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If you know Eugene, you know who Steve Prefontaine is! But what few are told, . . . is how he died! That’s one thing, never spoken of here.   In a crowd, it’s just “bad form” to even mention the fact. After all, … he’s Eugene’s … Continue reading

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EUGENE, OREGON …… exposed!

See my new blog article – EUGENE, OREGON … EXPOSED – Pt 2 The insufferable, arrogant, politically correct, extreme leftist, moral superiority here in Eugene, makes it just that ….. extreme and insufferable! Eugene: A typical city of rebelliousness – firmly … Continue reading

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President Obama, at a town-hall meeting in the thriving metropolis of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, (outside Albuquerque), stated the obvious . . . . . well, the obvious to others anyway! Calling current spending “unsustainable”, . . . and warning of … Continue reading

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  For the naive, the politically-ostriched, . . . they proudly sport this bumper sticker . . . These bumper stickers proliferate, here in schizophrenic, bi-polar Eugene; it has to do with the city’s irrational, pie-in-the-sky-idealism, manifesting itself politically, as Anarchy. Although the … Continue reading

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UPDATE:   Since so many people have been hitting my blog, looking for info on Progressive Auto Insurance, I looked to see why.   What I’ve found is a story about how . . . if they owe you money, … Continue reading

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My post “Earthquake Ahead”, written Sunday, and posted on Monday, 03/17/09, the quakes may have been going on at the time …… that could been reported and what drew me to again notice the massive numbers of tremors and quakes going … Continue reading

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ISLAMIC CARTOONS! displayed on Eugene blog

RECENT ARTICLES, please click on the CURRENT MONTH ———> Though the University of California, Irvine displayed the Danish created Cartoons, by Kurt Westergaard, two years ago, I also display them here.  Since then, Islamic protesters have stressed that freedom of … Continue reading

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