Fallen soldier’s parents critical of Obama

Ready to lead Afghanistan "surge."

With their hopes, on their sleeves, wearing black armbands, a gold star pin, still grieving their son, Bill and Beverly Osborn, the parents of Army soldier Benjamin Osborn implied: Obama established the military rules of engagement and they’re making soldiers on the ground more vulnerable to attack, including, in the final battle that took their son’s life.   “Ben (their son) said that the tactics were wrong.”

“The rules of engagement have put our son at risk and everyone that’s over there,” Bill Osborn said.  “The Taliban is laughing at us,” said Ben’s mother, Beverly Osborn.

The Osborns made it clear that they supported General Stanley McChrystal, who was just forced to resign after openly criticizing the Administration’s strategy.  Instead, these parents laid blame at the President’s feet.

Referring to McChrystal, “I think he’s the wrong man for the wrong job at the time, and I think he has things backwards – – – kind of a touchy feely approach to war and it doesn’t work,” Bill Osborn said. 

A military source close to Gen. David Petraeus told Fox News that one of the first things the general will do when he takes over in Afghanistan is to modify the rules of engagement, making it easier for U.S. troops to engage in combat with the enemy.  Other sources disagree …

Troops on the ground and some military commanders have said the strict rules — aimed at preventing civilian casualties — have effectively forced the troops to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. 

The rules, put in place by outgoing Gen. Stanley McChrystal, though classified generally aim to limit civilian casualties by prohibiting troops from firing unless they’re shot at.   Gen. McChrystal had made it clear that he’d voted for Obama . . . . leaving it unclear just who had forced the troops to fight under those difficulties.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday that Petraeus, (currently head of U.S. Central Command and the former U.S. commander in Iraq), will have the flexibility to reconsider “the campaign plan and the approach.” 

With the democrats in charge of congress, at the Senate confirmation hearings for Petraeus next week, the issue is sure to be front and center, ….   

The entire convoluted situation is sure to further drive a wedge into the political chasm between Obama and his leftist base.

( Many of the quotes and information in this article, were taken from Fox News’ Steve Centanni and Justin Fishel report.)

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  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Yeah, the Taliban is laughing at us because we’re stuck in a war with no good outcome. It’s just a money pit. Bush made our country the laughing stock of the world.

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