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Though our ancestry is also from Abraham, there’s something askew in these pictures …. or seems to be.  It’s for you to judge, but the Christian bible speaks to believers gathering to pray …..  See Matthew 6, verse 5) “And when … Continue reading

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There are those who profit off of war; there are those who profit off others’ pain!  I cannot speak to the first group but Bloomberg belongs to at least the 2nd group! There is now, an obvious reason New York … Continue reading

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We all love New York city …. especially after 9/11.   It’s a symbol of hope, of freedom; it’s the embodiment of what America is and can be.   We may not chose to live there but it’s nice to visit. Now though, with Mayor … Continue reading

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This CAN’T be true!

Hannity just announced: less than two weeks after the attempted bombing of Times Square, (P)resident Obama is cutting the anti-terrorism funding for New York City! Someone ….. PLEASE ….. convince me that even a man filled with hate couldn’t do … Continue reading

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New York terrorist

After 9/11, President Bush went to war.  Killing Americans was an act of war. The attack in New York failed but it was meant to kill people and it should be treated as if it did.  An arrest has been … Continue reading

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