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LIVING WITH ALS – My Thorn . . .

The ALS hours In the Early morning hour I sit alone quietLy. Hoping, praying I hear your voice. I sit alone . . . And pray and . . . Wait.. Now and then, a tear runs down my cheek … Continue reading

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A video by Clay Christensen, an Harvard Professor: a 90 seconds of explanation re: Religious Freedom, which you won’t regret seeing!  Today would be a great day to pass it on; please do. This is what makes America exceptional, NOT this traitorous Administration’s … Continue reading

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Their voices cry out from the grave:  “who will speak for me?” Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.  They’re only a few of the millions! Are there no honorable whistleblowers like John Dean?   Is it that … Continue reading

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The problem’s not Reid, Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the leftists!   Nor is it the radical right!   To know what is going on … one must look behind-the-scenes ….. it’s all hidden from view. It’s more intrusive, more insidious than just … Continue reading

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It was Jan. 20th 1991, 22 years ago; America’s military, was massed on the border of Iraq, ready to overtake Saddam’s Revolutionary Guard and Eugene’s streets were filled with angry people – people who thought of themselves as “peacemakers”, but they were … Continue reading

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Everyone who has seen an in-the-womb-video-of-an-abortion, knows! The question of abortion is very simple; the answer’s been hard!  There are 3 ways to know! Those with the common sense to understand there is a God and believe in His word, … they KNOW.   … Continue reading

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Is President NewBama Really a CHRISTIAN?

I’ve not read it, but I was told, in his book, one of the presidents daughters asked him, ‘Daddy, what happens when we die; do we go to heaven?’ His answer was – “I don’t know.” Pastor Warren accepted his … Continue reading

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