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Since 2008, a common quote from Taliban drug traffickers in Italy, … now being heard across Europe, has been “We have to to drown all these Christians by heroin”. Of course, they don’t necessarily mean exactly what they say ….   … Continue reading

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IMPEACH OBAMA ….. before it’s too late

Obama’s appointees’ and Czars’ red tape regulations prevent ICE and Sheriffs from protecting our borders.   Requests for troops have been ignored – instead, signs have been posted to warn Americans to stay off our own land as our citizens are killed by terrorists … Continue reading

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Obama and Karzai

Today, Karzai comes from the poppy fields of his native land and visits D.C.  Look at the slavery exhibited here. Consider the Americans giving up their lives to sustain this life for Afghanistan’s residents ….    Though Karzai, this man’s brother … Continue reading

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