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ALASKA’S MURKOWSKI: Sour Grapes or Bad Blood?

Alaska’s former Senator Murkowski, has decided to run as a WRITE-IN-CANDIDATE.   What a joke!   Or is it?   There’s no love lost between her and Tea Party’s “kingmaker” Sarah Palin!   Murkowski knows she cannot win; she couldn’t even beat an unknown … Continue reading

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Comments: Hacking Obama Records

The comments made on the story of those (Gestapo 9) who inappropriately hacked (is there a scenario where hacking is “appropriate”?) …. into the student loan records of our current (P)resident, are more than revealing – take a look.   They worked for Vangent … Continue reading

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Letterman’s “joke”

  UPDATE:  See the excellent comment by Jude.   He recommended this great video, and made an apt comment on Matt Lauer as Matt tried to turn the tables on Sarah: Also, don’t forget – MSNBC is controlled by leftist Immelt … Continue reading

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OBAMA CORRUPTION ? Obviously! But this time, it’s Michelle!

         At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post of January 24th, 2009, was a short column entitled “Replacing Michelle” – in the National Review “The Week” column . I found this … Continue reading

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McCAIN and the MEDIA – both failures!

Senator McCain is an American hero but not unlike many Americans, somehow he’s gone through life w/o ever learning who it is he could have called on. He resents Christians.   Though the press has done such a successful hatchet job on … Continue reading

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Department of “JUSTICE”? or Dept. of Conspiracy?

If not for the conviction of Senator Stevens of Alaska, who still was barely defeated, in spite of his convictions on 7 felonies, what would have happened in D.C.?   If not for the prosecutorial malfeasance, . . . . Would … Continue reading

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What if a Republican had made a comment putting down the children of “Special Olympics”?   What would the Democrats be saying … er, rather, what would they be screaming? Some people think it’s funny.   I don’t!   Having lived with, and loved … Continue reading

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