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GAY TREASON: Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell Policy backfires

You won’t see this in the lamestream media, ….. not for a while, …. and possibly, … not at all! UPDATE BELOW: This scandal, if it hits the news, could cause major damage to the liberal / progressive movement (and the … Continue reading

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  UPDATE:  They’re (slaves) not all foreign nationals, but see this video: Young runaway girls enslaved by pimps, single moms w/o skills but w/infants to support, girls needing money for dope or an abortion, . . . . any demographic … Continue reading

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A SOMALIAN CHALLENGE? (right back atcha)

UPDATE:  scroll down So what did those pirates expect? A sailor, any man at all, . . . or how about a corporation, or a nation to not  resist? I guess they think we’re to roll over and give them anything they … Continue reading

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