hamas supporters.  Palestinians and Israelis – You … Continue reading

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