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This letter was directed to Senator Alan Simpson, ….. although it could have been appropriately addressed to nearly any member of the most hated Congress in history of America: Alan Simpson, Senator from Wyoming, Co-Chair of Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior … Continue reading

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Even though (state to state) the data is poor, and testing inconsistent, a quick, preliminary, unverified analysis of the NHTSA data, indicates a unexplained  correlation …. between the increase of auto collisions, severe injuries / traffic fatalities, and use of … Continue reading

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Colorado Cannabis

Colorado’s cannabis entrepreneurs brag that the governor recently dipped into the state coffers and took $9,000,000 to help combat the deficit in the state.   What they don’t tell you, (of course, ….. mainly because the increase hasn’t been fully identified as yet; the law allowing … Continue reading

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A retired Constitutional lawyer has read the entire proposed health care bill. Read his conclusions and pass this on as you wish. The Truth About the Health Care Bills – Michael Connelly, Ret. Constitutional Attorney   Well, I have done it! … Continue reading

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