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“We All Wanna Change The World”

It’s not taken long; it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that America elected a mentally unstable president.   His mother’s death and her lifestyle, left her without healthcare; wallowing in his pain, he blamed America.   Understanding this, his intention’s now become clear; from the long … Continue reading

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Anti-Christian Bigotry

  Hate, bigotry and prejudice of Christians is still acceptable; it’s the only group that it is acceptable . . . .   O’Reilly has it right, on this one.   It’s the Progressives, the seculars, against the Christians.   If they could, … Continue reading

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  The world’s greatest fear has come to fruition!   A nut, … has issued a smug . . . and now, it’s a credible threat . . . .  Ahmidanejad’s words: “We send them a message:   Today the Islamic Republic of Iran … Continue reading

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  “Egypt’s pigs are ancestors of Jews turned into pigs by Allah” according to Sheih ‘Othman, as he stated in his May 9th fatwa, published in adding that they must be slaughtered (meaning both the pigs and Jews). Admitting … Continue reading

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  It was the “Yes We Can”of the anti-war years . . . . the inculcation of our youth; it took form, at the 1970 Left / Right Conference at USC. How do I know?   I was there.   The Kent State … Continue reading

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  Plug your ears! Don’t listen to them . . . . those saying, “do nothing; these leftists will cycle out of power”, . . . they’re DEAD WRONG! This is terminal!   Throughout history, inaction, in the face of a massive power … Continue reading

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Janeane Garofalo, aside from her typical, personal attacks, she has little to say other than anyone who is a conservative has something wrong with them.   That’s enough, but on Tax Day, the day of the Tea Party Tax Protests, she surpassed … Continue reading

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As Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu said, upon taking office, that if we don’t take care of Iran, they will!   Can’t get much more clear a message than that! Both the messages are clear – Iran’s and ours! There’s a mad man at the helm of … Continue reading

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The way the world is today; ….. there’s something we’re to learn, from all this? Yea.   Actually, it’s simple. Yea? Yea; it’s two things – they’re not inconsequential, mind you. First, that the world is spinning out of control, is … Continue reading

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  02/07/09   Exposing indulgences and conspiracy – I dare you to consider this link. Some are saying that President Obama’s goal is to enslave America’s future children . . . . If that were true, that would have … Continue reading

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