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Using the “N” word

There are 3 kinds of people who use the word “NIGGER.”  1)       Those who hate black people and are intentionally derisive, and don’t care who knows.   Define these people as, racist, …. Racists with a capital “R”.  2)       Of course, … Continue reading

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Though not Elian Gonzales, His Fate Hangs in Holder’s Hands

If he were black, I suspect he’d be welcomed to the U.S., not like Elian Gonzalez!  I say that because of Holder’s obvious racism regarding dropping the “New Black Panther” case.  If he were Mexican, who had crossed illegally, he’d … Continue reading

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In this video, they ask to be brought up before Congress . . .   YouTube – in “The 2010 National Black Power Convention Promo” they  ask to be brought before Congress – It’s 10 minutes long; just click on the … Continue reading

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