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We all know that the Muslim Brotherhood thrives in our prisons …. or we should know at least. Even the naive, and uninformed ought to realize that prison’s a more likely place to recruit terrorists, than at a local Rotary Club meeting! But … Continue reading

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Over the last three fiscal years (2007-09), the Department of Homeland Security has caught and released 481 illegal aliens from nations designated as state sponsors of terrorism and “countries of interest’ – including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan! Our government has … Continue reading

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The 2010 Elections

Democratic strategists continue to harangue on Republicans statinging that they can’t just run an anti-Obama campaign.   That’s true, but they’re forgetting / ignoring is that there are tons of issues to run on!  For instance, ….. how about: Protecting the sovereignty of … Continue reading

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Jihadists are crossing our southern border, through Arizona, but first ….. “Daddy; have you plugged that hole yet?” “What hole is that, honey, the hole in the oil pipeline in the Gulf?” “No Daddy; I meant, the hole in the … Continue reading

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Dictator Obama

  Our dictator (p)Resident spent our tax money this week, …. without asking ….. $200,000,000,000 of it.   He paid Palau to take the former Gitmo residents.   Let’s see; there are 20,000 Palauns  (sp?) ….. just how much of our tax … Continue reading

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Obama – 0, Cheney 1

  What’s (p)Resident Obama so NEUROTIC about closing Gitmo for?   Gitmo is as good as any, plus it’s offshore. There are problems putting them somewhere else, but why not GITMO?   Give me a logical explanation and I’ll not only listen,  … Continue reading

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  UPDATE:  Bi-Partisan?   NOT!    But they’re (members of Congress) are already on the TV news promoting their refusing to fund the closing of GITMO, as such … a 90 to 6 vote! Don’t bet on it!     Again, . . . it’s not what it … Continue reading

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  UPDATE:  Conforming what I said before, the White House is already bailing on the idea of pursuing prosecution; as obvious as it seems, the radicals have evidently not caught on that the President has just been throwing crumbs to the radical … Continue reading

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  As the feds get ready to move prisoners from Gitmo and place them in jails, possibly before release into America, people people seem to be outraged and saying “not in my backyard!” They do NOT belong free in America!   If … Continue reading

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