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For some, they’ll find there are unintended consequences …. then again, those who follow evil leaders like Obama, may have intended them all along! Granted, the health-care system in America needed fixing, but to destroy the best system in the … Continue reading

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(Clarifying the issues)  Those behind the curtain are stealing from us …. It’s not just our wealth, they’re stealing our sovereignty, our freedom.   Why?   They must; they want total control. As Obama admitted; they’re going for transformational change. They’ve been … Continue reading

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MEDIA: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall ….”

   Ignore titles: Ph.D., journalist, historian, … McPherson’s blog’s latest attempt at keeping the liberal media alive and somewhat credible, fails – falling flatly on his own mediasword.    He’s looked in the mirror, and in response to the question “who’s the fairest of them … Continue reading

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They can’t spin this one; they’ve been caught!   They didn’t have their hand in the cookie jar; they took the whole shebang!   Motivated by hate, they were NOT reporting; they were conspiring how to twist the truth, discredit conservatives, how … Continue reading

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The truth is denied by Democrats, and granted it’s not pleasant, but those who play the ostrich game are to blame for this . . . .   Revealed by:  Michael Savage and by:  Glenn Beck – Obama’s Private Army  If … Continue reading

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They went after Rush, then Sean, and next, Glenn.   Now, they’re going after Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, digging up any scandal they can …..   That’s just one example of how the Obama Administration moves closer to Fascism daily. More importantly, … Continue reading

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Ottowa University Fascists

The fascists are at it again, this time, they’re (supposedly) students at the University of Ottowa; by that, I don’t mean they don’t attend; I mean they’re not there to learn … to exchange ideas … they’re there instead to be … Continue reading

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  Reject the draft (involuntary servitude) but HONOR those who serve! Let me spell it out for you.   To fight and protect the soverignty of the nation is a more than honorable thing to do! Involuntary servitude is another way … Continue reading

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It’s an indictment of Obama and Bush, . . . . all of D.C.!   Corporate Bankers, and . . . . Watch this video if you dare; it’s not about one particular candidate, party, or official; it’s revealing the ‘show-biz’ and the production of … Continue reading

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  It was the “Yes We Can”of the anti-war years . . . . the inculcation of our youth; it took form, at the 1970 Left / Right Conference at USC. How do I know?   I was there.   The Kent State … Continue reading

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