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  Which group pulls (p)Resident Obama’s strings?  Is it the Bilderbergs?   Or Bohemian Grove?   Or the female counterpart to the correlation to the Bohemian Grove – the Belizean Grove? Just where does the truth end and rumor-mongering begin?   It’s said the Bilderbergs … Continue reading

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BIG BROTHER! Obvious to the Observant

  Without fanfare, without telling the public what they were doing, it’s become obvious to the observant. Rarely, do I count myself as “observant”; usually, I’m one of the last to notice … but . . . . All across … Continue reading

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  World Net Daily reports it’s all over the world; electronically Big Brother is watching.   Totalitarianism governments would be expected to be leading, right? China N. Korea Belarus Russia Great Britian United States What?   We’re 6th in the world?   This … Continue reading

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