IMG_0133  Seeing this, there can be no doubt about the anger within this TREASONOUS THUG. Why? Because of what he’s up to at the moment maybe?

Was this at the time he and Hillary had worked out how we were going to secretly  funnel weapons to the new caliphate – ISIS?  Maybe because he knew the politics of the man behind the camera lens . . . or maybe was so used to the mainstream media covering his a$$ . . .

My point here is – it really doesn’t matter, does it?  I mean, who sits and poses like this?  Possibly a former community disrupter now become wealthy, or would he be described as a man so full of hate and anger, he is exposed as such?
Thanks to Jihad Watch and the New York Post for use of the photo!

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In Brisbane, Australia, psychiatrist Stephen (deleted), who runs a gender clinic and is responsible for diagnosing gender dysphoria, reports that “many” youth are “trying out being transgender” in order to stand out.  In other words, it’s “trendy

There are other reasons he says – many girls want to be transgender as a result of sexual abuse.

Some are so convinced their life would be better if they were the opposite sex that they do something drastic or permanent. “I’ve seen genital mutilation, some who try to cut off their penis,’’ he said.

Many are coming to his clinic seeking the puberty-blocking-chemicals or sex-change-hormones.

His gender-service (in Australia) is government funded, however most patients,, are simply going through a common phase of adolescent life, he explained.

Of course, the online response was overwhelmingly against viewing transgenderism as healthy.

One such response stated: People should get it once and for all that transgender is a mental illness,. “You can put a rubber glove on a dog’s head and attach a feather-duster to its tail, but that don’t make it a chicken.”.

Another response: “it’s pretty normal for many kids to hate their bodies. And eventually we get over it.”

(I re-wrote this, from an article on “LifeSite News.  My motivation for publishing this is in hopes that you’ll come to know that transvestites may be ‘acting out’ in this way and that it may help them to be challenged about that before they do themselves long-term harm. Another reason is that . . . .

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Women, power, wealth and boytoys

The more women you’ve had sex with . . .
The more beautiful they were . . .
The more possessions you have . . .
The more boy-toys you have . . .
The more fun you’ve compressed into your time here . . .
The more powerful you are . . .
The wealthier you are . . . Or intelligent you are . . . Or envied you are . . .

. . . . . . The more you’ve proved ……
You missed the whole friggin’ point of life!

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Robert Moffit, in an article in the Daily Signal, stated that it seems that federal officials (AKA Crooks) have worked overtime to undermine public trust.

I agree … at least I agree that they’ve surely undermined our trust!!!  Not the overtime.

Benghazi is a perfect example, the IRS scandal with Lois Lerner or the DEA’s “ fast and Furious” are other examples he gives.

Need more?

How about how Congress handled their circumventing being forced to sign up for Obamacare? Evidently their annual salary of $174,000 – up, just wasn’t quite enough!

They, and the actual authors of The Affordable Care Act, in essence, conspired together and declared themselves a small business. Remember the often-shown video of our former seemingly senile Speaker of the House saying ‘ … we’ve got to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.’   Remember the other intentional lies – “if you like your plan …”, “if you like your doctor, …”

There’s more … their ‘goof’, then their ‘end-run’ … but in the end, they protected themselves and set most of the rest of us adrift in leaking unseaworthy lifeboats!

No! We can’t omit Obama from the blame ….  ….  At the very least, it was on his watch!  We’re rid of him (sort of) but even though we may lose a few good ones, it’s time to dump-‘em all … either that or pick up our muskets

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It’s stressful to see what’s ahead for me. ALS can be … … … rather, it usually is … a nightmare.

My anxiety really began to grow when I understood more of what’s ahead for me. Mostly, I buried my head in the sand. I’m blessed that my wife has made me face it but only the next single step through this journey, so I kept stumbling forward, one step at a time.

Then . . .it got worse … it began to overwhelm me. What bothered me most was knowing that I would not be able to communicate with those I love, some day. My new son-in-iaw made us aware of a ‘coping program’ called “voice-banking” which he thought would help; it’s available for my iPad and it seemed to offer hope.


I downloaded an app called “voice record”, agreeing it would help. The plan was to record important phrases to help me communicate … in a way. In retrospect though, the more I tried to record phrases I wanted to be able to tell my wife and even requests for help which I knew would help her … the more my anxiety level grew, but it increased … exponentially! My “I love you, so much” sounded extremely trivial compared to how deeply I felt and still feel! That, killed my enthusiasm.

When I go through problematic circumstances I tend to internalize them, pretty much. It’s the way I was made. I get quiet and try to work through things myself before I talk to anyone about it. Being a newlywed, that’s not always the best solution. It took me a while to even verbalize what I was struggling with.

Normally, my belief in God pulls me through; it has … so far. This, however … bad as prior episodes of my life had been … … …. I’ve never felt so helpless … so alone. I descended even deeper into despair. It was isolation I feared.

I went through most all the stages of grief —
“The five stages of grief, postulates a series of emotions experienced by terminally ill patients prior to death, wherein the five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance.”

My own death was easy to accept; eventually, we all die. I skipped bargaining. Denial didn’t last long. Anger did. Or rather, it kept reappearing; I blamed God, when it reappeared …

I’m at a point now, where I cry so easily, so quickly … any emotion sets it off … I really don’t fully understand why. Yet, I do, in a way. I’m so blessed that I explain to those who see it … that “I recognize how blessed I am! When one’s cup is so filled (with blessings), one’s cup over runs easily!” Admitting that, increases the tear-flow and I often find myself praying they understand – that I’m sincere as well as honest about it.

Some, however, probably think I’m weak. That’s true. I am. It’s God who is strong – it’s He, who is pulling me through – giving me strength! Scripture tells us that. God, our provider, Jehova Jireh provides. He even brought my wife, my angel to me, – – brought her and I together. Words cannot say how much I love them both!’

Now to why I felt I should publish this . . . One Sabbath, a Saturday, around mid-day, I was particularly stressed about not being able to communicate with anyone, and expressing that in prayer, to God, I ‘heard in the spirit’, very clearly: “it’s okay; we’ll talk!” That He would tell me so … … is beyond my wildest expectations! I love Him so!

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A man from the darkness
seemingly, from the light
enters in thru Tupelo
Changing everything in sight
Darkness does that . . .
Determines which seeds are sown

Thorns and weeds
choke the growing
Gardens turn to blight
Death comes in with darkness
When blackbirds sing at night

Ambition’s a pretty whore
when seen in dawn’s pure light.
Impacting preborn babies,
cities decay from within.
Lukewarm don’t see the hidden sin,
looking the other way… …
babies hidden, then torn limb from limb
In the outofsight . . . within

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My comment – This article came to me from a learned and accomplished friend – a now, retired judge. With all the liberal “psycho-babel” out there now, I thought this warranted passing along.

My friend’s intro – “I have long-regaded Stanton Samenow, Ph.D., to be the world’s foremost authority on the dynamics of the criminal “mind” and over the years we have become friends through e-correspondence. This is a recent blog he wrote for “Psychology Today,” the magazine in which I first learned of his work back in the late 1960s or early 1970s. As a psychology major the issue of criminality has always been of interest to me, and that interest did not abate when, as a young lawyer, I was asked to represent people accused of a wide variety of crimes and as a judge had hundreds of accused criminals in my courtroom. Dr. Samenow’s excellent books include Inside the Criminal Mind, The Myth of the Out of Character Crime and Before It’s Too Late (an excellent book for teachers or parents dealing with a youngster seeming to be headed toward a life of irresponsibility)”

Boredom and the “Senseless” Crime

“I have frequently been contacted by media outlets to comment as to why a man or woman committed a particular crime. There is always the search for a motive. Was the perpetrator driven by greed, lust, revenge, envy, peer pressure, or some other inner or out circumstances?

Often, no matter how deeply one probes, no such motive surfaces. Take the situation of a man snoozing on a bench during a lazy summer afternoon in a deserted park. Suddenly, there descends upon him a young man – Pete – who drags him into the bushes, assaults him, then disappears into the bushes. Pete did not know this gentleman. He had never seen him before. So there could be no personal grudge. From the victim’s disheveled appearance and tattered clothing, he did not appear to be well to do. He wore no watch or jewelry. Carrying no personal belongings at all, he was an unlikely target for a robbery. Pete’s cruelty toward a perfect stranger appeared to be senseless, defying explanation. As it turned out, the park was not entirely deserted. A witness saw what transpired and dialed 911 on his cell phone. The police response was immediate, and Pete was apprehended.

As I interviewed Pete, he said in an offhand manner that he had nothing to do that afternoon and was “bored”. His attack on the man lying on the bench relieved that boredom. It was “something to do.” He experienced intense excitement at each phase of the crime. Prowling about to search out a vulnerable person, he spotted this man asleep. He honed in on his target and scanned the environment to be sure no one was around. The thought of attacking this man in broad daylight and getting away with it spurred him on. It provided a “rush.” Planning, executing the crime, then making his escape all contributed to dissipating his “boredom”.

A mental health professional can always arrive at some explanation for such an act. Perhaps Pete was abused as a child and therefore abused others. Perhaps something about the victim triggered a memory of a traumatic event. Maybe Pete sought to compensate for low self-esteem by proving he was bold and tough. Explanations are endless and often are more clever than they are correct. Revealing little about the offender, he can seize upon them as excuses. One offender, in a moment of rare candor, commented about his interactions with a psychiatrist, “If I didn’t have enough excuses for crime before psychiatry, I sure have enough now.”

Questions that try to identify “root causes” or tease out some allegedly hidden motive can interfere with efforts to understand the offender. If an interviewer endeavors to comprehend the world from the offender’s viewpoint, he will focus upon thinking processes — in this situation, what Pete meant by “boredom.” We have all experienced boredom but few of us have considered seeking relief by committing a crime. We endure boredom or find a diversion that does not result in injuring others. No one was preventing Pete from developing new interests or engaging in any number of legitimate activities. But he had no interest in doing so.
Pete remarked that he often found himself with “nothing to do” and bored. The criminal’s boredom is with responsible living itself. Pete’s criminality did not begin with the assault in the park. To him, life was great when he was hanging out with buddies who were game for about anything — burglary, vandalism, fighting, and racing cars down neighborhood streets. These activities that relieved boredom.

An investigator must learn what it is important to the offender and how he handles life’s challenges and adversities. Understanding the person’s thinking process are vital to making sense of the “senseless” crime.”

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