Because of:
• North Korea’s more recent saber-rattling and
• People today have no concept of an entire world at war …

Though this example is not the entire world, I want to relate what my wife was recounting – to me this morning –one of her stories about her 2008 trip to Seoul, S. Korea.

One of her many memorable experiences, as told to me, follows: “Americans stand out there … Sitting on a public bus in an aisle seat, a frail elderly Korean man came and knelt on his knees in the aisle next to me, taking both my hands in his, with tears streaming down his face, saying over and over, “thank you for saving us!”

He explained his gratitude arising from America sending its best and bravest to keep Korea from being conquered by an army equipped and funded by Russia and China. She found similar gratitude expressed during her stay, but none quite so moving. Their War Museum gave much detail of how they were saved by America, even listing the names of each soldier from each country, who gave their lives for S. Korea’s freedom. The list under America was long! Where is our list? Arlington …

In America now, there’s no educating of WW I & II nor Korea – those days – how Americans died en mass for other’s freedoms – – those were different days! Now, we only teach of how bad we were – slavery and our shame over our treatment on Native Americans, etc. neglecting the good.

In Korea, the leftist unions have not taken over the educational system as they have here. Their children have learned; their elders have seen to it!

The Korean War was our 1st ‘proxy’ war’. Then, we were fighting China and Russia … but against hoards of Korean and Chinese suicidal troops.

Maybe, these proxy wars, as some military figures critically explain, it’s done as a way to test our weapons – defense and offense, but now we face an entirely different proxy enemy — one actually looking forward to death!!

They’ve believed a quasi-religious lie directly from the pit – that they’ll be rewarded in a later life.  They’re filled with hate passed from generation to generation, intensifying as it proceeds.  Korea, Iran, Syria and Iraq were recoently called – “the axis of evil” by George W.Bush, not inclusive enough, but . . .

Our current president wants to keep America safer from these and other extreme, violent enemies. And just who is it that opposes him/us? As always … it’s the violent left! Soros and Obama direct the fauda from afar …

We watch!

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Most people around the globe are not aware that in Israel … the war is a constant, ongoing threat … one which the Jewish residents live with daily.blood

The only time the outside world hears of anything, is when Israel strikes back … and that’s spun in such a way as to make Israel seem the aggressor!

The only way to counter this American Liberal mainstream media – it’s propaganda –  is to get the truth by logging onto the Jerusalem Post and other sources of truth, signing up for daily updates.  Israel is our ally!

BOYCOTT THE MSM Mainstream Media — find the truth.

Support Israel – purchase products.

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With the election over . . . Fascism is … actually rising in America . . . and the Left was actually right . . . What they had wrong was that — they are the FASCISTS!!!

Just look at University of Washington and UC-Berkeley where Milo Yiannopoulos went to speak. The same is true of the incredibly articulate Ben Shapiro. Organized, and paid (?) crowds of rioters consistently show up en mass and they’re not just there to protest’ they beat people who come to hear controversial speakers, just the same as it was at some of the Trump campaign sites. Oh, they also go to ‘town halls’ held by Republican Senators and Representatives to disrupt … to scream and shout them down. At the ‘town halls’ they’re not violent like when they’re on University campuses.


My first reaction when I saw the riot at UC Berkeley and the riot and shooting at UW this month, was “send in the troops!” But, tHat’s exactly what the left is trying to manipulate! Then, they’ll stand and say ‘see! We told you! They’re the Fascists!” (meaning us)

Read this article / watch the video where Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviews the ‘leader / organizer of the Berkeley riot.
As you listen . . . judge whether she qualifies for the ‘remove-the-log-from-your-own-eye’ Club.

These instances, along with president Trump’s seeming inability to logically convey a sincere, calm, coherent, and timely message to the heartland, (from what could be a powerful Bully Pulpit) – – rallying middle America to support Law & Order … leaves us in real trouble. Instead, he’s using tweets, to get around the mainstream media but tweets limit his communication to 140 characters! Unfortunately, as intelligent as he is, he doesn’t seen to have the knack President Ronald Reagan had.

In case some don’t watch the news, this “fireside chat” presentation, should be done in the Sean Hannity style, showing actual videos of the 3 recent riots, interspersed with his talk – 1) D.C. where property was damaged during the inauguration – where too few arrests were made, 2) University of Washington where Milo was to speak – where a riot of thousands of protestors ensued and a man was shot, and 3) the University of California-Berkeley where he (Milo) also tried to speak.

The same scenario of thuggish behavior from the left is true wherever Ben Shapiro attempts to speak on campuses across America!

Isn’t free speech what Berkeley was known for? This is a pattern! This truly is Fascism!

Who is to blame? Well the money can be traced back to George Soros. The FBI should be building a case against him for SEDITION against the US government!

I’d recommend a long jail sentence and then deporting Soros to Russia where there is a warrant out for his arrest.

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When the gov.stonewalls (withholding information) .  . . as they are doing regarding what’s going on with the refugee programs … and FOI — Freedom of Information law suits must be filed, to find out what’s been going on . . .

Then, these and more questions should follow:

•   What are they hiding, and why?
•.  Re: how they spend our $ … isn’t that TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?
•   How much have they been stealing?
•   How do we follow the MONIE$?
•   Who has been getting wealthy?
•   Why is it that this watchdog group — JUDICIAL WATCH … is hated by Democrats? . . . . . and Republicans alike?
•   What does that say about them?

Why do I write these?  Hopefully, to inform others – especially those who love this country . . .

I noticed that someone recently, read an older blog article of mine entitled “our forefathers would have been shooting by now” . . .


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You’ve heard it … what does the phrase “Nero Fiddled” mean?  Maybe it was in a movie that I heard this so early on, or was it part of my education?

Remembering that phrase, I envisioned Emperor Nero atop his very own “white house” totally insane . . . laughing, fiddling away, watching the rising flames, whilst Rome burned below! Finally, the structure he was standing upon collapsed, killing him.

This “word picture” was created to convey a concept, but we’ve lost sight of it.
I contend that we see it before our very eyes now . . .
It’s not about just the head-man – – the Emperor; it’s true of every citizen …

I contend too, that we’re all culpable. Every person is distracted! Every person is so involved – trying to rectify his/her own hot-button, his/her particular problem . . . we cannot see the raging firestorm in the forest, which now surrounds us.

When all America’s “polar opposites” gather, making alliances amongst themselves, ignoring what they hate about each other . . . we’d best pay attention. Something’s up!

• Feminists have joined with those who currently oppress women!
• LGBT rights activists have joined with those who hurl gays from rooftops!
• Anarchists have joined with totalitarians, despots looking to enslave.
• Leftists radicals (though their philosophy is godless) have joined with Islamic fundamentalists.
• Radical, calling themselves “the 99%”, have joined the Mega-wealthy George Soros!
• Those who long to die for their god … killing, for their 72 virgins, have joined with those who live for their “party-time.”

We’re all culpable, because we’re so myopically focused, we cannot see!
Writers for the 60’s movie “Butterflies Are Free” included the line: “There are none so blind as those who will not see!”
It is End Times and right now … we’re all consumed with our own “causes” … … …

*  Progressives fight conservatives
*  Anti-legalizers, protecting children, fight drug use.
*  Christians fight Satan’s aborting innocents.
*  Constitution originalists fight judges’ activism.
*  Historians fight historical revisionism.

We see the enemy’s goal – the destruction of the US!
There is, as Reagan said, “nowhere else to run to!”   We’re down to … either war or Armageddon!

Wait . . . Armageddon is war!

According to the Bible, (the book of prophesies which has never been wrong) when it comes to the final war, we’re not mentioned – are we out of the picture ‘cause we’ve been defeated already?

All it says is the entire world marches on Israel!

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Ever wonder what is going on behind our back . . . and by whom? ? ?

Your FREEDOM is at stake.   This move will END the USA!

Below, is a lady who “Pulls Back the Curtain” – – – it’ not only a MUST WATCH!  PLEASE FORWARD THIS LINK – our entire nation must know!

OUT of THE UN!     The goal of this EVIL — Islam — is world domination!




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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning — no; not for freedom, but rather for Sharia law and for dictators of old …

Give us your warriors who long to die killing infidel women and children …

Give us rioters who long for their no-go zones …

Give us those who oppress and enslave women …

Give us those who seek to exterminate others …

Give us those who throw gays from rooftops …

Give us men whose test of masculinity is to teach their children to hate …

Give us your refugees though violent jihadists hide among them…

Give us those who are descendants of 40 generations of inbreeding …

Give us your false gods, your Alli Babba and his 40 thieves … your lying politicians, your gullible – those most likely to convert to the violent ways.”

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