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One short statement …….. When the media shows the President signing of his 23 Executive Orders today, ….. remind yourself and others of Rahm Emanuel’s statement – “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!” Then, to make his HYPOCRISY foremost in your … Continue reading

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Rahm Emanuel to Resign

Arutz Sheva reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is planning to step down after the November midterm election. Sources said Emanuel will leave over differences in style with other senior Obama administration staffers. Emanuel is frustrated by what … Continue reading

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  Just before (p)Resident Obama leaves on his trip to the Middle East, (see: and as the peace plan, being promoted by (p)Resident Obama has already been rejected by both Egypt and Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, over 75% of both our House of … Continue reading

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  The “WHY” of our not having a Director of Health and Human Services, at a time of critical need, now needs to be asked!   This flu might turn out to be not such a danger; that’s yet to be … Continue reading

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  He had to be Kennedyesque, someone who inspired people . . . . someone people would follow, believe in, . . . they knew that.   They’d been looking for someone to “groom” for this, for a long time. He had … Continue reading

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ODL – Obama’s Deception and Lies!

  “You’re known by the company you keep.”   Something your mother warned you of, long, long ago – when you were young – you may have dismissed it, but now you’ve come to know it’s true. Keep this in mind … Continue reading

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The vitriol, the hate is back; the divide and conquer attack on the Republican party is showing the lack of character of the democrats!    With President Bush gone, . . . . The broken promises, eventually be seen for what … Continue reading

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