Death Panels: Palin Was Right, Says Liberal Salon  —   One of the leftist’s flagship publications yesterday, let it slip how they propagandize and sway the low-information-voters ……   IS THAT YOU?
My take on this, is below – written from a published news-story by Robert Murphy on October 24, 2013
Remember in 2009 when Sarah Palin warned that Obamacare would lead to “death panels”?
If you do, you remember the MSM – mainstream media was the tool they used!   This traitorous group still continues to … at best, … lie by omission, and is more than just complicit in swaying the public’s belief – to accept the leftist lies and talking points rather than use their own common sense.
According to Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules For Radicals” – – – he wrote the instruction book which Obama and leftists hold to continuously, … ensuring they discredit the truth, when stated by conservatives, . . . .
It’s where leftists learned to ridicule the opposition.  They did so when they turned it on Sarah Palin, claiming she was a right-wing paranoif; where, in fact, PolitiFact christened her accusation the “Lie of the Year.”   That tactic is a foundational and is used to dupe the public and tends to discourage those who don’t get that this is a much used tactic right out of the Communist play book.
In this context, it’s ironic that a recent Slate article admits that socialized medicine goes hand in hand with government death panels.
What’s even more disturbing is that the author–Adam Goldenberg–applauds the practice – nothing new, at least not for Communists, especially when masquerading as Socialists and “Community Organizers”.
Specifically, Goldenberg explains that “Canada Has Death Panels”; this is the very title of his piece. Here’s the news hook:
Last week Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that doctors could not unilaterally ignore a Toronto family’s decision to keep their near-dead husband and father on life support.  In the same breath, however, the court also confirmed that, under the laws of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, a group of government-appointed adjudicators could yet overrule the family’s choice. That tribunal, not the family or the doctors, has the ultimate power to pull the plug.
That, my friend, . . . in other words: Canada has death panels.
And yet Goldenberg’s purpose is not to warn Americans to turn back now, lest we follow Canada down this horrifying path. On the contrary, Goldenberg thinks this outcome is just swell:

PivenAlinsky laid down the methods.   Cloward and Piven (professors @ Columbia, where Obama attended) and our LEFTIST COP – (Community Organizer President) taught this strategy to collapse the U.S. government, ….. and to this day, still teaches his followers to use these Communist tactics! 

Perhaps it is easier for Canadians to trust government-appointed panels, rather than judges, with decisions like these. For reasons that arguably go back to our respective foundings, Canadians tend to have more faith in our government and our bureaucratic processes than Americans do in theirs…
[T]he question is no longer whether we can “play God,” but when, how, and who should do so. When humanity demands haste, and justice demands expert knowledge, Ontario’s death panels offer a solution—whatever Sarah Palin says.
(For the rest of the article, click the link.)

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