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  Ron Paul’s bill HR-1866, to legalize growing hemp, has the same ol, same ol supporters – Barney Frank and crowd. What is not apparent nor well-known to the public though, is the recent history of hemp.   We, and others we work with, … Continue reading

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  This expose’ of Barack and Michelle Obama, . . . . why is every Democrat, . . . every Republican, and the rest of the media ignoring it?   This is the stuff scandals are made of – the “stuff” that scuttles … Continue reading

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  He had to be Kennedyesque, someone who inspired people . . . . someone people would follow, believe in, . . . they knew that.   They’d been looking for someone to “groom” for this, for a long time. He had … Continue reading

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OBAMA CORRUPTION ? Obviously! But this time, it’s Michelle!

         At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post of January 24th, 2009, was a short column entitled “Replacing Michelle” – in the National Review “The Week” column . I found this … Continue reading

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  UPDATE:  Conforming what I said before, the White House is already bailing on the idea of pursuing prosecution; as obvious as it seems, the radicals have evidently not caught on that the President has just been throwing crumbs to the radical … Continue reading

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Is President NewBama Really a CHRISTIAN?

I’ve not read it, but I was told, in his book, one of the presidents daughters asked him, ‘Daddy, what happens when we die; do we go to heaven?’ His answer was – “I don’t know.” Pastor Warren accepted his … Continue reading

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Alfred E. NewBama and Korea

An exercept from the Washington Times: “An electromagnetic pulse attack on the American homeland, said one of the distinguished scientists who testified at the hearing, is one of only a few ways that the United States could be defeated by its enemies – – terrorist or otherwise.”
Continue reading

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Michelle O’s good works Here’s a link to a picture of Michelle Obama – posing . . . . supposedly surprised. The caption I read stated she was at Miriam’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen for homeless people not far from the White House. She brought with … Continue reading

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If you were as old as the Queen is, and a young supposedly hip visiting politician gave you an iPod, wouldn’t it be considered a “slam”?   Isn’t it saying “here; catch up with the young people . . . if … Continue reading

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MICHELLE OBAMA – back to basics?

Didn’t see this one coming!   Michelle Obama’s lead, …. “her thing” in the White House is not the normal, but unexpectedly, I have to admit, I think it’s more than cool! Today, she’s planting a garden on the white … Continue reading

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