1812Little men become trapped . . . when they discover just how immoral or amoral they’ve lived, what do they do?   I contend most of those now in the seats of power are trapped little men who cannot live up to what they should do – confess and change their ways.   Instead, these gutless ones bring war and tyranny to us all.

Here’s an example I’m “reposting” from one of the massive number of articles I read below.   Employees of the IRS, that domestic terrorist organization which finds it must punish those it finds have somehow crossed the lines drawn … they’re people who can’t fathom doing something moral – quit, blow the whistle, and walk away.   They’re trapped little people who need a way out of the horrific maze they find themselves in … but can’t.

As I’ve said before, realizing the tyrannical taxing we’re entering into . . .  ‘Our forefathers would’ve been shooting by now!’   This article below ought to enrage you . . . . and maybe it does, but I refer you to another blog which quotes the lyrics of an IRON MAIDEN SONG”,  something I never would have come across, but … it bares repeating, such as it is …

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Some of us wake up, others roll over. I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! Which side are you on? If you are going to go out you might as well go out fighting, that is why I continue this blog although everything seems hopeless at this point. Here is ‘Iron Maiden’ performing ‘Die With Your Boots On’ from 2005 and remember, as the song goes, the truth of all predictions is always in your hands. We can still turn this around for we must turn this around.

 Another Prophet of Disaster

Who says the ship is lost,

Another Prophet of Disaster

Leaving you to count the cost.

Taunting us with Visions,

Afflicting us with fear,

Predicting war for millions,

In the hope that one appears.

. . .

If you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die, Gonna die! Die with your boots on

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 Subject: Over $100,000,000,000 misspent by IRS

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman — Liberty Counsel


New audits reveal the IRS inappropriately doled out over 100 billion dollars in just one program over the past 10 years. That is now lost money. Yet, ObamaCare includes over 20 new taxes to raise more cash for the federal government to implement ObamaCare and for compliance enforcement by the IRS.

This staggering news comes on the heels of revelations that IRS administrators were intentionally targeting conservative organizations to suppress the voices of the administration’s political adversaries.  

This powerful agency is riddled with problems that indicate it is fundamentally corrupt.  The Obama administration must be held accountable to the American taxpayer!  Liberty Counsel is aggressively calling for that accountability.

All the time the IRS focused their efforts on targeting conservative groups, scrutinizing every detail of our eligibility for tax-exempt status and to raise money for our important causes, tens of billions of dollars were improperly being distributed in tax credits to unqualified citizens and illegal immigrants. 

According to a recently-released Inspector General’s report, the IRS handed out $110.8 billion at a minimum, and potentially as much as $132.6 billion, in unwarranted Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) within a ten year period.

Using the Inspector General’s minimum estimation, the IRS is averaging over $11 billion in waste per year, which accounts for more than twenty percent of all the credits paid out under the EITC program!

How much more money is the IRS inappropriately disbursing when over $100,000,000,000 has been improperly paid out in just ONE tax credit program managed by the agency?

As reported by Fox News …

”Undocumented immigrants profited $4.2 billion from the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) program.”

The billions erroneously awarded to illegal immigrants is no small matter, yet it’s completely overshadowed by the much larger amount of over $100 billion in funds misspent by the IRS in the EITC program.

This powerful and feared federal agency is rife with scandals from mismanagement, fraud, lawlessness, and the oppression of the American people. It has been turned into the bully squad of the Obama administration. Now they’re tasked with the enforcement of ObamaCare – to collect revenue and to make sure that you and I are in compliance with the law. 

I can’t imagine a more unpalatable concept for the freedom-loving American people.

++The IRS must be held accountable!

We have been aggressively calling for a complete investigation of the IRS to hold bureaucrats responsible accountable for their actions – no matter how high up the chain of authority this outrage is traced.

As of now, over 88,000 friends of Liberty Counsel have signed our powerful petition. As soon as we reach the 100,000 petition threshold, Liberty Counsel will hand-deliver the petitions to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, demanding truth and accountability.

Click here now to sign the Investigate the IRS petition, which also calls for the establishment of a Special Counsel for the investigation. Your voice will be represented when we deliver these important petitions to Capitol Hill:

As the average American struggles to secure their retirement, pay their mortgage, and help their children afford a college education, the IRS is paying out tens of billions of dollars to unqualified recipients!

The IRS has proven that it is unfit to handle the scope of responsibility already entrusted to it and therefore completely incapable of handling additional responsibilities – like the enforcement of our healthcare enrollment compliance.

As you know, the agency admitted to targeting conservative political groups like our own Freedom Federation and the more than 30 organizations that comprise its membership, pro-Israel organizations, conservative Hispanic groups, and several religious entities during an election season that virtually assured Barack Obama’s reelection.

Bryan T., illegal actions within a powerful government agency cannot be tolerated. The IRS has NOT earned the responsibility granted to it, nor the respect or trust of the taxpayer.

We must call into question the countless abuses of power and evidence of mismanagement found within this agency.

The only way the truth will be brought to light before the 2014 election cycle is through the appointment of a Special Counsel. That’s precisely why Liberty Counsel launched the petition calling for the appointment of a Special Counsel to oversee and lead a thorough investigation into the ever-deepening IRS scandal.

Click here now to join our powerful petition demanding justice and accountability from this corrupt agency:

Thank you for taking action with us today!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman  –  Liberty Counsel

PS. The IRS must be held accountable for their unlawful targeting of conservative groups and mismanagement of the taxpayer funds. Help us begin the process of righting this great wrong to the American people by signing our Investigate the IRS petition today:

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