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These are the men?

So you want: The men who looted Social Security …. The men who fail to protect our borders ….. violating their oath of office! The men who used tax money to give gifts (“Pork and Earmarks”) to campaign donors to insure … Continue reading

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Why did Bernie Madoff go to prison?   To simplify it, he talked people into investing with him, and stole their money.   He took money from new investors to pay old investors.  Finally there was not enough money from new investors coming in to … Continue reading

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  He had to be Kennedyesque, someone who inspired people . . . . someone people would follow, believe in, . . . they knew that.   They’d been looking for someone to “groom” for this, for a long time. He had … Continue reading

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Watch out for new scams – it’s the era of Madoff and the Democratic congress – beware; the dollar is still in decline. Due to a rule change, two years ago (which would have been under President Bush),  banks (with bailout monies … Continue reading

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This is only to begin a dialogue …… let’s begin to present and compare ideas regarding the limitations and ramifications of the actions of those who’ve been elected to represent us: It ought to be illegal; it’s time to consider and … Continue reading

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Mafia in the NYSE? Though I wrote of this here, this is not the most common snare meant to cut you and your family off at the knees ….. And NO!   The most common trap, is not the Madoff Ponzi … Continue reading

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UPDATE:  52,000 Americans’ bank accounts are with UBS and the Swiss banks are talking . . . . What’s the leverage we’ve used to get them to talk?   I’m not sure; no telling if we’ll ever know, but for decades, Americans … Continue reading

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