Definitely not!  Claims that pot controls symptoms are So wrong!

People with so little knowledge and selfish motivations are causing others to go blind.  Ask any Ophthalmologist.

Though pot impacts internal eye pressure, those who use pot because of this fact are misguided!!  They ignore the damage done by intermittent spikes in internal eye pressure!

I personally knew a woman who mistakenly bragged about how long using pot kept her seeing, yet she did become blind when consistent medication could have prevented her blindness.

A quote from an ophthalmologist website:
’Over time, this increased ocular pressure will damage the optic nerve, and, more specifically, the part of the nerve that is responsible for peripheral vision. While Glaucoma itself cannot be prevented, with early intervention the loss of peripheral vision from Glaucoma can be avoided.”

(It’s not just the loss of peripheral vision; rather, it’s the total loss of vision!)

Beware of misinformation from selfish people with an agenda to legalize their drug of choice.  They don’t give a wit about your health!

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This may be mistakenly called a culture war, but it’s so much more than that!  These Planned Parenthood folks are not good people nor are they normal; they are, in fact, monsters!

Notwithstanding the all-too-common use of hyperbole, I think these people actually do qualify to be compared to Dr. Josef Mengele – the horrific “Angel of Death” German physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II doing inhumane medical experiments on Jews!

Watch these numerous videos posted here – you’ll find there’re a number of specific examples of what I’m referring to.  You’ll find they actually are the liars and disgusting, greedy NAZI types longing for their Lamborghinis and willing to do anything necessary to get them.

These doctors, executives, staff, etc.. are not stressed-out cops who must joke at the grotesque scenarios they must view, in order to find a way to cope with the violence.

These are the monsters actually perpetrating these acts!  And they’re doing so – in order to sell baby parts!  In a different context, they could be called – “serial killers”.  Oh, wait.  They are!

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We’re called to be good stewards – over all our domain. Risking their own safety, both these videos exemplify that — I found myself tensing up just watching . . . Video #1

Video #2

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(Questions for Islamic women living in America)

Where this becomes most apparent to me is that there seems to be a lack of intimacy.

Is a Muslim man actually capable of true intimacy?  His wife, in effect, has become his bond servant.

She is not the other half of their “one flesh” . . . as God intended!

Is she able to discern the difference between the man’s desire and lust from his inability to see and treat her as an equal?  If it’s just not in him, true love is only an illusion for her.

Married Muslim men may have prostitutes; married Muslim women may not even appear in public without male family!

Is Islam even compatible with a nation founded for Freedom . . . a gift from the one and only true God!

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Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants
“A massive attack on the property rights”
by Soeren Kern

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities confiscated six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them — against the will of the owner — to tenants chosen by the city.

District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.

No; there are no “property rights”  under Socialism!

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Some people feel … to use a metaphor, “Why polish brass railings on a sinking ship?”

What is it you do? Other than working to support loved ones … I mean? Are you involved in your community trying to make it better? I decided to get involved in the particular battle which the Holy Spirit laid on my heart.

To explain my activism, pre-born babies being ripped apart within their mother’s womb are are not brass railings on a sinking ship!

God has not called us to simply shrink away from the horrors going on in our world today, nor to only vote and leave it to our corrupt, myopically motivated politicians, nor does only voting to assuage the guilt of our inaction.

Neither can we abandon the battle, though we may have no specific individual power to put an end to any of the moral battles on our doorstep, it’s near impossible to ignore them nowadays.

So, consider if … …
• You were locked away for a crime you did not commit … on death row?
• You were in your mother’s womb as forceps entered to crush and rip your body apart?

Would you not want someone to speak up … to say STOP!

‘Round the entire globe, no matter where you are, you can see people are reeling from the state of our world’s conflicts … many are numb, saying “it’s all over” or “What can I do?”

We are being challenged …
* To confront our condition,
* To abandon it and see what happens, or
* To transform it!

Some believe we are already past the point of no return or believe this is the end. If that were so, would IIChronicles 7:14 have been written into scripture?

After all He called us not to just … be entertained, nor to watch arrogantly and marvel at man’s foolish endeavors knowing that we’re okay. Instead, He called us to the great commission!

It’s time to reconsider the story of Jonah. I believe we’re all in danger of becoming Jonah!

Don’t get angry at the worm nor me; we’re just trying to get the attention where it needs be.

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LIVING WITH ALS – My Thorn . . .

The ALS hours

In the Early morning hour I sit alone quietLy. Hoping, praying I hear your voice. I sit alone . . . And pray and . . . Wait..
Now and then, a tear runs down my cheek
Being ‘still’, I listen Lord, there’s nothing here to hear, my beloved’s asleep . . near me . . . in our bed
I could wake her but she needs her sleep instead
So I sit here in my chair without speaking, continuing to listen
… praying I’ll hear your quiet voice . . . if only in my head
Morning by morning, I wait for You.
Knowing what’s coming – that in days to come, I’ll be trapped inside my helpless body, unable to speak,
It was not too long ago, I cried and heard You speak . .. .. You promised me, that when I’m at that desperate place . . . “we’ll talk.
I’m wondering Lord . . . why can we not start now?
I love you so!

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