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America woke today with news that over the next decade, (p)Resident Obama is supposedly, going to increase the availability of WiFi across the nation, yet at the behest of Senator Joe Liberman, free-speech and our constitutional rights, would be a memory … Continue reading

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Traitors, Morons, Wimps and Idiots are at the helm of America.  Under the guise of national security, Joe Lieberman has introduced a 197 page piece of legislation to allow Obama’s other henchmen to pull the plug on the internet.  Shutting … Continue reading

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Perhaps this is why drilling in Alaska is off the table – it would actually keep America safe and strong and won’t make Obama Boss George Soros even richer than he is now. Credit this below, (after my italicized comment) to … Continue reading

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Illusion: White House on Impaired Driving

If the White House really wanted  the states to enact laws criminalizing motorists who drive under the influence of drugs, it would have been simple, …. but they’ve done nothing, making it look as if they had! Nothing unusual, nothing’s different; nothing’s … Continue reading

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Obama After control of Internet – WHY?

Several times recently, I’ve directed friends and people I work with to a site that showed George Soros was paying his “Open Society” non-profit employees to study despotic nations’ successes in how they shut down the internet especially during times of, … of … Continue reading

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OBAMA’S DIRGE – one step forward, ten steps back

BELOW:  UPDATE //  UPDATE  //  UPDATE  // UPDATE On Air Force One this week President Obama dropped a bomb; there was no celebration. Senators aboard, found out their immigration reform proposal, (after the lamestream Associated Press, had received a leaked copy), and seeing the response, … Continue reading

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Ottowa University Fascists

The fascists are at it again, this time, they’re (supposedly) students at the University of Ottowa; by that, I don’t mean they don’t attend; I mean they’re not there to learn … to exchange ideas … they’re there instead to be … Continue reading

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  CNN is reporting currently, that the cell phones are shut down all over Iran.   Just after the election, with many believing that the election was manipulated, conjecture is that the government doesn’t want problems so they’ve shut every means … Continue reading

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  Call everyone you know!   The biggest scandal since Watergate!   Bigger!   Right before our eyes! In case you never watch Fox News, change your pattern and tune in Bill O’Reilly tonight!   It’s about 10 minutes into the program when he … Continue reading

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  Take a look at the proposed Chrysler deal – specifically, that the government (Obama) is asking . . . pressuring (actually, those present, called it ‘bullying’) investors to take 29 cents on the dollar while at the same time, offering the … Continue reading

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