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The 2010 Elections

Democratic strategists continue to harangue on Republicans statinging that they can’t just run an anti-Obama campaign.   That’s true, but they’re forgetting / ignoring is that there are tons of issues to run on!  For instance, ….. how about: Protecting the sovereignty of … Continue reading

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It’s not just allowing enemy combatants to be mirandized ….. his moving the trial of KSM to NY city is an inept political move …. See:

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These are the men?

So you want: The men who looted Social Security …. The men who fail to protect our borders ….. violating their oath of office! The men who used tax money to give gifts (“Pork and Earmarks”) to campaign donors to insure … Continue reading

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   The assassination of George Tiller, the Late-Term-Abortionists, has stimulated Pro-Abortion groups, like National Organization of Women (NOW) to call for the DHS to include Pro-Lifers as considered  dangerous Right Wing Extremists, reinvigorating the controversial statement issued by Napolitano last month. … Continue reading

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  He had to be Kennedyesque, someone who inspired people . . . . someone people would follow, believe in, . . . they knew that.   They’d been looking for someone to “groom” for this, for a long time. He had … Continue reading

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ODL – Obama’s Deception and Lies!

  “You’re known by the company you keep.”   Something your mother warned you of, long, long ago – when you were young – you may have dismissed it, but now you’ve come to know it’s true. Keep this in mind … Continue reading

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There are, according to the news, 250,000 signatures from MoveOn.Org, on a petition to bring President Bush and others to trial for war crimes; now President Obama admits to being open to it! Our president promised a healing for America, … Continue reading

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  The Obama administration is “fudging” . . . . or so, the Washington Times, April 14th editorial put it. What “fudging” is, really, . . . . it’s an acceptable (politically correct) way of saying “lying”. I call it . . … Continue reading

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Auto Insurance companies know full well that people using, so-called “medical marijuana” are driving vehicles – some even have CDL (commercial drivers’ licenses) marijuana users have more accidents (it distorts time and space, plus, it distracts and impacts reaction time). that they’re insured – … Continue reading

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The Democratic party’s attempt to bring the U.S. government to a breaking point . . . . You can call it paranoia, but it’s all a power grab – the intent is to take permanent control of government – a typical Socialist tactic!   The … Continue reading

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