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Donald Trump, a Constitutional Scholar?  He wasn’t, but he’s listening to a constitutional scholar, Mark Levin, who is explaining – he was right to begin with! Though the 14th Amendment, seemed in opposition, it’s wasn’t. Ratified July 9, 1868, reads: “Section … Continue reading

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Citizenship For Sale.   It’s being termed “Maternity Tourism”. The New York Times published a story revealing a twist on the same-ol, same-ol – Anchor Baby Scam. It seems a “business” in San Gabriel, Ca. was discovered offering pregnant foreigners … Continue reading

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The practice of automatically making “anchor babies” CITIZENS, was never intended to be used by Democrats to bring in more illegal aliens who would likely continue to vote them into office, but that’s what is happening and it sure seems … Continue reading

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The 2010 Elections

Democratic strategists continue to harangue on Republicans statinging that they can’t just run an anti-Obama campaign.   That’s true, but they’re forgetting / ignoring is that there are tons of issues to run on!  For instance, ….. how about: Protecting the sovereignty of … Continue reading

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