O at warUPDATE: British c-130’s are pouring into Cypress … the hub of the predicted war activity – it’s less than 100 miles from the Syrian coast.   Will we see the hostilities on live TV like CNN did in Baghdad?   Probably not . . . .    The British airfield on Cypress has been a Soverign base since 1960.  
Assad has promised that Syria will defend itself and that any attack on them will fail.   Col. Alan West remarks:  As Obama slowly and publicly puts plans in place for a military strike we’re televising every move so the Syrians can hide their weapons, decentralize their command and control, and make themselves harder to successfully strike.
What is brought to memory is how WWII began – – – German troops dressed as Polish soldiers, attacked their own bases . . .   How else could Al-Qaeda have garnered airpower from it’s enemy, than to make it seem as if Assad had ordered the genocide?  
Problem is, . . . . we know we cannot trust the media … which gives mad-men a free hand – they can always blame the opposition and the media cannot be trusted!   War and mass murder of civilians can now be attributed to the treasonous media!
Reported by London’s Telegraph, Britain and U.S. forces are readying their Naval military forces to take action against Syria’s alleged WMD chemical attack believed to have been carried out by Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s forces – they’re said to be finalizing a list of potential targets to send Cruise Missiles against, but refuse to rule anything in or out.
Will the people who know who let the poison gas kill other, please stand up. . . .   One cannot tell, is the problem.
British and American Fleet vessels are obvious, while Submarines though their locations are not mentioned, are (more often than not) already deployed in the area.

(Please also see this important question, from another blog)

The poison gas was in Damascus last Wednesday and was said to have killed 355 (some claim as many as 1300) and injured 3,600.  Attacks against Syrian military could begin within the week but again, who did it?   Each wants the other to look bad and none of them are trustworthy.
According to the Telegraph, British news, Prime Minister Cameron interrupted his holiday for talks with Obama, French President Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel. After discussions over the weekend, all the leaders agreed on the need for a “serious response”, according to the report.  Government sources confirmed to the Telegraph that military action was among the options “on the table” but said no decisions had been taken.   Cameron however, has abandoned hope of securing U.N. help because of Russian involvement in the Security Council.
The U.S. has, so far failed, to make a response other than (of course) the rumored arming of “select Syrian rebels” which is suspected to have been part of the reason for the attack at Benghazi, but the allied nations that are threatening to go to war, are sending in United Nations inspectors to verify the use of the poison gas … they were shot at “multiple times” by snipers
Monday as it headed to the scene of a suspected chemical weapons attack in which the Syrian regime is believed to have targeted its own people.   The inspectors were forced to abandon their investigation after they were shot at near Damascus. The experts were targeted as they traveled in a convoy. One car was damaged but no injuries was reported.
“The first vehicle of the chemical weapons investigation team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers,” said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky. The spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the vehicle had been forced to return to a government checkpoint.
The six-car convoy containing the UN chemical weapons investigation team earlier left a hotel and headed toward the scene of the alleged poison gas attack.
Dressed in blue UN body armor, the team of experts were accompanied by local security forces and an ambulance. They were trying to reach the rebel-held outskirts of Damascus, an area known as Eastern Ghouta, where hundreds of civilians were killed on Wednesday in the suspected poison gas attack.
Surely, the left must condemn him now as Wall Street’s Uncle Tom, …. right?   Just like Bush?

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