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Using government estimates, 768 people entered the U.S. successfuly over a 3 year period (2007 – 2009).   These illegal aliens were from nations our government labels as TERRORIST OR TERRORIST SPONSORING NATIONS!   The above figure is based on the 481 people … Continue reading

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VIDEO – IMAM: U.S. an Accessory

This is the actual video from “60 Minutes“, where the Imam blamed the U.S.  policies for 9/11.  Now, he’s being presented as a “moderate” Muslim.   Watch this and judge for yourself …… this is 19 days after the twin towers went … Continue reading

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It’s an indictment of Obama and Bush, . . . . all of D.C.!   Corporate Bankers, and . . . . Watch this video if you dare; it’s not about one particular candidate, party, or official; it’s revealing the ‘show-biz’ and the production of … Continue reading

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MR. PRESIDENT: (an open letter)

  Mr. President: Let’s be clear, concise, and upfront with each other. I would like to trust my president!   I would like to find out that my distrust has been misplaced, totally wrong!   Because of our different philosophies, and the track … Continue reading

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  UPDATE:   If you’re a Democrat, read the whole thing. New York had (what would have been, . . . had the president been aboard) Air Force One (one of the two duplicate 747’s that fill that position) and two … Continue reading

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A SOMALIAN CHALLENGE? (right back atcha)

UPDATE:  scroll down So what did those pirates expect? A sailor, any man at all, . . . or how about a corporation, or a nation to not  resist? I guess they think we’re to roll over and give them anything they … Continue reading

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UPDATED:  The WTC towers, leveled on 9/11 – their replacements to be called “Freedom Towers” have now been renamed.   Why? And they’ve been renamed exactly what they were named both times they were attacked before – in ’93 and ’01!   On top … Continue reading

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