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  Ron Paul’s bill HR-1866, to legalize growing hemp, has the same ol, same ol supporters – Barney Frank and crowd. What is not apparent nor well-known to the public though, is the recent history of hemp.   We, and others we work with, … Continue reading

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   Over two decades ago, when the manipulators decided to present marijuana to the public in a new way, they advertised their plan to potheads in “High Times”, a magazine passed around, every user eventually read.    Back issues are hard to find but our organization has … Continue reading

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  The Obama administration is “fudging” . . . . or so, the Washington Times, April 14th editorial put it. What “fudging” is, really, . . . . it’s an acceptable (politically correct) way of saying “lying”. I call it . . … Continue reading

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POT AND (congressman) RON PAUL

  UPDATE:  When Canadians legalized growing hemp, they’d been convinced there was a market for it.   Pot legalizers had told them so.   The truth is though, that tons and tons of it laid rotting in warehouses and Canadian farmers lost their … Continue reading

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