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It wasn’t just Obama and family vacationing in Hawaii.   It was also Nancy Pelosi.   Her vacation was reportedly over $10,000 / day!   Of course with the contingent of Navy Seals and others, multiple jets to facilitate different schedules, the private golf … Continue reading

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  No; I’m not entertaining the troops! Janet Napolitano, America’s (so-called) head of homeland security is visiting the other end of the drug supply line. She must be tired of answering questions how she justifies filing suit against the home state … Continue reading

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COMMERCIAL PILOT: Punished and guns confiscated.

The pilot, was critical of TSA and called airport security, “a farce”, and “smoke and mirrors“.   Sound like a reason to be “punished”?   Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, (called “Big Sis” by the media – in lieu of Big Brother) is … Continue reading

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Janet Napolitano, head of Dept. of Homeland Security, the lady who tells us that our borders are secure, ….. the lady who called “right” wingers, etc. “TERRORISTS”, is now partnering with the All-Across-America-Company, Wal*Mart  …. the company which buys more from … Continue reading

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Obamamaniacs threatening Tea-Party groups

The delusional LEFT and their insufferable moral superiority, is dangerous.   These threats are NOT to be ignored. Voters are seeing their goal to methodically destroy the American economy and bring us down, is becoming more obvious every day.   With the power of … Continue reading

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