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You have to see this to believe it.!854D3A1A-DBFE-4A78-8494-4E0422568E19 We pay these experts and they have absolutely  no answer? These clowns are in the drivers seat in D.C.? Did they intentionally come unprepared? That way, the people they work for … Continue reading

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The press had the information.  They could have exposed him.   They didn’t.   In fact, they did everything they could to hide Obama’s associations, his job of teaching Saul Alinsky’s radical methods of taking over the system, they could have exposed his radical … Continue reading

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  Tax Increase could kill the recovery – essentialy that’s the headline in the Wall Street Journal – link below.   Don’t miss it – the cartoon is worth the look, even if one does not understand economics at all! reading

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